Shadow Mario Runs Wild

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Shadow Mario Runs Wild
Shadow Mario Runs Wild.png
Location Pianta Village
Mission # 7
Game Super Mario Sunshine
Boss(es) Shadow Mario
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Shadow Mario Runs Wild is the seventh episode of Pianta Village in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to chase down and defeat Shadow Mario, and is the seventh of seven episodes that involves doing so.


Shadow Mario will be waiting for Mario at the end of the bridge. Once Mario gets near, Shadow Mario will run off into the village. Like with the other Shadow Mario episodes, the player has to spray Shadow Mario until he falls. Unique to this chase is Shadow Mario will leave a trail of burning goop behind him as he runs. He will also create an M Graffiti wherever he stops, with Wind Spirits forming nearby. When Shadow Mario falls, the player will receive a Shine Sprite.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese にげばはないぞ! ニセマリオ!
Nigeba wa Nai zo! Nise Mario!
There's no room for escaping! Shadow Mario!
French (NOE) À la poursuite d'Antimario Chasing Shadow Mario
German Mario Morgana dreht durch Shadow Mario Goes Crazy
Italian Mario Ombra all'arrembaggio Shadow Mario at the Boarding
Spanish (NOE) La caza de Mario Oscuro Shadow Mario's Hunt