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This is a list of quotes from the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and its remake. They are listed by character, alphabetically.

Main Characters[edit]


  • "Mario! Prepare yourself for the great beyond!"
  • "What a joke!! Put some muscle into it!"
  • "What was that sound?"
  • "N...n...NO!!!"
  • "It’s a chain reaction!! Hang on, Kinklink!!"
  • "Eyaaaaa!!"
  • "Coming, Mario?"
  • "This should FINISH you!"
  • "Mwa ha! Did you think I was just gonna GIVE her to ya? You're ALWAYS in my way! This is IT! I'm gonna take you out, Mario!"
  • "Fungah! Foiled again!"
  • "All right people! Form ranks! Attention, Shelled warriors! ...Hooded sorcerers... ...And last, but not least, groundling Goombas! This is our finest moment! The Koopa Troop is invincible! We shall be victorious! The bridge is down, but we'll find a way to get back in! Move out, on the double!"
  • "Shut up, all of you! I'm the biggest, baddest brute around, and don't you forget it. But if Mario hears that I've been kicked out of my own castle... My reputation will be ruined! Even I have an image to keep up you know! Let's show 'em who's the boss around here."
  • "Booster has such a nice place... I miss my fortress... I miss the good old days... Toadstool screaming in terror, Mario rushing in to save her..."
  • "Oh geez, it's Mario! Oops… Okay, okay… Calm down! Don't let him see you like this! “Hey, how have you been?” NO! Not like that, dummy! Wrong tone! It needs more...confidence!"
  • "YOU!! What're YOU doing HERE?! If... Toadstool were at my castle waiting to be rescued... She'd be crying like a baby!"
  • "... That voice! It's Toadstool! I thought she got away, but she's been stuck HERE... Mwa, ha, ha! Well... I guess I'll be returning to my castle now. Outta my way, shortie!"
  • "What!? You're STILL here? That look on your face... Mwa, ha, ha! I get it now!"
  • "Yeah... I'm a piece of work, ain't I?! All this power, AND looks too! I know, I know! You're thinking, “A big strong guy like him would be great to have along!” right? I'm gonna do something I may regret later...! I'll let you join the “Koopa Troop”. You can thank me later..."
  • "Mario, she's a bit shy. Look the other way, will you?"
  • "You can turn around now. She says she's been locked up ever since she took a bite out of Booster. So now... She wants to help us stir up a little trouble! Mwa, ha, ha!!"
  • "They have no IDEA what they're up against! I'm lightning in a bottle! I'm an earthquake in a can! I'll bust this open in no time!"
  • "You don't bring too much to the party, but why don't you help me here, anyway. At least you'll feel like you did SOMETHING!"
  • "Grumph! You do as you're told, and everything will be just...peachy."
  • "What a waste of time! I've got bigger fish to fry...!"
  • "Oh, isn't that great! You're gonna kiss HIM when I'm the one who saved your skin!"
  • "Feels like...SANDPAPER! WHAT THE!!!..." (if Bowser and Booster kiss Mario or each other)
  • "So, now Toadstool and I are allies! I'll never live this down. WHAT THE!!!..." (if Bowser kissed Mario)
  • "Mario! No one, NO ONE, is authorized to kidnap the Princess except ME! It just wouldn't be right! Let's take her back to Mushroom Kingdom, where she belongs!"
  • "(Can't...tell 'em... the truth...If this gets out... I'm finished...!)"
  • "They've thrown me out of my own... I mean... I decided to take a vacation! They CAN'T do this to me! Anyway, I was working on a plan to get my house back, when... ...Mario walked up to me and BEGGED me to let him join the Koopa Troop! I had no choice but to let him in. It was pathetic."
  • "Actually, that sounds pretty GOOD to me! Let's just forget about these... Star...things!"
  • "Huh? Let's see. If Mario can't find the stars... Toadstool will be MINE! But I won't get my Keep back... unless Mario finds the stars! So if I want my Keep back... we need those star things, but... Huh?! Run that past me again!"
  • "…………Don't worry. I'm not angry with you. I've got new troops now, and we're going to reclaim my castle! You go on with your life here. I wish you the best."
  • "……Don't worry about me. I've got new Troopas now, and we're going to take back my castle. You stick to your guns! Train like there's no tomorrow!"
  • "Looks like it's up to me to get us out of yet another jam. Feast your eyes on this show of brains...and brawn!"
  • "Listen YOU! Never EVER talk to the leader of the Koopa Troop like that! Ooh, I hate... THAT! I'll ignore it this time... but DON'T let it happen again!"
  • "Ahhh... The scent of boiling lava... It's so nice to be home! Smithy's gonna pay for stealing my splendid castle from me!"
  • "Uh, don't worry about it. Let's just put it behind us. It's great running into a loyal Koopa Trooper like you."
  • "Hey! I only joined so I could get my castle back. I'm not going to be dragged along on this stupid hunt. This is as far as I go. I'm going to gather my troops and rebuild my castle. And you, Mario! You're an official member of the Koopa Troop. It's your duty to help with the repairs!"
  • "Gwaa?! I oughtta rip your stuffing out!"
  • "(More weapon things coming to take over my castle? What about my…… ……PRIVACY? Yikes…… This isn't good at all…… In fact, this stinks!……)"
  • "(But I CAN'T just be pals with these cretins. I've got an image to keep up.)"
  • "(I've got it!) No one insults the Koopa Troop and gets away with it. I've got a bone to pick with this Smithy guy! Come on, Mario! We'll teach him a lesson. (I'm so sly!)"
  • Bowser: "Not so fast! You sure are a cocky bunch! I rule this world! Don't you forget it!"
    Manager: "It's Mario! Mack 2 and Yaridovich 2 didn't stop him?"
    Bowser: "No, NO! Leave Mario outta this. I'm the one you need to worry about, not him!"
    Manager: "Mario, you're about to make the longest jump of your life!"
    Bowser: "Y...You're ignoring me!"
  • "Like the moon over
    the day, my genius and brawn
    are lost on these fools. ~Haiku
  • "Just hand it over and GET OUTTA MY CASTLE!"

Remake exclusive[edit]

  • "It's a chain reaction! Hang in there, Chaindelier! I'm holding on by the skin of your teeth! Whatever you do, DON'T LET GO!"
  • "All right, people! Form ranks! Jagger, head of the shelled warriors! Wizakoopa, master of the hooded sorcerers! And last but not least, Goomhilde, grande dame of the groundling Goombas! This is our finest moment! Bowser's Minions are invincible! We shall be victorious! The bridge is down, but we'll find a way to get back in! Move out, on the double!"
  • "But I can't just be pals with these nincompoops. I've got an image to keep up."


  • "Stop! Hold it right there! You don't know what you're doing. RETURN that star to me!"
  • "I serve...a higher authority..."
  • "That Star Piece belongs to everyone. You can't keep it."
  • "Hey! Chill out!"
  • "Stop it! That's enough."
  • "Thanks for the help! But... who are you?"
  • "So! You're THE Mario! WE know about you!"
  • "Thanks for the help. You really got me out of a jam."
  • "Why are you staring at me? You know I'm more than just a doll, don't you? Have you guessed the truth? I'm a visitor from above, and this is a form I'm borrowing briefly."
  • "Higher than that, I'm afraid! Do you two know anything about the “Star Road”?"
  • "Completely in the dark, eh? Well, it's a big mess up there right now, and it concerns you too!"
  • "Let me explain... You've heard of wishing upon a shooting star? At the “Star Road”, your wish is transformed into a star. When it's granted, it then turns into a shooting star and falls down to earth. So you see, the Star Road plays an integral role in granting wishes. But ever since a sword destroyed the “Star Road”, everything's come to a halt. No stars have been made since. The way things stand, yours is a world where wishes can't come true anymore."
  • Mallow: "Are you saying THIS star is part of your “Starway”?"
    Geno: "That's “STAR ROAD”, my fluffy little friend ..."
  • "Yes, that star is a broken piece of the Star Road. I'm here to find them all, and repair the Star Road."
  • "The broken Star Pieces... There are 7 altogether."
  • "For peace to return... we must get rid of Smithy, find the Star Pieces, and repair the Star Road..."
  • "I'm “♡♪!?”, but it's hard to pronounce so... Call me “Geno”, after the doll. I chose him because he looked the strongest out of all the dolls."
  • "Now grab the star, Mario!"
  • "Come on! Let's get this show on the road."
  • "How I wish I could! But Mario and I must leave now to find... ...the missing Star Pieces..."
  • "Well... How can I explain this..."
  • "Well Gaz,... it's like this... This is how it used to be, but's like... THIS! Do you get it?"
  • "Well, let's just say that if things stay the way they are, your wishes will never come true."
  • "No one's wishes will come true until the Star Pieces are found and the Star Road repaired. Which is why I have chosen to join these two in order to find the missing Star Pieces."
  • "That's a promise!"
  • "Thanks for being such a good sport, Gaz. I'll see you when I get back."
  • "Take your best shot!"
  • "This is a fine mess!"
  • "It's gonna blow!!"
  • "Well, we won the battle. Now I hope we don't lose the war. Where are Dyna and the star?"
  • "I guess my question's just been answered..."
  • "Mario! If we don't get the Princess back, WE'LL be charged with kidnapping! Let's go!"
  • "Say Bowser kidnapped you. Without the aid of the Star Road, you'd probably never be rescued!"
  • "This is Star Hill. Wishes, which were transformed at the Star Road, fall from here. But…… Some wishes that haven't been granted yet are falling because Smithy destroyed the Star Road."
  • "Bowser, you're completely missing the point."
  • "Even IF we defeat Exor... There will be OTHER weapon beasts to follow him. Your castle is at the entrance point to YOUR world. In short...they'll be back! Is that what you want?"
  • "Hmm……… The production line hasn't halted. Look Mario, this is where the weapons come from. This must be where Smithy makes his weapons. To find the last Star Piece and stop the factory, we've got to defeat him first."
  • "Our quest is almost over. And when the time comes……… Come on! Let's get this show on the road."
  • "Yo Smithy! Stop making those things and hand over the Star Piece, NOW!"
  • "Come on, Mario! Send the last one way up high!"
  • "Thank you, everyone! The Star Road is back to normal! And..."

