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This is a list of quotes from the game Super Mario Sunshine, listed by character.

Note: Quotes marked with an asterisk (*) were removed from the international versions.


  • "Bwaaaa ha ha! The water's great, eh, Jr.?"
  • "Mario! How dare you disturb my family vacation?!"
  • "Jr., I've got tell you about Princess Peach..."
  • "That's my boy! Well put, son! The royal Koopa line is as strong as ever! But for now...let's just rest awhile."

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • "Leave my Mama alone, you bad man! I won't let you take Mama Peach away!"
  • "Yeah, Papa told me all about it. He told me my Mama got kidnapped by a bad man named Mario..."
  • "So I came here to rescue her!"
  • " my magic brush. When I draw with this, all my wishes come true! A strange old man in a white coat gave it to me..."
  • "Papa told me everything. He said (imitating Bowser's voice) 'Mario's a bully, he never fights fair!' He said, (imitating) 'Jr., you gotta try to outsmart Mario.' So I tried to get Mario sent to prison, but they didn't lock him up, and now he came to steal Mama Peach again! pest! Stop following us!"
  • "Sure is, Papa! Come on in, Mama Peach!"
  • "You again?! Don't you ever give up?"
  • "I know she's not really my Mama..."
  • "Someday, when I'm bigger... I wanna fight that Mario again!"


  • "I'm a chuckster!"
  • "Don't hold back! Grrrarrgaah!"
  • "I may be little, but I never give up!"
  • "Higher! Higher!"
  • "Howdy! Throw me a coin, and I'll throw you for a loop!"
  • "Yeeaaah! And awaaaaay you go!"
  • "Howdy! I'm a chuckster! You'd better be careful when speaking to powerful Piantas. Some'll chuck you straight up, but most chuck you backward. When it comes to tossing folk, I'm... Well, I'm a chuckster!"
  • "Would you believe my wife can toss people farther than I can? Hurr-gyaar!"


  • "Power-up complete. Thank you for purchasing this item from Gadd Science, Incorporated. Preparing to register customer information. Scanning and classifying subject data... Subject identified as Mario, resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. Data storage complete. I am F.L.U.D.D.--a Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device. I hope to be of assistance."
  • "Proceeding with user instruction."
  • "Use the R Button Button to shoot water from my tank. If you press the R Button Button all the way down, you can stop and shoot. You can then use the Control Stick to aim in any direction. Press the X Button Button to switch to the Hover Nozzle. You can then press the R Button Button to hover in the air for a short time. If this tank is empty, no water can be sprayed. To refill tank, enter a body of water and press the R Button Button. Instructions complete. Proceed!"
  • "Mario."
  • "I am F.L.U.D.D. Glad to meet you."
  • "This appears to be quite a predicament, Mario. Data analysis verifies that the island's inhabitants are indeed troubled by pollution, but the pollution itself is not the main problem. Mario, you witnessed this object at the Airstrip, correct? It is a Shine Sprite. Shine Sprites are the source of power on Isle Delfino. They used to gather in great numbers at the Shine Gate, but the graffiti incident has polluted the island and most of the Shine Sprites have fled. There is no longer any power to support the peaceful lifestyle of the islanders. It is most pitiable. The only way to ensure the return of the Shine Sprites is to keep the island from becoming any dirtier. The perpetrator is likely at work even as we speak. And you, Mario, are being treated as a criminal. Tomorrow we must do our best to resolve this situation."
  • "He seems to dislike spicy things! Now is your chance!"
  • "What happened? Did the perpetrator get away?"
  • "That is Pinna Island. The villain's secret hideout must be there!"
  • "A strange old a white coat...?"
  • "Well, they do not seem to like bathing..."
  • "They seem to go mad with rage when they overheat!"
  • "It appears to be heading towards Corona Mountain!"
  • ""
  • "Mario, was I...of...assis...tance?"
  • "The vacation starts now!"

Hotel manager[edit]

  • "Oh, please tell me my nightmare is over! You can save me!"
  • "I don't know why, but you just look very... capable to me..."
  • " all started around noon. This giant manta-shaped...thing showed up. It was this paper-thin... floating silhouette."
  • "It came and covered the hotel grounds in this electric goop."
  • "Then... Oh, the horror! My beautiful hotel! My poor building!"
  • "It sank in the middle of the awful ooze! Why me? WHY???"
  • "Now, I've got the staff cleaning up, but where's my hotel?"
  • "What am I supposed to do? I can't just sit back and..."
  • "AIIIIGH! It's back! That gossamer ghoul! Do something!"
  • "Hey! Ummmmm... It's Mario, right? Yeah. Mario."
  • "Listen, I, uh, have a feeling you can help me out again."
  • See, the hotel, it's... Well, it's full of... It's full of ghosts!"
  • "So, well, could you maybe... Look, just come inside, please."
  • "I can tell you're a miracle worker. Don't be so modest."
  • "Mario! Please, do come in."

Isle Delfino Police[edit]

  • "Go straight that way."
  • "You can't miss the mess, pal!"
  • "Your first job's to get rid of all that ugliness."
  • "And remember, we'll be watching you, pal."
  • "We'll know if you start slacking off."
  • "Hey! Are you slacking off!?"
  • "And clean up those walls!! Now, slacker!"
  • "Whoa! That water receded in a flash!"
  • "You say that flood cleaned up the whole town? Really? Are you absolutely sure about that?"


  • "Super Mario Sunshine! Wahoo!"
  • "Looks like a giant pool of paint...!" *
  • "Looks like Mario's gonna have to find a job." *
  • "The horror." (after losing a life)
  • "Mamma mia!" (dying)
  • "Arrivederci!" (after losing a life)
  • "Mama! Hoo-hah-hoo! Ow! Wow!" (burned)
  • "Hoooooot!!!...Hot! Hot!" (burned)
  • "Open salami!"
  • "Here we go!"
  • "Okie-dokie!"


