Red Coin Field

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Red Coin Field
The Seedbed.png
Location Delfino Plaza
Mission # 15
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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“I've been searching for the red bird of happiness for... some 38 years now. Yep, it's been a long, long road. The thing is, I've been feeling lately like I'll never catch up with it.”
Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine
The Red Bird
The unique Red Bird in the distance

The Red Coin Field,[1] also called The Tall Grass Mini-Game,[2] Stuck In the Weeds,[3] and Pipe Down #1,[4] is a secret minicourse in the game Super Mario Sunshine. It is accessed in the northwest of Delfino Plaza via Warp Pipe. It is possible to reach the pipe with the Hover Nozzle, Turbo Nozzle, or Yoshi by jumping on the high trees leading up to the pipe, but it is easiest to get there most of the time with the Rocket Nozzle. During the temporary flood, the water level is right below the palm tree tops used to climb up to it, and as such can also be reached simply. It is impossible to refill FLUDD here, as there is no source of water. As such, Mario must exit the level and retry if he runs out of water and wishes to try again.

Once inside the pipe, Mario must collect the eight red coins throughout the field:

  • One red coin is on a brown structure.
  • Mario can obtain another four coins by defeating the two Sanbo Heads and two Seedy Pods that pop out of the dense grass.
  • There is a Pianta that has caught on fire and is frantically running around the area; once Mario puts out the flames on him, he is rewarded with a red coin.
  • At the top of the level, Mario can find the unique Red Bird only found in this minicourse. This Bird drops a red coin when doused enough with FLUDD.
  • There is a watermelon block placed next to a square hole near the edge of the field. Ground Pounding it or simply jumping into the hole results in discovering a secret alcove in the field where the last red coin resides.

Mario is then able to get to the Shine Sprite.

In the Japanese version of the game, the game crashes if 100 coins are collected. It is possible to collect 100 coins in the Red Coin Field by collecting 96 to 99 coins in Delfino Plaza before entering the secret level, and then entering the Red Coin Field and collecting coins from one of the two Sanbo Heads after spraying it into a wall. Spraying it into a wall makes it produce two yellow coins alongside one red coin; merely stomping on it makes it only produce one red coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 草原ミニコース[5]
Sōgen Minikōsu
Grassland Minicourse
Italian Giù nei tubi n°1[6] Under the pipes n°1


  • There is a stationary flame in one of the pits the level that can be put out if Mario sprays it with water. Doing so is difficult, as Mario has to spray the base of the flame which is in a small pit. Despite this, the flame serves no real purpose and does not hide anything.
  • The level contains an object that can be jumped and moved, but is represented by no visible models.[7]


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