Remake exclusive[edit]

  • "Even though we defeated Exor...there will be other weapon beasts that come through that connection. Your castle is at the entrance point to your world. In short...the weapons will all pass through your castle! Is that what you want?"


  • "I'm all right now. Sorry... There's nothing like a good cry! But, why was I crying? There was SOME reason..."
  • "Wow! You’re THE Mario? I know all about you! You’ve got more JUMP in you than a box of frogs!"
  • "I’m Mallow from Tadpole Pond. I’m a frog, but can you believe it? I can’t jump. Embarrassing huh?"
  • "Give me back my coin or I'll belt ya again!"
  • "Who do you think you are, Bruce Lee?"
  • "Mario! It’s dangerous out there! You’re gonna help, huh? Whack that weirdo... Save the guy in blue... Me too! I will do what I can! But...from over here!"
  • "Mario! You just... DITCHED me back there!"
  • "Punchinello...? Never heard of ya."
  • "I think he's bluffing."
  • "Mario! The Chancellor must be worried sick about us. You saw him before! C'mon, let's GO."
  • Mallow: "Mario! At times like these...."
    Toadstool: "What should we do?"
    Mallow: "We should ask Grandpa! My Grandpa should know!"
    Toadstool: "Okay then! Let's do it!"
  • "Can you believe it?! What a coincidence! There's a prince with the same name as ME!"
  • "Don't we have anything better to do than hang around HERE? Come on, let's go and find the rest of the Star Pieces!!"
  • "Hey look! It's ME!"
  • "Hello. My name is Mallow. And this is my friend, Mario."
  • "WHAT?! I'm...I'm really a...prince?!"
  • "Mario! Look at me! I'm a prince!"
  • "Then let's go inside the castle and save my mother and father!"
  • Mallow: "Wait! Don't say that! To be honest, we really, REALLY need it!"
    Nimbus guard: "Oh, yeah? But HE said you didn't need it."
    Mallow: "Oh, I'm sorry. You'll have to excuse him, he...he's a little shaken up right now."
  • "Private? PRIVATE? Everyone in a 10 mile radius could hear you!"
  • "Give up now, while you still have a chance! Shut down production NOW, or he'll...STOMP ya!"
  • "Ha! Hope you learned your lesson!"
  • "Hey! There's the last Star Piece!"
  • "I wish I weren't such a crybaby." (wish)


  • "Don't let Bowser bruise you, Mario!"
  • "Mario! The chain! Aim for the chain!"
  • "Fight, Mario! FIGHT!!!"
  • "Oh, Mario! You had me so worried! Let's get out of here!"
  • "Shriek!! Mario!! I'm going to fall!!"
  • "Please, let me go! Won't you...please? Pretty please?"
  • "Yuck, I don't want to play ANYTHING with you!"
  • "NO! I don't want to marry you. Please let me go!"
  • "Help! Mario! Please help meeeeeee!"
  • "Mario! Is that you, Mario?! I'm in here!! Hurry! I'm scared!"
  • "That was wonderful. Mario, you're my knight in shining armor!"
  • "I know I'm in good hands when you're around, Mario! Here's a kiss for my hero!"
  • "Stop it, all of you! I'm getting SO confused! Mario, let's start with you!"
  • "Now THAT's one for the scrapbook!"
  • "Mario! The Chancellor is WAITING...! We're going back now, right?!"
  • "Mario, I hope you know how thankful we are! MUST tell me one thing! How on earth can you trust...Bowser?"
  • "Bowser... Perhaps it's time you told us your story! What, exactly, did you mean when you said you had, “Bigger fish to fry?”"
  • "It's okay, Mario. We know Bowser's stretching the truth a little!"
  • "WHAT?! This is dreadful news! Awful! Horrible...!"
  • "WHAT?! This is dreadful news! Awful! Horrible...! Isn't it?"
  • "Great, Bowser. Then you can just kiss your precious “Keep” goodbye!"
  • "Urgh!!! Just ignore that idiot! I just don't think I could take a world without wishes... We need to go and find those Star Pieces, NOW!"
  • "I don't care! Things seem so hopeless right now... I'm tired... I think I need to lie down in my room for awhile. Mario...Mallow... Geno and...Bowser, you too... Good luck!"
  • "Please, Mario! Take me along with you, please! Don't worry. Grandma helped me through this one, so no one will ever notice that I'm gone! So...let's go find us a star! Hmmm... But I wonder where it could be... I have absolutely no idea! Do you?"
  • "Mario! Stop peeking into other people's rooms!"
  • "That was scary! But we can't run away now. We've got to kick these lowlifes out of our world."
  • "Please! Don't make us go through any more! Just give us the star....NOW!"

Supporting Characters[edit]

The Big Boo[edit]

  • "Hi, I'm The Big Boo."
  • "We are the 3 “Musty Fears”!" (together with Dry Bones and Greaper)
  • "Check those bubbles coming out of his nose!"
  • "Maybe he can still hear us while he's asleep?"
  • "Hey you! We want to play a round of “Find the Flag”."
  • "I'm back! You'll never guess my spot! It's between “O” and “A”."
  • "Our flags are invisible, so search VERY carefully when you think you've found the spot!"
  • "We had a great time, too. Thanks for playing our game!"


  • "Mario! Thank goodness you're here! We heard an explosion or something at Bowser's Keep. It was so loud I almost dropped my spores!!! Uh...excuse me? W...where's the Princess? She departed for your house house HOURS ago...! I fear the worst! Could Bowser somehow be behind all of this?"
  • "Spores alive!!! You're telling us that Bowser has abducted the Princess AGAIN? Nevermind. It will be up to you to enter the keep and rescue Princess Toadstool!"
  • "Egad! The keep is unassailable?! What awful power is at work here?! Mario...her life is in your hands. Please, save our dear Princess!"
  • "Go to the cellar and prepare for your journey. The Vault Guard shall assist you."
  • "First the Princess and now THIS! It's just too much to bear."
  • "Well, any friend of Mario's is welcome here in Mushroom Kingdom. As I was saying, Mario, you are our only hope! Mario! Please! You MUST rescue the Princess, NOW!"
  • "Thank goodness! This has been a true nightmare! I'm a nervous wreck!"
  • "Princess! You CAN'T be serious! You're NOT thinking of joining them, ARE YOU? This is sheer madness... You're a Princess! What will people say?!"