Gelato Beach[edit]

Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret[edit]

  • "Now, this here is what we call a Dune Bud. Dune Buds are odd plants that appear only on this beach. If you water them, strange things will happen."
  • "Isle Delfino is often referred to as a slice of paradise on earth. And Gelato Beach? Why, it's it most sun-kissed shore! All of the local Piantas and Nokis just love to have festivals here!"
  • "What's that? A festival? All right! Let's get down!"
  • "Those large-billed Cataquacks tend to be very territorial. So, when they spot an outsider such as yourself, they go wild! They'll run up and hurl you into the air, but they mean no harm."
  • "Watch out for the red Cataquacks! Seriously! They can hurt you. They only appeared on this beach recently."

Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam![edit]

  • "I'll have you know the if you use the Dune Buds wisely... can reach heights you never would normally. You know, like the tops of huts and places like that..."
  • "We need to get those mirrors back into position! Now!"
  • "I'm so worried about the egg! Aaaaaaaa!"
  • "OK, here's what we need to do to save the egg: We need to get that big green caterpillar thing off the tower. To do that, we need to move the mirrors back into position. So, we need to get rid of those Plungelos that are up there! Then the heat from the mirrors will make the caterpillar move! Whew! What a plan!"
  • "This guy is all talk! He never tries to do anything himself!"

Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead![edit]

  • "I'll protect the Dune Bud! You'll see! Urrngghh! Unnh!"
  • "Don't step on the Dune Buds!"
  • "Waaaah! Don't come this way!"
  • "N-N-Now, calm down there, M-M-Mister Caterpillar! We c-c-can talk this over nice and slow... Yaaaaoooowwww!"
  • "Eeeeeek! We'll be crushed!"

The Sand Bird is Born[edit]

  • "That big caterpillar is finally gone. Whew! Now, I can get back to tending my Dune Buds in peace!"
  • "I wonder if you can see it from here... ? There's a coral reef out there that is quite pretty!"
  • "This guy's a Noki, but he can't swim very well at all! Har!"
  • "You know, I was a pretty wild child back in my day. Even so, I find myself yelling at the kids to QUIET DOWN!!!"
  • "Sliding down the patch of odd-colored sand there is tons of fun. But I think sitting here and enjoying the view is nice, too."

Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint[edit]

  • "These competitions seem like a waste of energy if you ask me."
  • "This guy finishes every race dead last!"
  • "Il Piantissimo has been turning up all over lately!"
  • "This is a kind of festival, isn't it? Yeah! Get down!"
  • "Ooh yeah! Ooh yeah! Sometimes, I just gotta dance! Sorry!"
  • "Boy, you sure do have a lot of energy! Admirable!"

Red Coins in the Coral Reef[edit]

  • "I don't think we have any festivals like that!"
  • "Hey, mom! Is the coral reef having a festival?"
  • "Don't tell me you're bored. Just give out water now and again."
  • "The coral reef is nice to view from here... and it's safe, too!"
  • "I told you what a bad swimmer this guy was, right? Ha ha ha ha!"

It's Shadow Mario! After Him![edit]

  • "Please don't step on the Dune Buds in your big rush, Mister Man!"
  • "The Watermelon Festival's almost here! I can't wait!"
  • "Mommmm! When's the Watermelon Festival gonna start?"
  • "Very soon, the Watermelon Festival will begin! Watermelons are best when eaten outside on the beach, you know! Because then when you get a seed, you can just spit it out! Phhttthhoowweee! I love that!"
  • "When watermelons are the topic, this guy's a whole new person!"

The Watermelon Festival[edit]

  • "Yaaay! YAAAAY! Watermelon Festival! Get down! Get down!"
  • "I won't be joining in the contest this year. Nope. Sorry."
  • "He doesn't want to join in because he hates to lose!"
  • "I think I have the biggest watermelon right now... But what'll I do if somebody brings a bigger one?! Oh no!"
  • "I wanted to get some juice smoothies for this kids, but now..."

Pinna Park[edit]

Mecha-Bowser Appears![edit]

  • "The entrance to Pinna Park is just straight over that way! You can't miss it!"
  • "Welcome to Pinna Park!"
  • "Please be careful of the Electro-Koopas around the park..."
  • "This is the Yoshi-Go-Round! Know about Yoshis? They used to roam this island freely, but now, they've gone..."
  • "Look at that! Only the orange Yoshi on the ride disappeared! What does it mean, mister? Huh? Huh?"
  • "Yoshis can turn anything into platforms! Isn't that cool?"
  • "Yoshis are born from eggs. Yes! Eggs just like these!"

The Beach Cannon's Secret[edit]

  • "Tarnation! Tell them to stop that noise!"

Red Coins of the Pirate Ships[edit]

  • "The Pirate Ship is currently our most popular ride. Why not give it a try?"
  • "Every three swings, the ship makes a full rotation. Be careful!"

The Wilted Sunflowers[edit]

  • "I didn't think Yoshis were bad creatures, that's for sure..."
  • "I brought this baby to view the sunflowers, but this looks unsafe!"

The Runaway Ferris Wheel[edit]

  • "The entrance to Pinna Park is... Aww, you know it, don't you!"
  • "The sunflower was able to keep the child safe and sound! Now, the child will surely grow up to be big and healthy!"
  • "Whoooaaaaaa! The wheel's out of control! It's just spinning madly!"
  • "Hm?! If the Ferris Wheel is spinning that much, then..."

The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret[edit]

  • "Whuh-whuh-WAAAA! Someone's found a Yoshi Egg! A real one!"
  • "A Yoshi egg?! Now that you mention it, I did see an egg!"
  • "Um, I didn't see any eggs, but..."

