Gooper Blooper Breaks Out

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Gooper Blooper Breaks Out
Gooper Blooper Breaks Out.png
Location Ricco Harbor
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Sunshine
Boss(es) Gooper Blooper
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“The goop is coming out of those crates over there. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything as gross as that...”
Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine

Gooper Blooper Breaks Out is the first episode of Ricco Harbor in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to defeat Gooper Blooper, located at the far end of the level in the plaza.


The objective of this episode is to find and defeat Gooper Blooper at the plaza at the far end of the harbor. This is made more difficult, however, because the manholes in the plaza are currently blocked off by crates, though the player will be able to use the manholes once they destroy the crates blocking them.

The player starts out by a warehouse near the beach. They can climb onto the boat directly ahead of them where there will be some metal screens where FLUDD will teach the player how to navigate them. Upon climbing onto the deck of the boat, there are several ways to reach the plaza. The intended path is for the player to turn right and jump on a platform hoisted by a crane. The player must then navigate a maze of metal screens and cross another platform across a crane. There, the player can spray a fan to lift a yellow submarine above the water (which spawns a Blue Coin in the process) to create a path across goop covered water. From there, the player can run across the submarine, spray some Jumping Bloopers, then ride a crane hoisted platform up to a metal screen that the player can climb across to reach the plaza.

There are several shortcuts the player can take to reach the plaza however. The player can jump up to the smokestack at the stern of the boat near the beginning of the episode. By using the smokestack for extra height, the player can Side Somersault or Spin Jump and use the Hover Nozzle to reach the beam above and walk along it to reach the plaza ahead. Alternatively, the player can reach the plaza directly by using a Triple Jump and hovering from the boat or by Side Somersaulting and Wall Jumping against the wall below the plaza then Hovering up to the plaza.

Once at the plaza, the player will find several freight boxes with a tentacle sticking out of it. By grabbing it with B Button and pulling it out of the boxes, Gooper Blooper will break out and the battle will begin.

At first, Gooper Blooper will have his face covered in ink. Spraying the ink will make Gooper Blooper angry and he will attempt to attack Mario with his tentacles. Jumping on them followed by grabbing and pulling them will pull them off of Gooper Blooper, rendering that tentacle unusable. If all four tentacles are pulled off, Gooper Blooper will be unable to attack. Spraying Gooper Blooper's face clean and pulling on his mouth until it snaps back at him will deal damage to Gooper Blooper. Gooper Blooper will then spray ink around him, causing his face to become dirtied again, and he will grow back his tentacles. Additionally, Gooper Blooper can now shoot small balls of ink at Mario if he is out of range. Repeating the process once more will send Gooper Blooper flying into the water, rewarding the player with the Shine Sprite.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コンテナの ボスゲッソー
Kontena no Bosu Gessō
Gooper Blooper of the Container
French (NOE) Le Méga Bloups pollueur The polluting Gooper Blooper
German Riesenärger mit Riesen-Blooper Giant Trouble with Gooper Blooper
Italian Ecco a voi… il Calamarcio Introducing… the Gooper Blooper
Spanish (NOE) El ataque de Mega Blooper Gooper Blooper's Attack