  • "Luigi has given you sound advice. Pull up a toadstool and partake of my wisdom. With my help, you will go far, grasshopper." (manual, page 44)
  • "Yes, come into my sanctuary and partake of my wisdom, children."
  • Mallow: "Grandpa! What are you talking about? I'm only a simple tadpole! This adventure isn't for me!"
    Frogfucius: "Mallow, my boy, I've kept this from you until now, but you're... Not a tadpole!!"
    "Say WHAT???"
  • "(Psst, Mario) The boy's magic is sure to come in handy on your adventure. You'll take him along, yes?"
  • "Wish I had some Cricket Jam." (wish)
  • "I wish for everyone to be happy." (wish after Cricket Jam)

Frogfucius' Student[edit]

  • "Look for Frog Coins. They can be used to buy rare and important items. Good luck." (manual, page 45)
  • "Hello there. You're Mario, right? Do you remember me? We met at Tadpole Pond, when I was still a tadpole. I've graduated from Frogfucius' school, and now I'm searching for the meaning of life."
  • "It's been so quiet around here, it's almost eerie... Is something going on? It probably doesn't concern me. But if you have any Frog Coins, I've got some neat items to sell."
  • "It was really quiet around here until a little while ago. What happened? That reminds me, do you have any Frog Coins? I've got some special items to sell."
  • "Good to see you again. Did you have a chance to accumulate many Frog Coins?"


  • "Hi, I'm the gardener. See that huge planter? I've spent many years seeking the legendary “Seed” and “Fertilizer” to fill it with, but had no luck. Sigh...if I could only find them!"
  • "Incredible! I can't believe it! It's the legendary “Seed” I've read about in the ancient gardening texts. These are so rare! Can you even begin to comprehend what a huge discovery this is? I've spent my whole life searching for one! It's too much, I tell ya!"
  • "Hey! I haven't finished yet."
  • "Egads! Do you know what you have there? That fertilizer comes from the Shy Away clan, famous for its miraculous feats of gardening. I looked for it beyond the cliffs, even tried Bean Valley, but failed. I've traveled around the world and waited a lifetime for some of that fertilizer you've got there!"
  • "Short attention span?"
  • "W……wow! This is amazing! This is unreal! This is just like winning the lottery, only without the taxes! I mean, this is like falling out of an airplane without a parachute, and hitting a gaggle of geese in mid-air who break your fall. Wait until my buddies over at Happy Gardener's Monthly hear about this. I'm going to be famous! Maybe even get my picture in the next issue."
  • "You think it could use a little more fertilizer?"
  • "Oops, maybe not, huh?"


  • "Oh, you mean THAT? That's King Nimbus when he was... a ...young lad."
  • "...What the...?!... WHO are YOU...?!"
  • "Mallow... So it IS YOU, my boy! It's been so long. My, you've become a splendid young prince!"
  • "Yes indeed! I understand. So! You were raised by Frogfucius! There's no question about it! You ARE, WITHOUT A DOUBT... Prince Mallow."
  • "I KNEW Valentina was up to SOMETHING! I just didn't know what... That must mean that the King really ISN'T gravely ill...!"
  • "...Wait! I have an excellent idea. Come over here..."
  • "Are you ready?"
  • "All right, stand over here."
  • "Hold still, okay?"
  • "THERE! Hey, don't move! You're going to be a “statue” for a while, okay?"
  • "Let's get going now."
  • "I'm delivering Valentina's latest order to her."
  • "Oh?! That's because this is a statue of Valentina's nephew, Mari...Mariotta! Okay?!"


  • "Oh my gosh! It's......Ma...Ma...... Mom! Mom, look, we have a... GUEST!"
  • "YES!! “Mario” just bought the farm, so can be “Bowser”... I'll be “Geno,” okay?"
  • "Owwww...Oh no, if he keeps this up, I'm finished! All right, you asked for it! The super duper... Custom, patented, one and only... SHOOTING STAR SHOT!!"
  • "Oops... I...uh...I think I...missed."
  • Gaz: "Mom! You'll never believe what I just saw... It was amazing, mom! I just saw Geno walk into the forest! Neat, huh?"
    Mom: "Yes, dear. That's nice, dear... And isn't Geno the one who broke my lamp the other day?"
    Gaz: "Awww, ma, that was just, well, you know... Now THIS WAS REAL!"
  • Gaz: "Geno! You came back! SEE, Mom? THIS is the Geno I was talking about!"
    Mom: "My, my, what a fabulous costume! It must be kind of hot for the person wearing it, though."
    Gaz: "Awww, forget it, mom. All right, Geno, let's play!"
  • "Star Pieces? You mean like shooting stars? What for?"
  • "Uh uh... NOPE! You lost me."
  • "WHAT?! So you mean even if I grow up, I won't ever be strong and cool like you?!"
  • "So that's it......! Well, Mario needs all the help he can get! Geno, I have a lot of dreams! Please, go fix the Star Road and make sure they all come true!"


  • "Bowser, most of our allies have run off! What will we do?"
  • "Bowser... It's been ages, hasn't it? Sorry about going AWOL on you. I ran away because I was scared to fight Smithy. A lot has happened since then, but look how far I've come. I'm managing this store now. And look, here are my little ones. Come on, show your manners and greet Uncle Bowser."


  • "You may NOT sleep in the Princess' bed! Have you no manners?"
  • "Let's refrain from searching through other peoples' things!"
  • Toadstool: "Grandma,... thanks for putting up with all my selfish demands."
    Grandma: "Don't worry, Princess. A little adventure will do you good! See the world! Make friends! Help destroy Smithy..."
  • "I feel like I'm growing younger just talking with you people!"

King Nimbus[edit]

  • "......You don't mean... THE Mario?! Jumping Mario?! Autograph, please!"
  • "Ah! I've heard so much about you! May I... have your autograph?"
  • "Oh! Another famous person! This is just too much! I MUST have YOUR autograph!"
  • "No? Not even a little scribble? Okay, okay... Yes, yes. I'm quite forgetting my manners...Well... ...Who do we have over here?"
  • "Oh! Yes! That story about the Star Street! How awful!"
  • "Hmm, but the dreaded “Czar Dragon” inhabits the volcano. It's going to be tough getting a star out of there! Hmmm...perhaps all of you working together COULD handle that beast... Why, when I was young, I..."
  • "Yes, Mallow, the time has come for you to take the bus! Why, when I was your age..."
  • "Please let Mallow find his way home." (wish)
  • "May Mallow fix the Road!" (wish after Valentina's defeat)


  • "Hi! How’s it going? It looks like Mario is getting ready for another adventure. He doesn’t need my help this time. I’m just gonna hang out behind the scenes here in the manual and give you some pointers!" (manual, page 4)
  • "Wow…this world is huge! So, this is where Mario is going to travel. I wonder if he’ll be going to Moleville or the Sunken Ship?" (manual, page 9)
  • "This is how you use the Controller on the map or gameplay screen, but not how to use it during battles. Please see page 28 for more information." (manual, page 11)
  • "If you get a map from someone, you’ll be able to see this. See page 25 for more information." (manual, page 15)
  • "Mario’s one tricky plumber! In this game, there are lots of tricks to help you out." (manual, page 16)
  • "Let’s kick some monster tail! Use Mario’s classic jump or try another strategy!" (manual, page 26)
  • "Every offensive and defensive move has an “Action Command” (see p. 30 for more information)." (manual, page 27)
  • "I’m gonna introduce Mario and his friends! I’ll tell ya about each person’s weapons and special techniques. With these guys, Mario and you, whacking bad guys should be a piece o’ cake!" (manual, page 33)
  • "I wanna be a great plumber like my brother Mario." (wish)


  • "I wonder how those kids're doing? Sure wish they'd hurry home!"
  • "I just have this odd feeling that they'll be dropping in on us any minute now..."
  • "Gracious! They really DID drop in on us! Oh, my poor babies! Are you okay? Little Mite, are you hurt?!"
  • "He's been knocked senseless! You poor baby, you're safe now. Dyna! Haven't I told you often enough, to never go into the mines by yourself?!"
  • "I'm so embarrassed! Mario, we can't thank you enough for everythin'. What's that? The roof, you say? Naw, that don't matter none, right Pa?"


  • "Oh, my! A traveler from afar. Welcome to Monstro Town, where many of our kind mingle. I'm the landlady, Monstermama."
  • "A star, you say? Oh you're here to see OUR star! She's upstairs, so feel free to go and take a look for yourself."
  • "Starbees...? Oh, Star Piece! Nope, not familiar with 'em. So you came all the way out here to search for a Star Piece? It must be REALLY important. This is the last place on land. If you can't find it here... The only place left, is UP!"
  • "So! You wanna go there? Ha! You're an open book! Ok, here's what you need to do. There's a secret passage to the sky at...Bean Valley! But first you must scale the cliff beyond the desert to get there. Since you're such a nice guy, I'll introduce you to someone that can help you. Sky Troopas, I need you!"