Shadow Mario in the Park[edit]

  • "My oh my oh my! Didn't I just see you?"
  • "Huh? Who was that weird guy?"
  • "Ohhh? Who was that weird guy?"
  • "Wheee! Wheee!"
  • "Running around here can be dangerous, you know!"

Roller Coaster Balloons[edit]

  • "And now, we would like to re-open the Roller Coaster!"
  • "I wanna ride the Roller Coaster, too!"
  • "You know, maybe this isn't such a good idea after all..."
  • "Boy, I haven't ridden one of these in quite a few years..."
  • "Wa-hoooo!"
  • "Yeeee-HAAAWWWW!"
  • "Welcome to the Grand Re-opening of the Roller Coaster! We've got a balloon- popping water rocket game going on! Wanna try?"
  • "Please come again!"
  • "If you can hit all of the balloons with water rockets before the Roller Coaster makes three loops, you win!"
  • "You did it!!"

Noki elder[edit]

  • "Ahhh, welcome! Master Mario, I presume?"
  • "We have heard much about you! Yes, and all of it good!"
  • "As for me, I am just an old man who loves nothing but fishing."
  • "But lately, I have had a terrible problem... please look up there."
  • "I don't know who did it, but someone corked our waterfall."
  • "This, no doubt, is why our lovely bay has become polluted!"
  • "And I can't even fish! And so, I ask for your help. Yank that cork!"
  • "Please fulfill this old man's wish... COUGH! HACKPTH! HACKPTH!"
  • "What's that? You'll do it?! Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!"
  • "I knew I should count on you. Just beware that guy on the cork!"
  • "What's that? The water's still polluted? Strange..."
  • "Well, this may not seem like much of a reward, but I will reveal to you one of Noki Bay's deepest secrets!"
  • "This bay actually contains the tomb of an ancient Noki king!"
  • "When you spray the marks on the walls, a path usually opens."
  • "One of these paths leads to a hidden Shine Sprite!"
  • "You look like you're ready! The gunk in the ocean is caused by... A giant eel!"
  • "It's moved into our ancestral home at the sea floor, and it's nursing some nasty cavities there."
  • "Let's take a look..."
  • "The newly uncorked waterfall created a gap in the pollution that you can use as an entrance!"
  • "Jump right in there! Dive to the bottom of the ocean and clean that eel's teeth!"
  • "Doing so will ease his pain, and he'll return from whence he came!"
  • "No doubt about it. Now, gather your courage and DIVE!"

Noki grandson[edit]

  • "Oh, Mario! You're finally setting out for the ocean's bottom!"
  • "Grandpa is waiting for you up top."
  • "Oh, don't forget to wear this..."
  • "You can use this rope as a shortcut to reach Grandpa."


  • "You saved me! Thanks a bundle!"
  • "Thanks, sweetums!"
  • "Thanks for your help!"


  • "Welcome to the sun-drenched tropical paradise of Isle Delfino!"
  • "We're so pleased to welcome you to our beautiful home!"
  • "Come enjoy a natural wonderland to which we've added the world's finest resort facilities, a spectacular amusement park, and succulent seafood!"
  • "This and more await you on Isle Delfino!"
  • "Come relax and let us refresh your body and spirit."

Delfino Airstrip[edit]

Delfino Airstrip Dilemma[edit]

  • "What're you waiting for? Do something! This gooey paint of yours completely covered my friend!!!"
  • "Welcome to Isle Delfino! Step right up and get yourself a free tourist map! Press the Z Button to view your map."
  • "Huh? Have we met somewhere before? I feel like I've seen you somewhere...and recently, too."
  • "Help? Help you? Are you crazy? We're the one who need help! Take that water pump and clean the airstrip,!"
  • "Hey, old-timer. Who are you? What's that weird thing you've got on your back? Hee hee!"
  • "Wow! A Shine Sprite!"
  • "Ah! A Shine Sprite!"
  • "Now, I remember! You... You're... Oh, wait. Never mind."
  • "Woooo! A Shine Sprite! Was that monster hiding it?"

Red Coins of the Airstrip[edit]

  • "Wheee! What great weather!"

Bianco Hills[edit]

Road to the Big Windmill[edit]

  • "Huh? You're back again, are you? You seemed like you were in such a hurry last time I saw you."
  • "What's going on? Didn't you just come running through here with a big paintbrush? And now you've got that heavy device on your back... Strange..."
  • "You want to try climbing on the ropes? It's easy! Never fear! Just get up there and bounce around. You'll be fine."
  • "There's a trail here that connects to the Big Windmill. The goop made it too dangerous, so the door's been closed. You might be able to get through at the waterwheel up ahead."
  • "Windmills are big spinning things that use wind power. Waterwheels are big spinning thins that use water power. And all of them will spin faster if you give them a good squirting!"
  • "D'you need something, mustache-man?"
  • "You! You're the guy who's been writing all over the village! You might have fooled the others, but I see right through you! Get out there and clean that mess up, you mustachioed punk!"
  • "That's a nice little squirt-tank you got there, sonny! Why don't you water the flowers a bit? They sure need it!"
  • "It's too dangerous past this point! None shall pass!"
  • "From here on, things get really dangerous! So, no more fooling around!"
  • "Whuzzah!? Whozat?! What're you doing over here? You're getting a little ahead of yourself, don't you think? Isn't there something else you should do before coming here?"

