Gelato Beach

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Gelato Beach
Greater Location Isle Delfino
Inhabitants Cataquacks, Cheep-Cheeps, Piantas, Nokis
First Appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

Isle Delfino is often referred to as a slice of paradise on earth. And Gelato Beach? Why, it's its most sun-kissed shore! All of the local Piantas and Nokis just love to have festivals here!”
Noki, Super Mario Sunshine

Gelato Beach is a beach resort location on Isle Delfino in Super Mario Sunshine and is located on the stomach part of the dolphin shaped island, east of Sirena Beach. Its name is most likely derived from Gelato, the Italian word for ice cream. It is the largest and sunniest beach on Isle Delfino and also the resting place of great Legendary Sand Bird egg, which is located inside the Shine Tower; a large stone building in the center of the beach. Large mirrors have been installed around the tower that reflect sunlight at the egg to keep it warm until it hatches. According to a local Pianta, this has been going on for a century. Gelato Beach and Pinna Park are the only levels that are not covered in Goop.

An aerial view of the beach.

Gelato Beach is also notable for being the only place on the island where Dune Buds, special plants that make strange objects rise from the sand when sprayed with water, are found. Red and blue Cataquacks seem to have their main territory at Gelato Beach and roam great parts of the level. If Mario gets close to them, they will chase him and toss him up into the air. While the blue Cataquacks only toss Mario, the red ones will also cause damage. Other localities of Gelato Beach are the Surf Cabana on the end of the pier to the west, and the Sand Cabana to the east, which is, for whatever reason, closed most of the time. A coral reef inhabited by various fish species. can be found near the Surf Cabana, and there is a great amphitheater on the hillside of the beach, overlooking the whole site. Many colored Birds gather there. Several surfboards and catamaran boats are scattered across the beach, but the player is unable to interact with them.

Mario and Princess Peach relaxing on Gelato Beach.

To enter Gelato Beach, the player needs at least five Shine Sprites and has to defeat the black Polluted Piranha which swallowed Delfino Plaza's lighthouse. After that, the level becomes accessible through a Rainbow M. Mario encounters the Noki species in this level for the first time and it is also the first level to feature Il Piantissimo. He has to battle several creatures like Plungelos and a giant Wiggler here. The people are mostly busy with making preparations for the Watermelon Festival which they are eventually holding in the last episode of the level.

In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Blooper Bay course seems to be based on this area.


Episode 1: Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret[edit]

Mario climbing multiple Sand Blocks to reach the Shine Sprite at the top.

The first episode of Gelato Beach sets in with a shot of the small peninsula on the west side of the beach and pans over to a Dune Bud in front of the peninsula. Mario will find several Dune Buds across the level which cause strange effects when being sprayed with water. The special Dune Bud shown in the introduction scene makes a small sand castle known as the Sand Portal rise from the ground on the peninsula. The Sand Portal is not very stable however, and will collapse shortly after being summoned. If Mario manages to reach its entrance in time, he will be transported into a secret area.

After having entered the Sand Portal, Mario will have F.L.U.D.D. taken away by Shadow Mario. The player has then to complete the following obstacle course without water-based aid. The course consists mainly of a path made from numerous Sand Blocks which dissolve when stepped on. Mario must hurry along the path, occasionally hopping across small gaps, until he reaches a great complex made form Sand Blocks. On top of the building, he finds and collects a Shine Sprite. After the player has cleared this secret level once, Mario can take F.L.U.D.D. with him when he re-enters the level and participate in a Red Coin challenge for an additional Shine Sprite. Several 1-Up Mushrooms can also be found in this area.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふしぎの きのめと すなのしろ
Fushigi no Kinome to Suna no Shiro
Mysterious Leaf Buds and Sand Castle
Spanish (NOA) El camino al gran molino The path to the big mill
Spanish (NOE) El secreto de la planta Arenosa The secret of the Sandy plant
French Le secret des Fleurs des Sables The secret of Sand flowers
German Kapitel 1: Dünenwurzeln bauen Sandburgen Chapter 1: Dune Roots Build Sandcastles
Italian Il Mistero dei Fiori di Duna The Sand Flower Mystery

Episode 2: Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam![edit]

Mario fighting three Plungelos on top of a large mirror near the Shine Tower.

The second episode opens with the camera rotating around the tower containing the Sand Bird egg and then comes to rest in a close-up of a sleeping Wiggler curled around the top of the tower. Right after entering the episode, a Pianta will talk to him and tell him about the Wiggler, while a cutscene shows the three mirrors around the tower, infested by Plungelos. Most people on the beach are shown worrying about how the lack of sunlight will affect the Sand Bird. Mario's objective in this episode is to defeat all the six Plungelos in order to save the Sand Bird's egg.