  • "Well, thanks a lot, Mario! Guess I'll be goin' back to tell Ma 'bout everythin'..."
  • "Settle down, woman! I asked Mario to help us out, so I reckon he'll bring 'em back when he's good 'n ready!"
  • "They still gotta use the door like everyone else, Ma. Now settle down!"
  • "That's enough, Ma. Just be happy to have 'em back! We haven't thanked Mario proper, either."
  • "It ain't nothing at all! You just leave any repairs to me. Give me a holler if you ever need a hand with your place! Thanks again for bringing our babies back to us."

Queen Nimbus[edit]

  • "Don't embarrass junior, dear!!"
  • "By the way, a little before Valentina took over, a large star fell into the volcano!"
  • "Yes, dear... Now, once at the volcano, find Hinopio. He'll be able to help you."
  • "Of course, dear. I've ordered the repair man to have it fixed by the time you leave. You simply HAVE to help Mario and the others get that last star!"
  • "Please let Mallow find his way home." (wish)
  • "May Mallow fix the Road!" - (wish after Valentina's defeat)

Samus Aran[edit]


  • "Hey Mario! Lots of people use something called a “door” to go in and out of their houses... Anyway, I came by to pick up Toadstool, since she's a bit late."
  • "Mario, what's with the silent treatment?! You're not telling me something. It's Bowser again, isn't it? Oh no, here we go again! Mario, would you please bring her back, like you always do?"
  • "Oops, excuse me! …Oh? That bump on your head reduced your “HP” level. One of Mushroom Kingdom's famous items ought to perk you right up!"
  • "Do you know how to use items?"
  • "Ahem, then please allow me. In order to use items, open up the “Menu” screen. With it, you can check your status and coin count. Push “X” to open it."
  • "... and that's how it's done. Now you can get a boost whenever you're feeling tired."
  • "Oh, I see. You're just so well-traveled and experienced, Mario!"
  • "Uh, now why did I rush back? I had...something to tell you."
  • "Ack, I remember! I came to warn you that Mushroom Way is swarming with monsters! I just barely made it back in one piece! Mario, please do something. Perhaps I can help. Do you know about “Timed Hits”?"
  • "Okay, allow me to explain. First we'll enter a battle."
  • "...and there you are! Now, at least you have a fighting chance against those monsters!"
  • "Hey, you better watch out! He knows about Timed Hits. He's gonna punch your lights out!"
  • "He's got more bark than bite, huh?"
  • "That's right! We need to tell the Chancellor about Toadstool! I'll see you over at Mushroom Kingdom. Just in case, take these with you."
  • "Mario! You better be careful. He's definitely got a mean streak!"
  • "Well, I carried all I could! Now, what could you use?"


  • "I am the composer, Toadofsky. I am trying to create my next masterpiece but I've got composer's block."
  • "You want a music lesson from MOI?"
  • "That's it!! This is the melody I've been looking for. Thank you for the inspiration!"
  • "If I ever need help with my compositions again, I'll look for you here. Until then, adieu!"
  • "Finally! My song is nearly complete. But I must confess that you contributed a lot to it. We can all take credit for it! Now you must think of a final phrase that will wrap it all up. Let your creative juices flow and show me whatcha got!"
  • "If I could JUST get that melody!" (wish)


  • "Hi Uncle Bowser!"
  • "We want to help too! Please, please, can we?"


  • "(Mario! Glad you finally made it to Yo'ster Isle, home of the Mushroom Derby! that you're here, we could use your help. Please talk to a few of my pals here and... What? You can't understand them? Well...hop aboard and I'll be your interpreter!)"
  • "(Saddle up?)"
  • "(Hey! There's a letter in here, but I can't read it...)"
  • "I'll try my very best!"
  • "(Thanks to you, Mario, I finally beat that rascal! And we can all race together now!)"
  • "(Looks like he wants some Cookies. Wanna give him some?)"
  • "(Wish I could run faster.)" (wish)

Enemies and Mini-Bosses[edit]


  • "Look what I found, Bowyer!"
  • "Ooh, I heard everything! Who would have known that star was so important? I've got to inform Smithy!"
  • "Calm down, Smithy! Your head looks like a geyser!!"


  • "Golly! You're that famous Mario guy! If I beat you, they'll make me Snifit 4! If I'm lucky!"
  • "Whaaa……… Now they'll make me take the training course all over again."
  • "All right! Now I'll be Snifit 4!"
  • "Mario! Let me show you what I've learned in my classes so far. I'll be Snifit 5 if I beat you! ………………maybe."
  • "Shriek! The boss only wants 7 Snifits! All my training was in vain! What a rip!"
  • "Harrumph! I'm off to the arcade!"


  • "Moh, ho, ho...! Ack! It's a snack attack, and YOU'RE it!"
  • "Ooooh! Room service has been kind to me! Where’s my bib?"
  • "Stick for a body, head full of straw, give me a scarecrow, rah, rah, RAH!"
  • "C...can’t s...stand it! The hunger...the HUNGER!"
  • "If you defeat me, you STILL won't beat me! Beware the flood!"
  • "Hmm, you look so tasty! I think I'll just have a snack!"
  • "You all LOOK delicious! But how do you TASTE?"
  • "I never forget a taste. In fact, I can clone someone after just one slurp. Watch!"
  • "ACK! Sour!"
  • "Mmm, tastes peachy..."
  • "YES! THIS is YUMMY~"
  • "Yuck! How repulsive!"
  • "Bitter, but not bad..."
  • "There we are!"
  • "Oh, no, not again! I’m STARVING! Time to go home for dinner. Goodbye, boys and girls!"
  • "Give me the key, and I'll let you pass through."
  • "That key you have there looks pretty tasty."
  • "The hunger! Oh, for some food!" (wish)

Remake exclusive[edit]

  • "Time for Belome to say bye-bye!"


  • "I'm so...lonely. Will you play with me?" (as Shelly)
  • "Oh... If you had played with me, I was going to give you the key to this room."
  • "Thanks!"
  • "Hello♡! I'm Birdo."
  • "Tee, hee! Ouch, you're hurting me! Now it's my turn! Get it while it's hot!"
  • "Oh, I'm never gonna let ya go. You're just too...CUTE!"
  • "Don't forget about me!"


  • "Hey! Who're YOU?!... You can't just barge in here!"
  • "You may enter."
  • "Halt! Who goes there?"
  • "Hey, this doesn't look like Valentina at all!"


  • "Ha ha ha ha ha! Ahhhhh... So YOU are the notorious Mario! I'm impressed you made it this far. I didn't think you could."
  • "Oh! Feisty little fellow, aren't you? But this is the end of the line. Now you've got to deal with ME! EN GARDE!"
  • "Argh! This is absurd! I CAN’T be defeated by THEM! I won’t let this happen! I won’t fall in battle... Gasp...cough...hack... H...having an attack...gasp..."
  • "I don’t need your sympathy! I am a soldier... I am prepared to...go..."
  • Boomer: "Take a dive, Chandeli-ho!"
    Chandeli-ho: "Yeoouuch!!"
    Boomer: "See ya later, kids!"
    Chandeli-ho: "Boomer! Oh, poor Boomer! But not to worry! A little fall isn’t gonna hurt you!"