Down with Petey Piranha![edit]

  • "There was a pretty big tremor a moment ago, wasn't there? I wonder what's going on on the other side of that hill..."
  • "I wonder if all that slime is gone yet..."
  • "People who jump in this river go PLOOSH! And sometimes PLISH! I know, because I've been standing here watching all day long."
  • "Now, look at that! I wonder who broke the gate? I do NOT approve of that!"
  • "The goop's taken care of, but now, that big windmill's in trouble..."
  • "I just want our peaceful village back to normal!"
  • "Hey, mister, you're all wet from playing in the water! Ha ha ha!"
  • "Hey, mustache-dude... You think I could borrow that funky squirter of yours?"
  • "Sorry to do this, but NO ONE BEYOND THIS POINT!"
  • "You won't like this, but NO ONE BEYOND THIS POINT!"
  • "Could you help out with the big-headed creature up there? You're the only one we can ask to lend us a hand. I know it's a pain, think you can handle it?"

The Hillside Cave Secret[edit]

  • "The goop's all gone, and this place is clean again! Now, if we can just get the tourists to come back..."
  • "Something's wrong... My women's intuition must be warning me..."
  • "Some awful goop fell out of the sky a while ago. It was nasty!"
  • "Say... Do you know anything about the Hillside Cave? You can see it from the path that leads to the Big Windmill. As you go up the hill, look right before you reach the bridge. Anyway, I was hanging out near the entrance the other day... Suddenly, this weird-looking guy ran after me! I took off quick! I saw him bust the cave gate open and vanish inside. Yikes!"
  • "Even if your clothes get wet, the sun will dry 'em out quick! Ha!"
  • "Hey, mustache-man! You're funny looking! ...But kinda cool, too."
  • "Lately, I've been seeing a lot of weird creatures around here."
  • "Are you the mustachioed guy I've been hearing about?"
  • "I heard awful noises in the Hillside Cave on the far shore... What were they? I'm scared..."
  • "This is the Cliff Spring Cave. Sorry, but no one's allowed to go in."
  • "You can see the Hillside Cave over there, right? A guy came out all covered in goop and ran under the bridge. I wonder if something bad was after him... How disturbing."
  • "I came here to tour the Big Windmill... ...and I've got to say, it's spectacular!"

Red Coins of Windmill Village[edit]

  • "You know, you're the one person who visits me over and over..."
  • "I was worried, but now, I figure things can't get much worse."
  • "There are red coins all over the place, aren't there? Weird."
  • "I can think much better when I'm alone. I used to go to the Hillside Cave for a good think... But now, it's just too scary!"
  • "Poinks get all full of water and then they go BOOM! Hee hee!"
  • "Water-filled balloon bombs, huh? Sounds good to me!"
  • "I can't believe anyone out there does bad things for no reason."
  • "I'd much rather get fruit than coins! Know what I mean?"
  • "What, are you some kind of coin collector? Neat!"
  • "This is the Cliff Spring Cave. You know the drill... NO ONE BEYOND THIS POINT!"
  • "I heard something had happened here, so I came to check it out... But there's nothing to see...except for some filth I fell into!"
  • "I guess you like climbing up to high places, too? I know the feeling..."

Petey Piranha Strikes Back[edit]

  • "Oh! Oh! How horrible! I thought we were done with this stuff! I don't even want to open my eyes to see all the slime!"
  • "Oh no! That creature appeared again and messed everything up! There was goop going this way, and slime going that way... I think he fell asleep up on the heights to the north of town..."
  • "I saw a monster with a super king-sized noggin! It was huge! There's no way that thing was natural!"
  • "Bianco Hills is a rather interesting place, huh? We have falling goop and all sorts of other oddities!"
  • "Hey! I saw it! It's that big-headed thing from the Big Windmill! It's back!"
  • "This is the Cliff Spring Cave. Must I say it? NO ONE BEYOND THIS POINT!"
  • "Boy, I looked up and saw this dirty thing fly in from the port! I found a nice place to hide, though. I can relax here..."
  • "Look! I think the big-headed monster is sleeping over there. If it wakes up, it'll probably go on another rampage! Can't we just get rid of it while it's snoozing? We just need something to bonk it with..."

Secret of the Dirty Lake[edit]

  • "I thought we had all this cleaned up, and now this! What in the world is going on in this village?"
  • "You know, you've really done so much for us, but I wonder... Will even you be able to deal with this nastiness?"
  • "Aww, the lake's all goopy!"
  • "You know the Cliff Spring Cave on the far end of the lake? Some nasty ooze came spilling out of it with no warning at all! Now, our beautiful lake is contaminated. It's so yucky!"
  • "You know, I've never seen the lake like this before!"
  • "If that lake stays like this, the town is done for..."
  • "We're playing hide-and-seek! I wonder where my kid sister is hiding..."
  • "Now, this is just too much..."
  • "He'll never find me here, right? Don't tell my brother! Hee hee!"
  • "Since the lake's been like this, the leaf boats have all rotted. They fall apart when you get on them now. That's...not good."
  • "Nothing this dirty could ever get back to normal..."
  • "Now, this is just a spectacular view!"

Shadow Mario on the Loose[edit]

  • " you have a twin or something?"
  • "Hey, didn't I just see you go bounding past here?"
  • "There's some weird guy wandering around town! Do you think HE has anything to do with the missing kids?"
  • "I don't think those kids would have gone anywhere dangerous... ...but that weird guy who's been running around worries me."
  • "What's all the hubbub here? Is something bad happening?"
  • "I guess there are worse things than goop on your head... Getting goop down your pants would be much grosser."
  • "I can't get out of here! Boo-hoo! Sniff!"
  • "That's funny... I can't find my sister."
  • "I'm looking for the kids, but I don't think they're around here..."
  • "Hey, did you just run past here?"
  • "This is the Cliff Spring Cave. It's open, so head on in!"
  • "I'm glad I made it all the way up here... But now, my legs are shaky. I wonder if I can get down?"

