Red Coins in Boo's Big Mouth

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Red Coins in Boo's Big Mouth
Red Coins in Boo's Big Mouth.png
Location Sirena Beach
Mission # 9
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Red Coins in Boo’s Big Mouth,[1] also called The Lobby’s Other Secret,[2] is the bonus ninth episode of Sirena Beach in Super Mario Sunshine. It can be accessed by replaying The Hotel Lobby's Secret.


Re-entering the secret course in said episode will allow Mario to use FLUDD and do a red coin challenge. The Red Switch Plate is placed at the top of the tall wall the player has to Wall Jump up to. Ground Pounding the switch will cause eight red coins to appear in the course, and the player has to collect them all within a time limit of a minute and thirty seconds. Once all the red coins are collected, the Shine Sprite will appear at the end of the course, but failing to collect the red coins within the time limit will result in Mario losing a life. The locations of the red coins are:

  • Three Red Coins are on the upper path of the sand block section. The third one will require a Side Somersault or Spin Jump to reach.
  • One Red Coin is placed at the end of the block structure.
  • One Red Coin is located under the ice blocks of the structure. You can drop down to this path and spray the blocks with FLUDD to make them evaporate.
  • The final three Red Coins are located over the sand block pyramid. 1 of them is high above the front of the pyramid, you can reach it by hovering from either an upper level of the pyramid or from the top of the block structure where the 4th Red Coin was. The other 2 are on the left and right side of the pyramid.

Once all of the Red Coins are collected, the Shine Sprite will appear on the wooden block just in front of the Shine Sprite for Episode 2.


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