  • "I'm Booster and this is my famous tower of amusement. Normally I welcome visitors to play with me and my Snifits. However, a girl fell out of the sky and into my lap, recently. Since then, I've been busy keeping her happy and entertained. I no longer have the time to play. So please enjoy yourself... at your own risk, that is!"
  • "Now, about the girl in my life, who thinks I should marry her? Well? Speak up!"
  • "Ah, a party! We haven't had one of those. It could be fun! So...what is a party?"
  • "Hmmm... Drink cake...? It sounds...complicated. I don't know if I can muster the energy to do it... Let's walk through it once! It's wedding rehearsal time!"
  • "Wait! Mario always shows up right about now to ruin the fun. We've got to take that into consideration, you know. Someone go and get the Mario doll."
  • "Of course it's here! You lazy slobs couldn't find water if you were fish! It's behind those curtains! Number one, you go and look."
  • "Hey everybody! Did you see someone behind the curtains, or was it just me? How creepy! It's a pain, but I think we should check one more time."
  • "Well? I really think someone's behind those curtains! I think one more peek is necessary."
  • "G'na!!! It's Mario! That's impossible! He made it past all my traps... But we're gonna trip him up!"
  • "H...huh?!! That MUST be Mario! Let’s make sure. You! Check it out!"
  • "Harumph! Just as I thought! It IS Mario. Let's...wind him up!"
  • "I'd love to stay and chat, but I've a schedule to keep. Move aside so I can open that door. Here's the password!"
  • "Eh? Hey, where's my bride-to-be? I wanna play hide-and-seek, too!"
  • "What a poor sport! Well, we really should hurry along. A yummy cake is waiting for us after we climb this hill! Let's GO!"
  • "Uh oh! It's Mario! We didn't plan on this. Mario, you aren't invited to our wedding! Besides, we still have to have the rehearsal! I'll be happy to race you to the wedding hall, but ……… you'd better not get in my way. Ready?"
  • "You clowns! You DON'T break a door down when entering a room! Shut it! SHUT IT NOW! Move it, MOVE IT!!!!"
  • Booster: "What's this...? Water...coming from your eyes?! Are you leaking, my dear?! Tastes salty!"
    Snifit 2: "Booster, Sir, uh... I believe that the bride may be... uh,...Crying..."
    Booster: "Crying? But that's what people do when they're...sad!! How DISGUSTING! That stuff must be corrosive! It the sea!"
  • "Me too! I want a reward! I'll take a kiss! Give me a KISS!!!"
  • "Feels like...SANDPAPER! WHAT THE!!!..." (if Bowser and Booster kiss Mario or each other)
  • "Aaaaaah.... I shall never forget that touch... WHAT THE!!!..." (if Booster kissed Mario)
  • "Hey, No.1! Where’s my cake?!"
  • "…………? THIS thing’s a cake?"
  • "Okay, everyone!! Here’s the stumper. How do we eat this? I SAY we boil it! No.2, what do you say?"
  • "WHAT?! In one GULP? That’s easier said than done!"
  • "My nerves are shot. I feel like I’ve forgotten to tie my cord before a bungee jump!"
  • "Mmmmmm... Delicious! It’s so good it makes me want to cry!"

Remake exclusive[edit]

  • "Well, well. It's people!"
  • "That doll's saying words!"
  • "Now it's my turn to ask a question. Are you going to stick around to play with me and my Engine 023? It'll be fun!"


  • "(What're YOU lookin' at? If you wanna challenge me, you have to bring Cookies!)"
  • "(SO! You brought the Cookies. All right! Consider yourself lucky today. You've got yourself a race... One-on-one!)"
  • "(This is as easy as it gets, man.)"
  • "(Come back when you're SERIOUS! Now, I think those Cookies there belong to ME!)"
  • "(Since WHEN have you been able to sprint like that?! Oh...well... I had my day in the sun.)"
  • "(Let me give you a tip! Race someone SLOW. That way, you'll be able to stash away the Cookies!)"
  • "(Hmmm...All right! Just stay outta my way! Oh, here's the Cookie stash for the winner.)"
  • "(You lookin' at me?)"
  • "(Nice weather, eh?)"
  • "(No Cookies, NO RACE.)"
  • "(Count me in for [# of Cookies wagered]! To the starting gate, group!)"
  • "(Let's race again sometime, all right?)"

Chef Torte[edit]

  • "Ve bake a cake for za BIG wedding! It must be...masterpiece!"
  • "Zorry to haf kept you vaiting."
  • "Heir ist cake... But...vhere are bride und groom?"
  • "YOU FOOLS!!"
  • "Zee cake’s alive! RUN!!!"
  • "Now, ZEES cake vill stay PUT!"
  • "I vant to be a vald class baker." (wish)*

* - Due to sharing the same speech pattern in the Japanese version and the same accented thought in both versions, this may have been intended to be his Apprentice.

Chef Torte's Apprentice[edit]

  • "Yeah, the groom-to-be ordered something special. Wait until he sees THIS!"
  • "We've made the most AMAZING cake! You won't believe it!!"
  • "This is BIG trouble!"
  • "YOU FOOLS!!"
  • "Chef Torte! The cake’s MOVING!"
  • "See? I was RIGHT!"
  • "Don't worry, Chef Torte! They'll love THIS!"



  • "Mwee hee hee! Behold! They've taken the bait!"
  • "This is tougher than I thought! I don’t like where this is going..."
  • "Put your dukes up!"


  • "Har, har! Youse mugs'll NEVER catch me! A snail could outrun YOU morons! Later!"
  • "Oh! You're a persistent bugger! But I'm a 100 miles ahead of ya!"
  • "What's this? You fools couldn't chase down a pumpkin!"
  • "Ha! Your eyes are much faster than your feet! At this rate it'll take ya……… 100 more years to catch me!"
  • "Oooouch!!! I’m gonna pay ya back in spades, kid! Go on! Take back your grubby old coin! Adios amigos!"
  • "Coins...Beautiful COINS! Grab the COINS!"
  • "Heh, heh...I've got a bomb...! Never leave home without 'em."
  • Say, hey! We meet AGAIN! Dis here land is RICH! It's got tons of loot, and I want it all!
  • "But hey, I'm not sweatin'! This device'll tell me where the treasures are hidden! The rest of 'em are mine! All MINE!! Adios, fools!"
  • "Hey Mario, did ya remember to use the save point? There's plenty of danger up ahead so it's best to save now!"
  • "You need anything? I've got some items to sell."
  • "You're still around? Oh, you want more items, huh? Since I'm in a good mood..."
  • "Just remember... I can't always be coming to your rescue, you know. If there's anything more you need, best to buy it now."
  • "See ya!"
  • "I wanna be the best treasure hunter in the world." (wish)


  • "Greetings. I am Culex, Dark Knight of Vanda. I have crossed into this dimension to fight for the Dark Mage. But this world is uninhabitable for me and my kind. I must return to my own world. Before I go, though, I would like to challenge your strongest knight. Will you accept my challenge? You will enter combat against me?"
  • "You are wise to hesitate. Without a weapon or armor, you have no chance."
  • "En garde!"
  • "I am matter... I am antimatter... I can see your past... I can see your future... I consume time... And I will consume you!"
  • "Ahhhh! Your spirit…… ……is strong! Thank you, brave knight. I will treasure this memento of my journey here. Perhaps in another time, another game, we may have been mortal enemies... Let us part as comrades in arms. Take this. Treasure it as a keepsake of our fight."
  • "Farewell, champion knight!"

Remake exclusive[edit]

  • "Greetings. I am Culex, Dark Knight of Vanda. I have crossed into this dimension to fight for the Dark Mage. You who stand before me... Where does your depth come from? Why are you rendered so three-dimensionally? The evil power that gave me life mapped out this flat plane as my form. You are formed from a power unknown to me. I wish to gain the secret of your three-dimensional world! You will enter combat against me?"
  • "Aaah! Your strong! This legendary strength is the power of that third dimension. It is far mightier than the forces of malevolence could dream. I will treasure this memento of my journey here. Perhaps in another time, another game, we may have been mortal enemies... Someday I will gain the power of this third dimension, and those forces will visit a land not yet mapped. Until that time... Take this. Treasure it as a keepsake of our fight."


  • Director: "Any dissent against Smithy will be dealt with by immediate melt down."
    Toadstool: "M, melt down? You can't scare me, I've got Mario by my side!"
    Director: "Dissenters will be eliminated! Production will continue."


  • "Hee hee hee! I guess I could spare a few minutes! Maybe they'd like!"
  • "Whew! What weaklings! How shameful if they were to defeat me!"
  • "It's clobbering time!"

Drill Bit[edit]

  • "Don't get so worked up! Think of your blood pressure!"

Factory Chief[edit]

  • "Mario! I'm surprised to see you here. But this is the end of the line for you. This is the closest you'll get to Smithy, so savor the moment! Harrumph! You'll be fodder for my incredible new invention, the “Gunyolk!”"

Grate Guy[edit]

  • "Whoopdy do!"
  • "Yikes! They're pretty tough!"
  • "Hello Mario! I run this casino! Feel free to enjoy yourself."
  • "Business is so slow... Hey Mario, wanna play “Look the other way” with me?"
  • "Okay, Mario, this is in celebration of your wins!"

Hammer Bro[edit]

  • "HEY! Are YOU lookin' at me? My hammer and I don't like you!"
  • "Now ya got my hammer angry! Ya shouldn't have done that!"