The Red Coins of the Lake[edit]

  • "I was thinking that peace would finally return to the village... But with you still around, I have my doubts..."
  • "You know, it's just like there's one disaster after another. Not that it's your fault or anything..."
  • "This was once a calm place, but now there's way too much hoopla!"
  • "Lately, things just seem really out of balance, you know?"
  • "I don't even feel safe in the middle of town anymore. But I guess it's better than being alone."
  • "I'm sorry, mister! Really, I am. Please don't tell my mother, OK?"
  • "WAAAAUGH! I'm sorry, mom! Oh, it's just you."
  • "If there were a club for people who get hit with goop a lot... ...I think I'd have a good shot at being club president."
  • "This may be a bit sudden, but listen and listen good! Let's say you find yourself hanging from a rope... Shoot just a little water, and you'll start to swing, right? Well, if you have good timing, and you do that several times...'ll start spinning around the rope. I swear, it's true! Then, if you let loose with a full stream of water...'ll gain crazy momentum, which you can use to jump! Yeah! That's what I like to call the Super Whirl Jump! You can go amazingly far with it. Truly. It's incredible! Don't ask me why I know this. I don't really know myself..."
  • "It looks like you've really gotten used to things around here."
  • "This is the Cliff Spring Cave. And it'! Enter, by all means!"
  • "I headed over here to check things out, but nothing's happening. Now, I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to get home..."

Ricco Harbor[edit]

Gooper Blooper Breaks Out[edit]

  • "Look at that slimy water! It's gross! Our lovely port is ruined!!"
  • "Something's fishy in the freight area at the far end of the port. You can't quite see it from here, but I'm sure of it..."
  • "Huh?! You think the arrow is pointing that way on purpose? Ruh-Ruh-Really?"
  • "Just what in the blazes is this stuff? I can't even get my work done!"
  • "That's my big bro over there. See him? He's been practicing throwing people. He's got a ways to go, but practice makes perfect!"
  • "I heard that you can raise the sub by spinning that thing... But how in the world are you supposed to do that? You don't happen to know, do you?"
  • "You want me to toss you all the way across the port? Sorry, but I don't have that kind of power yet."
  • "I know we're in the middle of a crisis and all, but... Do you think you could help scrub off the walls, too? When you've got a minute, that is. No rush."
  • "The goop is coming out of those crates over there. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything as gross as that..."
  • "Wooooooaaaaaaah! What... is... that?"

Blooper Surfing Safari[edit]

  • "That guy on the pier? He's the Big Daddy of Blooper-surfing. That's nothing to sneeze at, I'll tell you that much! Me? No, I do NOT ride Bloopers! No, thank you!"
  • "You know, there sure are some odd folks out there... Taming little Bloopers is bizarre enough, but riding on their backs? I tell you, some folks are just plain looney!"
  • "I heard that there's Blooper-surfing around here. Do you know where?"
  • "The deck is the very life of the ship, my landlubbing pal! That's why we polish her to a glowing shine every day!"
  • "If the deck is dirty, a sailor might as well hang up his cap! That's just the life of a fellow at sea, my friend! And hey, watch it with those dirty clompers!"
  • "I am just pleased as punch that that big, nasty Blooper's gone!"
  • "You know, some day... I'll toss people around just like my big bro! You'll see!"
  • "Even though that big Blooper's gone, the water's still a mess!"
  • "Where is that goop coming from?"
  • "Wahoooo! You wanna go for a ride, bud? Go ahead and jump on the Blooper you like best. Go on! Show me some super Blooper-surfing, and win yourself a prize!"
  • "Quit your dillydallying and get on a Blooper!"
  • "Pretty weak, bud! That time's not even worth talking about! Come back after you've conquered the kiddie pool!"
  • "You, bud, are what I like to call super-deluxe cool! To commemorate the birth of a Blooper-surfing legend... This is for you!"
  • "You are the MAN! I'm so impressed that I want you to have one more of these!"

The Caged Shine Sprite[edit]

  • "Hey! This is a dangerous place to be clambering around. And hanging off that hook? An accident in the making!"
  • "The port is strangely quiet today, huh? I guess I ought to appreciate the peace and solitude... To be honest, though, I could do with a bit more excitement."
  • "I'm gonna shine this deck 'til the sun smiles back! I'm not quite there, though. Nope, not yet."
  • "I'm gonna polish 'til I can hear people's shoes squeak on her! Hey! Don't walk there!"
  • "Urrrgh... My throat hurts so bad. I don't feel like working."
  • "You see the Shine Sprite up there? Inside the cage? I found it first! Pretty cool, huh? Wa ha ha ha ha! Now, how in the world can I get up there...?"
  • "My big bro keeps on breaking his own long-distance record! He's tossing people around like mad! The distance varies, but... Hey, he likes doing it."
  • "Now, how would anyone climb all the way up there!?"
  • "Our beautiful harbor is clean again! Oh, what a happy day! Still...I have a strange felling of foreboding... I'm just a worrywart, I guess!"
  • "Hey, it's just like in the movies! You know the scene? It's where something's on the manhole, and they can't get it open."
  • "Wow, you made it all the way here! Hey, by the way... Have you spoken to that guy on the roof over there?"

The Secret of Ricco Tower[edit]

  • "Now, the ocean is all dirty around that tower!"
  • "Whoa, looks like trouble's a-brewing!!"
  • "Know what I think? Even sailors need a break now and then..."
  • "I know you're just waiting for me to say something else... You're bugging me! Now, scoot!"
  • "You know, I can give out some pretty handy info now and then. Like, that wall over there? It's...umm, never mind."
  • "This may be too hard for you to wrap your noodle around... ...but I can tell there's something suspicious about this tower. By the way, how could anyone ever climb this thing? You don't know, do you?"
  • "I think I'll start challenging myself, just like my big bro!"
  • "Boy, that sun is bright!"
  • "I'm so glad the ocean is looking clean once again!"