Mario must climb on top of the trees and jump onto a mirror. Once Mario steps onto one of the mirrors, a battle will begin. Depending on the mirror, he has to deal with one, two, or three Plungelos simultaneously. Mario must defeat them by spraying them with F.L.U.D.D. to push them to the edge and make them lose their balance. Mario must wait until the mirror tilts to the Plungelo's side, and then he must Ground Pound the other side of the mirror. This will launch the Plungelo off the mirror forcefully. After Mario defeats all of the Plungelos on one mirror, a cutscene will show the egg flashing and radiating light. After Mario finishes off the Plungelos on all three mirrors, the Wiggler will fall off, fully revealing the egg. A Shine Sprite emerges after that and flies to the peninsula at the beach.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぐらぐらカガミでドッシン!!
Guragura Kagami de Dosshin!
Pound the Shaking Mirrors!!
Spanish (NOE) Los espejos de la Torre Solar The Sun Tower´s mirrors
French Les miroirs en folie ! Mirror madness!
German Kapitel 2: Spiegelspiele Chapter 2: Mirror Games
Italian Specchi Pazzi! Crazy Mirrors!

Episode 3: Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead![edit]

Mario spraying water at a Dune Bud to flip over the rampaging Wiggler.

The episode begins with a view from the base of one of the big mirror buildings and shows how the Wiggler from the previous episode is rampaging around the beach. The people of Gelato Beach can either be found protecting the Dune Buds from the raging creature, or gathered inside the Sand Cabana which is surprisingly opened during this episode. The boss battle against the Wiggler begins immediately after Mario enters the level and takes place over the whole beach.

In order to defeat the giant Wiggler, Mario has to spray water at a Dune Bud when the Wiggler tramples over it. This will cause an object to rise from the sand, making the Wiggler trip and roll over onto its back. While lying on the floor, Mario can deliver a Ground Pound attack to the Wiggler's weak point. The weak point is one segment of the caterpillar's body and changes position frequently, but is always marked with an arrow. After three hits, the Wiggler dissolves into sand and releases another Shine Sprite.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ばくそう!ボスハナチャン
Bakusou! Bosu Hanachan
Unstoppable! Boss Wiggler
Spanish (NOE) ¡Floruga furiosa a la vista! Furious Wiggler ahoy!
French Wiggler ! En avant toute ! Wiggler! Ahoy!
German Kapitel 3: Wilder Wiggler-Widerstand Chapter 3: Wild Wiggler-Resistance
Italian Torcibruco Express! Wiggler Express!

Episode 4: The Sand Bird is Born[edit]

Mario collects Red Coins while standing on top of the Sand Bird.

In this episode the legendary Sand Bird finally hatches. The introduction scene shows a rotating view around the tower in the middle of the level while showing the remains of the broken Sand Bird egg and a great hole in the tower's roof. Some people have gathered at the amphitheater to get a better look of the situation. To reach the amphitheatre, Mario can either ascend the hill or simply talk to the juice shop owner who is waiting for his son to slide down the hill. The Pianta will mention that he is going to throw his son up again after he came down and proceeds to demonstrate this by throwing Mario up the hill. From there, Mario can slide down the hill and use the spring board platform along the way to bounce into the hole in the tower.

After entering the tower, Mario will find himself on the back of the Sand Bird which flies through a cloudy realm with stone pillars and a huge tower in the center. The air currents in this area are strong and Mario is likely to fall off the giant bird, down into a Bottomless Pit. To complete this challenge, the player has to collect a set of eight Red Coins. Seven of these Coins are scattered across the Sand Bird's back and the player has to be careful when collecting them. The last Coin can be found on top of the giant stone tower, where the Shine Sprite will appear as well. The Sand Bird will eventually fly high enough to afford reaching the tower. Along its flight, the Sand Bird frequently tilts to the side, making it important to switch position in order to remain on the creatures back. Once the Sand Bird reaches the peak of its flight, it descends and starts its flight up the tower over again, which is useful if Mario gets stranded on one of the level's five clouds. The episode is often talked as one of the most difficult ones in the whole game.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese たんじょうおおすなどり
Tanjou Ōsunadori
Birth of the Great Sand Bird
Spanish (NOE) La aparición del Pájaro de Arena The Appearance of the Sand Bird
French L'Oiseau de Sable légendaire The Legendary Sand Bird
German Kapitel 4: Die Geburt des Sandvogels Chapter 4: The Birth of the Sand Bird
Italian La Nascita dell'Uccello di Sabbia Birth of the sand bird

Episode 5: Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint[edit]

Mario and Il Piantissimo race to the top of the hill.