  • "Bowser! I haven't seen you for so long. I've been studying here at the dojo under the Sensei “Jinx” because... To tell you the truth, I... I knew I couldn't beat Smithy. That's why I'm here now. Someday I'm going to return and make you proud!"
  • "Now this should be interesting. Can you beat THE master, Mario?"


  • "Hmmm. You felt my Ki, didn't you? Not bad for a novice!"
  • "Your fighting style... It isn't as foolproof as you think."
  • "Whoa……… You ARE the stronger champion, no doubt about it. My reputation was staked on this last fight, so I've lost the title of “Sensei”. From today, you are the Sensei of this dojo. Please take this belt, which only the highest ranking fighter in the dojo can wear."
  • "We will rename the dojo, “Mario Style Dojo”, and incorporate your jump technique into the training. Jagger and I will start our training immediately. 1000 warm up jumps! Ready, begin!"

Jonathan Jones[edit]

  • "So you're THE Mario, eh? Arr, harr, harr...! Not much to look at...Well, this star fell into MY SEA, so it's MINE! If you want it, you'll have to fight for it!"
  • "Fuwa ha ha... Not bad, fellas! How about it, Mario? Mario versus me. Wanna mix it up?"
  • "I'm impressed, matey! You've earned the star. Think of it as a souvenir of our fight!"
  • "You must've REALLY wanted that Star... Now go on! Get out of here before I change my mind."
  • "YOU again?! So, have you already beaten that Smithy creature?"
  • "Yo, mate! Just 'cuz we're buds doesn't give ya the right to jump on my head."
  • "Not so fast there! That star's a gift to me mate, Mario. You spineless dogs have no code of honor! We'll make you walk the plank!"

Remake exclusive[edit]

  • "Avast, Mario! I've been waiting to see your mug around here again."
  • "Ever since our little duel, I've felt a whirlpool in my heart sucking all the joy away. This can't go on, matey. Who is Johnny without a fire in his belly?"
  • "So I ask you, would you cross swords with me one more time? A tremendous duel, just the two of us! Without any items, even! What do you say?! Let's set this sea to boiling!"
  • "A grand duel with no mateys or items to get in the way! Let's set this sea to boiling!"
  • "Good fun! I knew you'd accept, Mario."
  • "Aye... I suppose you do have a corker of a fight with that Smithy creature ahead of you. Come again if you find your courage. I'll wait as long as it takes."
  • "Now steel yourself, for here I come!"
  • "Harrr! You got me. But never in my years have I fought a finer battle. So fierce! So heated! Take this, and remember the day our duel brought the fire back to my belly."
  • "I found that stone in the lowest depths of my ocean. It's proper that the victor of our duel should be its keeper."
  • "You beat me fair, but it wasn't victory I needed. It was a duel well-fought against a worthy foe!"

King Calamari[edit]

  • "To pass through here, hit those 6 boxes and enter the password."
  • "Good job...I'll let you through... If you can get past ME, first, that is."

Knife Guy[edit]

  • "Wait! You took all the trouble to come here, so...stick around!"
  • "Come on, brother! Let's thrash ’em!"
  • "Yikes! They're pretty tough!"
  • "Hee hee hee hee... I'm...really, REALLY sorry about before... Here, I'll make it up to ya! Hee haaaaw..."
  • "Are we having fun, yet?...Hee hee hee."


  • "We've only had experience fighting Mario. These new guys are too much!"
  • "This…is…Smithy's castle! No trespassers…allowed."
  • "Huh…where am I? Bowser, hello! How have you been? I, uh, made it back here SOMEHOW, but it seems like I've been brainwashed or something. I can't seem to remember ANYTHING. Have I done something...wrong?"
  • "I'm glad! It looks like you've got some tough new troopers now. But my magic can still help you. Watch this! Ho'okalakupua!"
  • "This magic treasure box will never run out of coins. Just keep on hitting it. I'll be here if you need me. Come by whenever you need to rejuvenate your HP and magic."
  • "You've come to the right person!"


  • "Good work, everyone. The harder we work, the stronger Smithy will become! The weapons we manufacture here will be... Just think of it... When Smithy takes over Mario's world, we can do anything we want! Nya ha ha. Gwah, ha, ha... Heh heh heh..."


  • Pounder: "Here's the report!"
    Pounder #1: "Sir! “Drill Bit” will be finished on time."
    Pounder #2: "We're ahead of schedule!"
    Pounder #3: "We'll make Smithy proud!"

Shy Away[edit]

  • "La dee dah~♪ It’s shower time~♪ There there, my pretties! Hi ho, dee dum~♪"
  • "La dee dah~♪ It’s recycled water! There there, my pretties! Hi ho, dee dum~♪"
  • "La dee dah~♪ I added some nutrients~♪ There there, my pretties! Hi ho, dee dum~♪"
  • "Look what you did! Smilax's been whacked. Oooh, I'm going to get it! Queen Valentina told me to keep everyone out of Nimbus Land. What should I do? ………………………………………… I know, I'll run away!"
  • "La dee dah... Here ya go, big eggie! I'll give ya plenty of nutrients so you'll grow up to be big and strong! Oh, oh, oh... Mario's already here... He's a fast one, he is..."
  • "Eh? Hey! Valentina ran away... I shall fly the coop, too..."
  • "Oh Oh... ...Busted... What to do, what to do? I'll give you this “Fertilizer” if you let me go~......OK?"


  • "Where do ya think everyone went?"
  • "Well, gang, looks like we have ourselves a new home!"
  • "We can bounce around all day long! And there's no one here who can stand in our way!"
  • "Yahoo! Let's bounce the night away!"
  • "Look at him! Can't even bounce! Hey, maybe we could bounce ON HIS HEAD!!!!"
  • "You're asking for IT!"
  • "Ooh, you're gonna get it!"
  • "You picked the WRONG people not to bounce with, bub!"
  • "How 'bout a fat lip to go with that ugly mustache?!"
  • "This is not good!"
  • "The mustachioed one is strong!"
  • "Strong, YES!"
  • "We MUST warn the boss!
  • "Come on!!"
  • "We just built this yesterday, and the foundation's very weak. So...STOP SHAKING THE FLOOR!"


  • Snifit 2: "A wedding ceremony would make a great PARTY!"
  • Snifit 3: "Well, you drink punch and eat CAKE! ...I think."
  • Snifit 1: "We will now begin the ceremony. Walk down the aisle with the...(hey someone make her smile!) beautiful bride-to-be."
  • Snifits: "It isn't here."
  • Snifit 1: "Booster's wedding is in progress. We've barricaded the door, so don't even bother trying to sneak inside."
  • Snifit 1: "I'm not letting you in here! And you can forget about the back entrance. It's locked. At least I THINK it is..."
  • Snifit 1: "Halt! Who goes there?"
  • Snifit 1: "You LOOK like Mario, but the door's shut tight. Listen, Mustache, you and your overgrown turtle-friend can take a hike! Go! Scat! Make like Mario and jump outta here! GET LOST!"
  • Snifit 1: "Oops...We've got a problem... I'd better go tell Booster."
  • Snifit 1: "It won't budge. Say, wanna help me bust this door down?! On the count of 3, we'll run TOGETHER! Timing's the key!"
  • Snifit 1: "Ready? Here we go!..."
  • Snifits: "We're pretty sure Mr. Mustache can't break in here. But that turtle looks pretty mean. He could be trouble!"
  • Snifit 1&2: "Booster, Sir! Mario's here!"
  • Snifit 1: "Booster, Sir! There's a 70% chance that the object you're standing on is a cake"


Axem Black[edit]

  • "You'd better leave now, chumps!"
  • "Hey, Red! Look down there! That's gotta be the ugliest mustache I've ever seen!"
  • "We live for disorder!"
  • "Yo, RED!!"
  • "I broke my shades!"

Axem Green[edit]

  • "We're amazing!"
  • "That IS Mario, you IDIOT!!"
  • "Where's the Blade?!"
  • "We like what we do!"
  • "Yo, RED!!"
  • "I've got a headache!"

Axem Pink[edit]

  • "We're gorgeous!"
  • "Eww! Gross!"
  • "Where's the BLADE?"
  • "We struggle for chaos!"
  • "Yo, RED!!"
  • "My make-up’s running!!"
  • "Can this be happening to the Axem Rangers?"