Gooper Blooper Returns[edit]

  • "I can't see anything from here!!"
  • "Looks like that huge Blooper thing is over at the helipad now!"
  • "I'm gonna polish this 'til it shines like my girl's smile! To tell the truth, the captain's making me do this as punishment. He caught me slacking off the other day."
  • "Please... No more... So... tired..."
  • "Seems that pesky Blooper is back! Well, you just do your thing, and you'll take care of it, I'm sure. Me? I'll be right here... Right here the WHOLE time..."
  • "That dang Blooper is back for more!? Well then, I guess it's time to stop working!! Yep yep!"
  • "What? Huh? Blooper? Whaaa?"
  • "Oh no! Oh my! Why is it back again!? I hate that stinking Blooper!"

Red Coins on the Water[edit]

  • "Looks like Big Daddy Blooper-surfer is at it again..."
  • "There seem to be more Bloopers for you to ride this time..."
  • "That's me, Blooper-surfing Big Daddy! Bloopy for short... Oh yeah... You think I should step on that switch over there?"
  • "You know, I just want to quit my job and surf Bloopers all day. What? I never do any work anyway? Well! That's uncalled-for!"
  • "I finally feel like our harbor is going to get back to normal."
  • "I wonder if the orange one that makes the kissy-lips is edible..."
  • "They're pretty cheap, but not if I consider my travel costs."
  • "Freeeesh fish! Cheap Cheep-Cheep! Fishy fishy fisssh! Drop 'em in the ocean, and they'll swim away! They're that fresssh!"
  • "I never thought that the word "hero" would apply to you... But I do now!! Thanks for being such a stand-up guy!!"
  • "Well, that big Blooper was just a huge cream puff, wasn't it? Compared to me, that thing was a complete lightweight! Heh heh heh!"
  • "I'm ashamed to admit I sink like a stone. But it feels so good!"

Shadow Mario Revisited[edit]

  • "Wait a second! If you're here... then who's that guy?"
  • "Hey, didn't you just come through here?"
  • "I've been meaning to mention this, but your jumps are amazing! You're no beginner, are you? How long have you been at it?"
  • "It really tickles me to see the harbor as lively as this."
  • "Don't go running around here! It's not safe!!"
  • "I could probably sell a whole lot more of this sliced thinly..."
  • "I guess no one will be buying Blooper for quite some time..."
  • "I wonder if I should get some souvenirs? Naw, I guess not..."
  • "Shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, shrimp... Anybody got shrimp?!"
  • "I think this could be a bustling place one day, but not yet."
  • "Weren't you just on top of that steel girder over there...? But now, you're here, which means... That you wasn't really you! You're you! Wait, who ARE you?!"
  • "I spent so much time in the water that my hands pruned up!!"

Yoshi's Fruit Adventure[edit]

  • "Well, let me just set everyone straight on this subject... I started this craze! Me! The original duck-ring rider!"
  • "Bleaargggh! I'm starting to feel queasy..."
  • "This is tough... I can't paddle! I guess that makes me a duckling."
  • "You actually managed to talk to the three duck-ring riders? You're amazing! Here you go! This is your reward!"
  • "I hear the Doot-Doot Sisters are here! I can't miss them!"
  • "The market back there is just jumping these days!"
  • "Ricco's the kind of place songs are written about..."
  • "The Doot-Doot Sisters are here!? Wow, I'm going to have to quit working early today!"
  • "Whee! Doot, doot! I just want to keep dancing forever!!"
  • "That was the best! Doot doot doo-doot!"
  • "It's when they're not quite in sync that I dig their dancing. Doot doot doo..."
  • "Oh, hey! Could you do me a favor and get up on top of this tank? There's a switch up there that I'd like you to jump on. It looks like a piece of fruit's jammed in the pipe."
  • "I want to swim with a duck ring, too!"
  • "So, our hero is heading home soon? How sad..."
  • "So, the fishmonger doesn't usually sell fruit, right? Well, there was a picture of fruit on the tank over there... But I haven't seen any fruit stands around at all..."
  • "So, NOBODY'S selling fruit around here?"
  • "Well, this place just gets more and more lively every day!!"
  • "Hmmm... I just don't know which one to buy and take home... Maybe I shouldn't..."
  • "I wonder if I could get really smart by eating all of the fish here..."
  • "I might be able to sell some Blooper... You got any?"
  • "Even if I bought this, I couldn't eat it all at once. I wonder if they sell it in smaller portions..."
  • "Leisure is a big part of life, my boy! But so's work! It's about time for me to head home in my private helicopter. As for you, you keep up the good work. You're a spunky one!"

Gelato Beach[edit]

Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret[edit]

  • "Hey, you! Don't get the water dirty here! And don't step on the Dune Buds! Thanks for your cooperation!"
  • "The legendary giant Sand Bird will soon hatch from its egg. That's what the professor studying the Shine Tower said..."
  • "Hey, mister! A coin fell under the floorboards of this hut. If you're under there and can't see well, try pressing the Y Button."
  • "Have you ever heard of the Sand Portal? It's a sand castle that appears, then crumbles away quickly. I guess it must not have a very good foundation..."
  • "This tower enshrines the egg of the legendary Sand Bird. Actually, it not only holds the egg, it also keeps it warm. Which is important, because the egg is living, of course! You did see those gigantic mirrors, didn't you? They gather the sun's rays and reflect them at the tower. They've been doing that for over 100 years! Isn't that wild? What's even wilder is that the egg is almost ready to hatch! That's right! The legendary Sand Bird is almost here! Just thinking about witnessing such an event is a thrill!"

Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam![edit]

  • "Alert! Alert! Just look at the top of the tower! Some weird thing has curled up on the tower to take a nap! This could endanger the legendary Sand Bird egg!"
  • "Awww, I don't like the looks of this!"
  • "If we don't do something quick, the Sand Bird won't hatch!"
  • "Those things up on the mirrors... I wonder if you could shake 'em off by rocking the mirrors..."
  • "How about squirting those mirror-walkers? Think that'll do it?"
  • "OK, here's what we need to do to save the egg: We need to get that big green caterpillar thing off the tower. To do that, we need to move the mirrors back into position. So, we need to get rid of those Plungelos that are up there! Then the heat from the mirrors will make the caterpillar move! Whew! What a plan!"
  • "If you look closely, you'll see two kinds of palm trees. You can climb to the top of the ones without spiky leaves."
  • "I've been observing the egg for years, but this is a first! I hope the sacred egg can escape this danger unscathed."

Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead![edit]

  • "I think you get rid of that bug by stomping on its belly. Not that I have any idea how to flip that brute over..."
  • "I wonder if the proprietress and her son are OK..."
  • "Haven't we met somewhere before? So familiar... Anyway, go give that caterpillar what for! Gaah ha ha ha!"
  • "That caterpillar sure woke up on the wrong side of the bed!"
  • "I'm so disappointed that that thing is here today. Seriously... I don't get down here to Gelato Beach all that often, you know!"
  • "It's going to hatch any day! What's going to hatch, you ask?! Why, the egg of the legendary Sand Bird, of course!"
  • "Beach access is pretty much shot thanks to that big bug. On the other hand, I've sure got a lot of customers."
  • "Well, no walkies today! Shoot."

The Sand Bird is Born[edit]

  • "Hey! Guess what! The Sand Bird... It finally hatched! Don't bother looking for it, though. It flew off right away."
  • "I wanna try that throwing thing sometime, too!"
  • "It... It... It hatched! The legendary Sand Bird is born! It broke the tower and flew away! That was unexpected..."
  • "Sliding down the patch of odd-colored sand there is tons of fun. But I think sitting here and enjoying the view is nice, too."
  • "This kid keeps talking about jumping into that hole down there. It isn't just unsafe; it's impossible! Huh? YOU can do it?"
  • "I wanna slide down and dive onto that platform down there. I think I might be able to bounce from there right into that hole!"

Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint[edit]

  • "Once we work up a sweat, let's jump in the ocean!"
  • "The goal is...thataway!!"
  • "Il Piantissimo is so...very uncool!"
  • "Huh? You saying that any path's OK as long as you find the goal?"
  • "Being healthy is what matters most! Gwah ha ha haaa!"
  • "The legendary Sand Bird is gone... If only it could have stayed with us for a little while..."
  • "I could've made some money if I had opened a stand here..."
  • "A special juice that will help you beat Il Piantissimo? I'm sorry, we don't know how to make those..."

Red Coins in the Coral Reef[edit]

  • "Ummmm, mister? You know where the coral reef is, right? There's something sparkling out there... I'm sure of it. That look in your eyes! I've seen it before! Go get 'em!"
  • "Hey, Ma, can I go play on the coral reef?"
  • "NO! NO! It's pretty to look at, but that place is dangerous!"
  • "I heard that someone found red coins in the coral reef... But there are fish out there that'll drag you to the sea floor!"
  • "The coral reef? Yeah, it's that rocky spot out in the water. Yeah, to the left of the shop! That's it!"
  • "Hmmm, maybe I'll just buy a small bird..."

It's Shadow Mario! After Him![edit]

  • "Hey! You! Stop threatening me! What? That wasn't you?"
  • "Hey, mister! How'd you split in two?!"
  • "Sure seeing a lot of you today!"
  • "Time to get ready for the festival!"
  • "This little guy's just too small. I want to buy a bigger bird..."

The Watermelon Festival[edit]

  • "The Watermelon Festival is now OOOOOOOOOOOPEN! Why must I stand here? I'd rather be drinking a smoothie!"
  • "Hey, mister! Aren't'cha gonna be in the watermelon contest?"
  • "The guy next to me forced a coin on me, and then... Well, he made me switch watermelons with him. Yeah! Mine was so much bigger than his! What a meanie!"
  • "So, how about it? Mine's the biggest, right? I mean, right? This thing is in the bag, man! In the bag! Wah ha ha har!"
  • "The owner of this shop is obsessed with watermelons!"
  • "Have you looked up in the hills yet?"
  • "People who eat watermelon with salt sprinkled on it... ...are not allowed in this contest. No. Strictly forbidden. Why? I don't know why, that's just a rule we've always had..."
  • "I wanna take the biggest watermelon and make smoothies! Really good ones! And give them to the Shine Sprites! In appreciation for all they do for us! You know?"
  • "Oh, no, no, NO! That's too small. Tiny, really. I guess I'll have to choose one of those three over there..."
  • "Hmmmmmmm... Well, that's not bad. But not great, either. It's not bigger than any of those three over there..."
  • "Whoa! Now, that's a big ol' watermelon like I've never seen!! I don't even need to get out the caliper for this one! You win!"

Pinna Park[edit]

Mecha-Bowser Appears![edit]

  • "If you're looking for the amusement park, it isn't this way... The gate is over on the other side of the beach!"
  • "Whee! Ha! There's a Roller Coaster and a Pirate Ship and WOW!"
  • "Whuzzah?! Who was that guy just now?"
  • "Huh? Did something run by just now?"
  • "Whuh? Did you just see something?"
  • "Who in the...? Who was that guy?"