The introduction scene of the fifth episode shows the amphitheatre at the hillside and a great flag with a Pianta emblem painted on it. Several people have gathered at that spot, including the Doot-Doot Sisters. Mario finds Il Piantissimo at the beach near the closed Sand Cabana and will be challenged to a race upon approaching him. The two of them then have to get their way up to the amphitheater as quickly as possible. If Mario comes in first, he will be rewarded with a Shine Sprite. If he loses to Il Piantissimo, he will lose an extra life when talking to him at the flag. The player can evade this however, by exiting the level through the menu.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese おかのうえまでモンテマン・レース!
Oka no Ue made Monteman Rēsu!
Il Piantissimo Race to the Top of the Hill!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Corre por la arena contra Forestón! Run through the sand against Il Piantissimo!
French Le sprint d'Il Piantissimo The Sprint of Il Piantissimo
German Kapitel 5: Palmathons Sandsprint Chapter 5: Palmathon's Sand Sprint
Italian Palmassimo ti Sfida sulla Sabbia Piantissimo challenges you on the Sand

Episode 6: Red Coins in the Coral Reef[edit]

Mario searches the coral reef for Red Coins.

This episode's introduction cutscene shows an underwater shot of the coral reef at the west side of the beach and focuses on various colorful coral and a single Red Coin. The episode is a Red Coin Challenge, so Mario has to collect a set of eight Red Coins to obtain another Shine Sprite. The Coins are hidden between the mazy rocks and the colorful fauna of the reef, making it relatively hard to find them. Some of the Coins are even hidden inside swarms or red fish and swim along with them. From this Episode on, the player can find a Yoshi Egg at the peninsula, which can be hatched with fruit found along the beach or inside the Sand Cabana. However, Yoshi is useless in this episode since he cannot touch water in this game.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese さんごのうみのあかコイン
Sango no Umi no Aka Koin
Red Coins of the Coral Reef
Spanish (NOE) Las Monedas Rojas del arrecife Coral reef´s red coins
French Pièces rouges et coraux Red coins and corals
German Kapitel 6: Rote Münzen im Korallenriff Chapter 6: Red Coins in the Coral Reef
Italian Monete Rosse tra i Coralli Red Coins between corals

Episode 7: It's Shadow Mario! After Him![edit]

Mario chases Shadow Mario.

The seventh episode of Gelato Beach is also the Shadow Mario episode of this level, the successful completion of which is necessary to access Corona Mountain, where the final boss lurks. The episode sets in with a shot from inside the Sand Cabana and zooms in on Shadow Mario at the beach, waiting for the player. Some people in this episode are busy with preparations for the Watermelon Festival which takes place in the following episode, while others comment on the strangeness of seeing two Marios at the same time. The player has to chase Shadow Mario through the level and spray him with enough water to make him give up. Mario will receive a Shine Sprite after that.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese みつけたぞ! ニセマリオ!
Mitsuketazo! Nise Mario!
Found you, Shadow Mario!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Persiguiendo a Mario Oscuro! Chasing Shadow Mario!
French Antimario à la plage AntiMario on the Beach
German Kapitel 7: Mario Morgana! Ihm nach! Chapter 7: Mario Morgana! After Him!
Italian Rincorri Mario Ombra! Run After Shadow Mario!

Episode 8: The Watermelon Festival[edit]

Mario rolls the largest Watermelon to the Surf Cabana.

In this episode, the Watermelon Festival, which was mentioned several times during the previous episodes, finally takes place. The episode opens with a shot of the Surf Cabana at the pier, which is now crowded with people. Giant Watermelons are scattered across the level during this episode, and some people are standing in front of the pier with the fruits, hoping to enter and win a contest for the biggest Watermelon on the beach. The Doot-Doot Sisters can also be found next to the contestants. In order to clear this episode, Mario has to find the biggest Watermelon on the beach and bring it safely to the owner of the Surf Cabana by rolling them there. The prize-worthy Watermelon can be found at the amphitheater, while the other ones found at the beach will only bring the player some coins. The player has to be careful when moving the Watermelons, since they explode when they crash into a hard object or when launched by a Cataquack.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイカまつりおばけスイカコンテスト!
Suika Matsuri Obake Suika Kontesuto!
Watermelon Festival Giant Watermelon Contest!
Spanish (NOE) La oronda fiesta de la sandía The round watermelon festival
French La fête des pastèques The Watermelon festival
German Kapitel 8: Das Wassermelonen-Festival Chapter 8: The Watermelon Festival
Italian Il Festival dei Cocomeri The Watermelon Festival

Episode 9: Red Coins in the Sand Castle[edit]

Mario collecting eight Red Coins.

In this episode, Mario must replay Episode 1, though this time he must enter the Sand Portal sand castle and collect eight Red Coins. If he manages to collect them all before the 1:00 time limit is up, a Shine Sprite will be revealed.[1]

Episode 10: Sandy Shine Sprite[edit]

Mario sprays the wall to reveal the hidden Shine Sprite picture.

