List of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! quotes

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This is a list of quotes from the television show The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. They are listed by character.



King Koopa[edit]


  • "Hey! Let me go!" -'"The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "I'm warning you, I get airsick. Heeeelp!" -"The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "What're ya trying' to do, ya wacko bird, drown me?" -"The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "Mommy? You're not my mommy!" -"The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "I can't be your little Cheepy, lady! I don't have wings! Look! No wings, no feathers. I'm just a mushroom that can't stand heights!" -"The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "Flyin' lessons!? Are you outta your mind!?" -"The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "The least that featherbrain could've done was lend me a parachute. Hey! That's it! A parachute!" -"The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "Hey! It's me! I mean, him! It's little Cheepy! The Birdo's real lost baby!" -"The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "Oh no! I'm not going back up there! Never!" -"The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "When I get my hands on that King Koopa, I'll fix his wagon!" - "Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid"
  • "I'm no frog. I can't even swim." - "Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid"
  • "Bombs awaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!" - "Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid"
  • "What did you tell him?" - "Mario's Magic Carpet"
  • "Who did you expect? Pee-wee Herman?" - "Rolling Down the River"
  • "Looks like you guys saved the day again! Almost." - "Rolling Down the River"
  • "By the power of the shining star, I am the...Toad Warrior!"-Toad Warriors
  • "Hey, man, I’m the Fantastic Fungus! The supercharged Mushroom of Might! I’m the Toad Warrior!" - "Toad Warriors"
  • "Give me five. NO! Give me five bomb plants!" - "Toad Warriors"
  • "Whoever slows down first, loses!" - "Toad Warriors"
  • "Whoa! No more Toad Warrior!" (After turning back to normal) - "Toad Warriors"
  • "Y'all made it!" - "Toad Warriors"
  • "You blew that one, Koopa Stoopa!" - "Pirates of Koopa"
  • "Some Mushroom Retainer I turned out to be... I was so close! I couldn't save her..." - "The Trojan Koopa"
  • "Naughty turtle, you've been hittin' the sauce again, well, have some more!" - "Count Koopula"
  • "Let's make like eggs and SCRAMBLE!!!" - "Mario of the Deep"
  • "So much for hope." - "Stars in Their Eyes"
  • "Don't do it, Princess! Don't marry Koopa! I'd rather be a rock!" - "Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...?"
  • "Koopa you stoopa! Watch it with the Bob-Ombs!" - "The Great Gold Coin Rush"
  • "By order of his most royal repulsiveness, the reptile Sheriff of Koopingham! The castle road shall require a toll! In the amount of: One wagon full of gold coins!" - "Hooded Robin and His Mario Men"

Princess Toadstool[edit]

  • "Oh no! Poor Toad! Bring him back you dimwitted Birdo!" - "The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "Look! The Birdo took Toad to the highest peak! Please, Mario! Toad saved my life a hundred times! We've got to save his!" - "The Bird! The Bird!"
  • "(*Teary eyed*) Goodbye Mario, goodbye Luigi." (About to watch Mario and Luigi leave) - "Brooklyn Bound"
  • "Mario! {Kisses him} Luigi! {Kisses him} You came back!" (After being rescued from Koopa and realizing that the brothers went back for her and Toad) - "Brooklyn Bound"
  • "(*sobs*) I always cry at weddings!" - "Mario and Joliet"
  • "What was that about pancakes and maple syrup?" - "Quest for Pizza"