Sirena Beach[edit]

The Hotel Lobby's Secret[edit]

  • "Wha...what? We STILL can't go in? What's going on?"
  • "Listen to me! We're not going to stand for this! No no NO!"
  • "To tell you the truth, I was worried about what might happen..."
  • "My apologies, but the hotel is currently still being prepared. We'll let you in as soon as we're able. Please be patient."
  • "Look, I'm sorry. So very sorry. Really, awfully sorry. I just work here. I don't know anything. So, please don't yell."
  • "Waaah! Help meeeeee!"
  • "I was looking at this weird opening on the top of the totem pole... ...and suddenly ghosts came popping out! It really spooked me..."

Pianta Village[edit]

Chain Chomp's Bath[edit]

  • "I'm the one that should be steamed! Bad Chain Chomp!"
  • "Maybe I should go to the hot spring to relax myself..."
  • "Eeeeeeeeeeeek! Where should I hide?"
  • "The Pianta Hot Spring is beyond hot, let me tell you."
  • "I've seen the mayor pop up out of there before..."

Pianta judge[edit]

  • "Court is now in session!"
  • "Overruled!"
  • "I judge the defendant guilty as charged!"
  • "I hereby order the defendant to clean this entire island."
  • "Until Isle Delfino is completely free of his vile handiwork, Mario shall not be allowed to leave!"
  • "Court adjourned."

Pianta mayor[edit]

  • "Hey, you! We're got another problem over here! This thing's bigger than all those pups put together! When it's chained up there's no problem, of course, but... When that thing's loose, we're in a heap of trouble. Oh, yes! That beast's owner always has burnt hands. It's pitiful..."

Pianta prosecutor[edit]

  • "As you are no doubt aware, someone has been senselessly defacing fair Isle Delfino using some paint-like substance."
  • "The accused is charged with polluting our beautiful home, and yes, endangering our very way of life."
  • "Indeed, how can one not be aware of what is going on?"
  • "Though it is daytime in Delfino Plaza, our poor residents tremble beneath a veil of darkness."
  • "Expert Shine scholars have determined that this darkness has arisen because all of our guardians, the Shine Sprites, have vanished from their gathering spot at the Shine Gate."
  • "The reason? It's quite obvious. This horrible graffiti is to blame!"
  • "Behold this sketch of the perpetrator based on eyewitness descriptions."
  • "The truth is obvious. The guilty party sits among us. It is none other than Mario!"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "Ooh, look at that!"
  • "Mario...!?"
  • "That...that shadow...?"
  • "Toadsworth, did you see...?"
  • "What happened?"
  • "Um, excuse me, but..."
  • "Mario, be careful! I have a bad feeling about this..."
  • "Nice work, Mario!"
  • (with Toadsworth) "Objection!"
  • "...What?"
  • "...Mario?"
  • (skirt falls down) "Mario!!"
  • "Oh!"
  • "Mama? Mama Peach? I'm your mama?" - to Bowser Jr.
  • "So, you're Bowser's son..."
  • "So the graffiti... that was you?"
  • "But why would you pretend to be Mario?" - to Bowser Jr.
  • "No! Mario!"
  • "Nice work, Mario."
  • "Ummm... I think not."
  • "Mario!"
  • "Mario, look!"

Shadow Mario[edit]

  • "Ow ow ow OW! Not fair! Completely unfair!"
  • "You shouldn't be allowed to use tools like that!"
  • "Darn! And I was just about to ride that Yoshi, too!"
  • "Darn it all! I'll remember this!"
  • "Darn! And I was just about to turbo-dash, too!"
  • "Darn! And I was just about to rocket-jump, too!"

Sunglasses vendor[edit]

  • "I love the sunshine, but OOOH! Is it ever bright!"
  • "Here, little man. Try a pair of my special sun shades. They're cool!"
  • "Yeah heh heh... You're styling now!"
  • "Come back and talk to me when you don't need them anymore."
  • "Hey! Sun shades alone just won't cut it for you. Nope!"
  • "You also need one of my custom tropical shirts. Here you go!"
  • "My, oh my! I haven't seen anyone look that good in my gear in ages!"
  • "Come see me again when you want to return them, OK?"
  • "You had enough? Come by anytime it's too bright for you, OK, little man?"


  • "Now now, boys! Don't touch that stuff!"
  • "Are you starting a new career?" *
  • "I am most concerned with the well-being of the princess in this dreadful heat."
  • "Master Mario, if you would, cross over to that shore and find some assistance."
  • "Master Mario! Remember, the A Button Button is key! Use it to show me some of your famous jumps!"
  • "Mm, quite an unusual device..."
  • "Is that some sort of pump?"
  • (with Princess Peach) "Objection!"
  • "Princess, look! On the statue's head!"
  • "I can't imagine what the poor princess is going through..."
  • "Mario! Please save her!"
  • "Oh, I hope nothing bad happens to our dear princess..."
  • "Master Mario! Please help her!"


  • "What's this icky, paint-like goop?"
  • "It's moving!"
  • "Ick, Mario! It's all... goopy."
  • "We came all this way, and now look! Everything's spoiled!"
  • "Oh... this is the worst. Mario! Please go get some help!"
  • "It looks like this gunk is coming from somewhere below."
  • "It's really slippery, so watch your step."
  • "Hey, someone's coming!"
  • "There seems to be an amusement park on that island... You know, the one that the princess was taken to..."
  • "Horrible! Horrible! Princess Peach has been kidnapped!"
  • "The princess is on that island! I think it's called Pineapple or something... How do you think you can get there?"
  • "Mario! Is the princess OK?"
  • "Oh, Mario, is the princess going to be OK?"
  • "Oh, Mario! Will the princess be OK?"
  • "What's going to happen to the princess, Mario?"
  • "The princess is going to be all right, isn't she?"