Axem Red[edit]

  • "We got the STAR!"
  • "Listen, everyone! We gotta get this Star to the Blade immediately. We'll deal with Mario LATER!!"
  • "He'll be here!"
  • "Relax, people!"
  • "He's too late!"
  • "Shuddap, already!"
  • "We fight for evil!"
  • "This Star Piece gives people hope! It needs to be destroyed!"
  • "Ooh, my head is spinning!"
  • "What?"
  • "Serves ya right!"
  • "You're totally out of shape!"
  • "Then change brands!"
  • "Chew on your tongue!"
  • "Enough!! Now I'm angry! Time to finish this! Formation...HO!!"
  • "Here we GO!"
  • "NOW! Fire the BREAKER!!"
  • "Recharging!!"
  • "This isn't possible! We are...invincible!"

Axem Yellow[edit]

  • "That guy's worse looking than that clod, Mario!"
  • "Hey, RED! Careful with this!! You're all thumbs!"
  • "We're unbeatable!"
  • "We are..."
  • "Yo, RED!!"
  • "I'm... hungry!!"


  • "997! 998! 999! 1000! Nya ha ha! 1000 arrows! For cover they run, nya! FUN this is, yes. Nya! Another 1000 will I shoot!
  • "Happy I am, nya! Look...LOOK at their expressions when freeze they do!"
  • "Nya! More practice do I need!"
  • "What? WHAT? Disturb me you must not! Practicing, I am. More arrows must I shoot! More statues must I make, nya!"
  • "Gnya, NYA!? A stranger you are... and strange looking at that! Teach you, we must, who's in charge!"
  • "Nya?! And who might you be?"
  • "Nya! NYA! Angry I am! Nya! A lesson I will teach you!"
  • "Gunya! Nya!!! Strong you are. But stronger am I! Hurt you, I will! So long, nya!! Part, now, we must! Nya nya NYA!!"
  • "Knock knock! Nya! Insulted, I am!"
  • "NYAAA!! Now 3 against one! Nyat FAIR! Fix it, I will, nya! Shoot an arrow, I shall. When a target it hits, that Button... LOCKED!"


  • "Halt! Who goes there? A Tresspasser! This castle now belongs to us, the “Smithy Gang”. It's our first step towards taking over this world. And if it weren't for nosey characters like YOU... We'd practically OWN this world! So let's see you deal with THIS!"


  • "Listen up, gang! These guys are gonna put a stop to OUR party! Are we happy about this?!"


  • "Good day. The name’s Nello...PUNCHINELLO!"
  • "They say I’m a hot head, but I’ll show them! You...YOU will make me famous! So long!"
  • "Not bad. Not bad! Now let’s up the ante!"
  • "Grrrrr... All right! It’s CLOBBERING TIME!"
  • "Arghhh!! I must be dreaming! I’m ruined! I didn’t want to do this, but now I have NO CHOICE!!"
  • "Simmer down, fluffy! I’m not gonna waste this on YOU. Who knows what might happen!"
  • "I’ve got my pride. Now you’re in for it!"
  • "Huh? What the hay? Why isn’t it working? Argh!!"
  • "I hope I become famous." (wish)

Remake exclusive[edit]

  • "Good day. The name's Punchinello, bomb maker extraordinaire!"
  • "Not bad. Not bad! Now let's level things up!"
  • "Grrrrr... All right! YOU ASKED FOR IT!"
  • "Urk! You're that famous Bowser? The Chain-Chomp slinging one?!"
  • "Bowser's Minions are...too strong. I might be doomed to obscurity after all..."
  • "At the very least, let me power up your Chain Chomp, Bowser. That way, I can be remembered for something."


  • "Huh...? Already finished your tour of the factory, huh?! All right, then! How about a little demonstration?"
  • "Huh?...Gufaw haw haw! So YOU'RE... Mario?! Looks like we're gonna have a little dispute over the star.
  • "My, my! We're a little touchy today, aren't we? You know, I'm actually growing rather FOND of this place...
  • "Hurrumph! Better yet... Why don't YOU give me YOUR stars. Why, then I could easily conquer this world! Then we could get rid of all wishes, and create a world filled with...WEAPONS!!"
  • "Over here, NOW! I'll crush you ALL!!!"
  • "How utterly annoying!"
  • "Huh?! What the...?! How in the heck...?!"
  • "NOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!! Uwoooooooo... I'm burning...seething... Never have I been so wronged... It is time... I will show you my real form... I will show you my true power... I will teach you respect... And I shall have my revenge... NOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!! Guooooooo!!!!! Come on, you puny ants!"
  • "Guooooo! C...can’t move...!"
  • "Mwa ha! I am burning with power!"
  • "Guooooooo! My b...body and head are burning! It’s not...possible...! I don’t believe it...! I’m...finished...done for...! Guooooooooo...noooooo...!" (Smithy's last words after Mario and his allies defeat him)


  • "All right, everyone! Listen up!"
  • "SHUDDAP!!!"
  • "King Nimbus' condition is growing worse... This means we'll be losing... our magnificent ruler... BUT! It just so happens that I have found the missing Prince! Prince Mallow, that is!"
  • "Prince Mallow... Please...Sir...Prince? ...GET OVER HERE!!"
  • "Well, well... It seems that our little prince has a mild case of stage fright. Excuse me...Ha ha ha..."
  • "(Come ON! Make it snappy!) (What?! You can't get through? Well, just LOOK at you, tubby!)"
  • "Introducing... ...Prince Mallow!"
  • "Yes...? What is it, dear?... WHAT?! You're asking ME to...? Gracious! You're serious, aren't you? Why, I don't know what to say! Dear me............"
  • "I've made my decision... At the request of the Prince, I agree to become his queen. (Queen... Valentina...Ooh! It just makes me SHIVER!!) Well, that's that! Back to your business, everyone!"
  • "(Hurry it up, will ya?!)"
  • "Oh! Now THIS is lovely! My beauty simply shines forth like the sun! Only YOU can make something THIS stunning!"
  • "Hmmm... I consider myself something of an art buff! And I've got to say...This is spectacular!! Garro...only YOU could have created sculptures with such gentle beauty and...raw power!"
  • "DODO! Did you display the statues properly? Fine! Now polish them to a fine luster and make them a tribute to my beauty! Pay attention to me! Hurry up, and DON'T let me catch you dozing again."
  • Valentina: "Mario...?! What...does a “Mario” look like?"
    Shy Away: " has a bushy mustache, long sideburns, and, uh, a pair of... mean looking legs...!!"
    Valentina: "Hmmm... I have the feeling I've seen this “Mario” before..."
  • "How utterly rude! And who in blazes are YOU anyway?!"
  • "Harrumph! If you're going to be THIS rude, I'm simply going to leave."
  • "So long...(chumps)!"
  • "Dodo! DODO! Come here this minute!"
  • "Dodo?! How could you lose already? Well, come on! Get over here!"
  • "I don’t believe this! The show’s over, folks! Dodo...! Let’s get outta here!! Well, everyone... Until we meet again! Mwa, ha, ha, ha, ha..."
  • "WHAT are you babbling about? Why should I marry you?"
  • "........ What a wonderful thing to say!"


  • "Eee hee hee! You found the star! Well done! But your journey ends here. You are so gullible! Don't you know who I am? I'm “Yaridovich”, a member of Smithy's gang. Shocked? It's no wonder! My impersonation of an ordinary person was flawless."
  • "Eee hee hee! And to think I got the star without even soiling my hands! I'm such a genius, it scares me sometimes. No wonder I'm so important!"
  • "Blade's late. What's taking him so long?"
  • "Eee hee...! I guess we'll have to take our disguises off now. GROUP formation!"


Alley Rat[edit]

  • "Don’t pity me, Mario!"


  • "Gotta work on my tan!"


  • "Get outta my face."


  • "I’ve had ENOUGH."


  • "♪Day-o..."

Armored Ant[edit]

  • "Do one good turn a day!"


  • "Relax a little, okay?"

Axem Black[edit]

  • "Your timing stinks!"

Axem Green[edit]

  • "Are we done here?"

Axem Pink[edit]


Axem Rangers[edit]

  • "It’s a melee!"

Axem Red[edit]

  • "I’m all thumbs today!"

Axem Yellow[edit]

  • "We’re lookin’ GOOD!"


  • "Give me a chance, here."

Bandana Blue[edit]

  • "Color me Blue, mates!!"

Bandana Red[edit]

  • "I love the color RED!"


  • "I just...wanna sleep." (1st fight)
  • "Gotta yummy in my tummy!" (2nd fight)

Big Bertha[edit]

  • "Adabing, ADABANG!"

The Big Boo[edit]

  • "Stop staring at me!"


  • "I just love life!"



  • "Wanna join me?"


  • "I love floating around."


  • "You are... magnificent"


  • "Ouch. HEY! Watch it!"


  • "………"


  • "Boing, boing, boing."


  • "It's all over now..."


  • "This is like realizing you’re outside without your clothes on!"

Bowser Clone[edit]


  • "What’s with these folks?"

Box Boy[edit]

  • "Been waitin’ 100 years!"


  • "Congratulations."


  • "Buzzzzz..."


  • "I ALWAYS eat my vegetables."

Chained Kong[edit]

  • "A tad warm, isn’t it?!"


  • "I love my job!♡"


  • "I’m just a fresh flower."


  • "Workin’ on a chain gang."

Chomp Chomp[edit]

  • "Hey, let’s PLAY!"


  • "Hey, I fought you already!"


  • "10 years I’ve been here!"


  • "I love cold hard steel!"
  • "I can’t think straight!" (on Earth Link)


  • "I’ll psyche you out!"


  • "Off! FORGET IT!"

Count Down[edit]

  • "We’re into overtime!"


  • "Gosh, I’m good!" (1st fight)
  • "Ohh! I’m good!" (2nd fight)


  • "You can’t run away! Ha!"


  • "Look at THIS!"


  • "A little off, eh?"

Czar Dragon[edit]

  • "Flamin’ hot, right at ya!"


  • "Wake up sleepy heads!"


  • "I just lost EVERYTHING."


  • "I’m STARVED!" (optional fights)
  • "I’m starved...later!"


  • "MAGIC! DEAL with it!"
  • "Sh...sho...shocked!" (on Mad Adder)


  • "This’s been a bad year!"

Dry Bones[edit]

  • "I’m sick of gettin’ hit!"

Earth Crystal[edit]

  • "I hate being awakened."

Earth Link[edit]

  • "What a royal pain!"


  • "What a glorious day!"


  • "Gather around! Watch it!"


  • "Gotta mow the lawn soon."
  • "I’ve got an astigmatism!" (Right Eye)
  • "I can’t see a thing!" (Left Eye)
  • "I’m so utterly alone..." (Neosquid)

Factory Chief[edit]

  • "Who DARES to fight ME?!"


  • "Thanks to you I’m free!"

Fink Flower[edit]

  • "Gimme your best shot!"

Fire Crystal[edit]

  • "I gotta vacuum tonight!"


  • "Blurb blurb blurb..."


  • "Shikashikashika~~!"


  • "I have a secret!"


  • "This bright sunlight better not fry me!"


  • "Geck...geck...GOCK?"


  • "Red? What about Green?"

Geno Clone[edit]

Glum Reaper[edit]

  • "Comin’ through..."


  • "Blub blub blub..."


  • "Goomba gumba...phew!"


  • "Me speak soft, BIG STICK!"


  • "I just wanna go home."

Grate Guy[edit]

  • "Peace is just a dream."


  • "Any reaping to be done?"

Gu Goomba[edit]

  • "Hey, maybe I CAN win!"



  • "If we’re beaten, the boss is alone!"

Hammer Bro[edit]

Heavy Troopa[edit]

  • "I’ll make ya beautiful!"


  • "I’m burnin’ up inside!"


  • "You wanna run, huh?!"


  • "This is a drag..."


  • "Havin’ a blast today!"


  • "This is the pits!"


  • "Oh! I’m so excited!"


  • "Huh?"


  • "I’ve failed my King..."


  • "You’re just a beginner!" (1st match)
  • "Sympathy!? Not from me!" (2nd match)
  • "Ooh! I’m gonna hurt ya!" (3rd match)

Jinx Clone[edit]

  • "I’m the REAL thing!"


  • "Whoa! It’s all over."


  • "May I take a BITE?"

King Bomb[edit]

  • "I LIVE to explode!"

King Calamari[edit]

  • "The ship’s MINE! SCRAM!"
  • "You wouldn’t...EAT me?!" (Tentacles)

Knife Guy[edit]

  • "Happiness is hip!"


  • "Aloe~ there!"


  • "Why do people hate me?"


  • "Floating’s a bad habit."

Li'l Boo[edit]

  • "Beep pa doodle-dee!♪"

Machine Made[edit]

  • "Will I make the team?" (Axem Black)
  • "Whew! Vertigo!" (Axem Green)
  • "Oh! My makeup!" (Axem Pink)
  • "Gotta fight for evil!" (Axem Red)
  • "I’m STARVED!" (Axem Yellow)
  • "Nya! I’ll SNUFF ya! NYA!" (Bowyer)
  • "Look out, LOSERS!" (Drill Bit)
  • "Mario! I’m BAAAAAAAACK!" (Mack)
  • "Boing, boing, boing." (Shyster)
  • "My promotion’s at stake!" (Yaridovich)


  • "Boing, boing, boing."

Mad Adder[edit]

  • "I’m alive and kicking."

Mad Mallet[edit]

  • "Work, work, work..."


  • "That’ child?"


  • "Got a thorn in my foot."


  • "Clobber me for good life!"


  • "Just call me “General!”"

Mallow Clone[edit]

  • "Ma? Pa? Where are ya?"


  • "25 years of working, sigh."

Mario Clone[edit]

  • "………"


  • "Phew, I’m FREEZING.."


  • "I was a water baby!"

Mezzo Bomb[edit]

  • "Look out!"


  • "Small is as small does."


  • "Mwa ha ha..."

Mr. Kipper[edit]

  • "I’m a fresh little fish."


  • "Gotta know your limits."


  • "Ya trying to bug me?!"


  • "Wooo HOOO! I’m a FOO!"


  • "Check out my legs!"


  • "I’m a part-time typist!"


  • "I live to eat."

Orb User[edit]


  • "Don’t jump on me!"


  • "I’m trying to sleep, OK?"


  • "What a day it’s been..."

Piranha Plant[edit]

  • "Pretty boring nowadays."


  • "Wham bam SLAM!"


  • "Love conquers ALL."


  • "I’m a mini-pulsar."


  • "Yeeha! I see we’re already famous!"


  • "What does it all MEAN?"


  • "Vroom, VROOM!!"


  • "Congratulations."

Rat Funk[edit]

  • "Squeek, squeek..."


  • "Hope you’ll stay close."

Remo Con[edit]

  • "The world is history."


  • "My dad says, “Hello.”"


  • "Disappear? Maybe later!"


  • "This is just how I am."


  • "You’re a model, right?"


  • "I’m losing this fight!"


  • "Play with me!"


  • "Do as you like."

Shy Away[edit]

  • "La dee da~ Ha ha!"

Shy Guy[edit]

  • "Hold still, okay?!"

Shy Ranger[edit]

  • "Transmitting Information. Over and out."


  • "Ooh! This'll be fun!"


  • "Boing, boing, boing."

Sky Troopa[edit]

  • "What a gorgeous day!"

Sling Shy[edit]

  • "Hear my song."


  • "I brush after each meal!"


  • "Turn your eyes!"


  • "Eh?! Not bad!" (1st fight)
  • "What a heavy head!" (Body)
  • "This isn’t good at all!" (Head)
  • "Good magic, bad defense." (Magic Head)
  • "Nothin’ can hurt me!" (Mask Head)
  • "Don’t shock me! DON’T!" (Tank Head)
  • "What’s hidden inside?!" (Treasure Head)


  • "I did a lot in my youth."


  • "Minimum wage for THIS?!"


  • "Fire EVERYWHERE!"


  • "Why, you’re AFRAID of me!"


  • "Just try and jump on me!"


  • "Oh! I’m gonna poison ya!"


  • "Que pasa?"


  • "What’s going on here?"

Star Cruster[edit]

  • "I’M NOT A CRAB!!"


  • "They think I’m goofy..."


  • "Strike the pose!"

Straw Head[edit]

  • "Gotta press this shirt!"


  • "Express Yourself!"

Terra Cotta[edit]

Toadstool 2[edit]

  • "It’s tough to be pretty!"


  • "Cake! Vatch zee CAKE."


  • "My shell’s shot!"


  • "I tell ya, he’s NOTHING!"


  • "Nobody, NOBODY likes me."

Water Crystal[edit]

  • "Get me back underground!"


  • "I’m just a helpless wiggler..."

Wind Crystal[edit]

  • "Whhhhhhooooo..."


  • "My promotion’s at stake!"
  • "I’m not the real McCoy!" (clone)


  • "Oh, I can’t stand him!"


  • "Hey! We’re not done yet!"