In this episode, Mario must locate a Dune Bud toward the back of Gelato Beach, directly behind the Shine Tower. When he sprays this Dune Bud with water from F.L.U.D.D., a small staircase will be revealed in the sand. The player must quickly spray the sandy wall at the end of this staircase before it rises back up. When sprayed, a picture of a Shine Sprite will slowly be revealed. When it has been fully revealed, a secret Shine Sprite will appear.[1]

Blue Coin Locations[edit]

# Image Episode(s) Location
1 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 1.png All Obtained by spraying a hidden brown marking on the beach near the Sand Cabana.
2 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 2.png All Obtained by spraying a hidden brown marking on the beach around halfway between the Sand Cabana and the peninsula.
3 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 3.png All Obtained by spraying a hidden brown marking on the beach near the Surf Cabana.
4 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 4.png Episodes 2-8 Obtained by spraying a hidden brown marking on the peninsula.
5 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 5.png Episodes 1, 2, and 4 Obtained by spraying and jumping on the single red Cataquack on the beach.
6 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 6.png All Obtained by spraying the corresponding triangle Graffiti on walls on opposite sides of the beach.
7 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 7.png All Same as Coin 6.
8 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 8.png All On the center of the ceiling in the Sand Cabana.
9 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 9.png All In the pathway of the water-powered swing on the island off the shore of the beach.
10 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 10.png All On the big palm tree supporting the swing on the island.
11 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 11.png All (Except Episode 5) Underwater, far off the shore of the island.
12 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 13.png All (Except Episode 5) Underwater, between the island and the coral reef.
13 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 12.png All (Except Episode 5) Following a school of fish near Coin 12.
14 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 14.png All (Except Episode 5) Following a school of fish near the coral reef.
15 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 15.png All Underneath the pier behind the Surf Cabana.
16 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 16.png All Obtained by spraying Graffiti on a small cliff area next to the Sand Cabana.
17 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 17.png All Between two walls up a hill on the Surf Cabana side of the beach. It can be reached by falling from the tightropes area.
18 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 18-21.png Episode 4 On top of a cloud in the Sand Bird's secret area.
19 Episode 4 Same as Coin 18, but a little higher up.
20 Episode 4 Same as Coin 19, but a little higher up.
21 Episode 4 Same as Coin 20, but a near the top.
22 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 22.png Episode 6 (Yoshi Required) Hidden under a Dune Bud covered in a Forcefield next to the Sand Cabana. Use Yoshi to spray this Graffiti and spray the Dune Bud itself to reveal the Blue Coin.
23 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 23-24.png All Spray the blue bird that perches on the tightrope in the cliff area above the beach.
24 All Same as Coin 23.
25 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 25.png All (Rocket Nozzle Required) Floating high above a hut next to the Shine Tower.
26 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 26.png All On top of a pole connected to a tightrope in the cliff area next to the beach, on the Sand Cabana side.
27 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 27.png All Floating above the highest tightrope on the Surf Cabana side of the beach.
28 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 28.png All Obtained by dropping any fruit into the juicer on the roof of the Surf Cabana.
29 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 29.png Episode 6 (Yoshi Required) Use Yoshi to spray the beehive under the hut next to the Shine Tower and eat all of the bees.
30 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 30.png Episodes 5-8 Obtained by defeating the single blue Cataquack sleeping on the tree next to the Shine Tower.

Fruit Locations[edit]



  • 1. Sand Cabana


  • 1. Sand Cabana


  • 1. In a grassy patch on the beach, under a tree.


  • 1. Found by spraying it out of a coconut tree.

Nozzle Locations[edit]

Hover Nozzle[edit]

  • Directly to the right of the Sand Cabana.

Rocket Nozzle[edit]

  • On a tiny gorge on the easternmost side of the beach.
  • On a small cliff southeast of the Shine Tower. It is available beginning in Episode 5.

Turbo Nozzle[edit]

  • On the small island southeast of the rest of the beach.
  • On a cliff west of the Shine Tower. It is available beginning in Episode 4.


Gelato Beach shares the same musical theme with Ricco Harbor, Delfino Plaza and Bianco Hills. However, Gelato Beach's music is arranged in the style of Trinidadian calypso, with prominent saxophone and steel drum instrumentation. It was composed by Koji Kondo.

Audio.png Gelato Beach - Gelato Beach theme (full version)
Gelato Beach Super Mario Sunshine.ogg

File info
Gelato Beach Super Mario Sunshine.ogg
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Official Description[edit]

Isle Delfino Guide Book information for Gelato Beach.

The isle's largest beach sprawls under perfect blue skies. Have a swim, enjoy a famous smoothie, and bask in the glow of the Shine Tower.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マンマビーチ
Manma Bīchi
Mamma Beach
Spanish Playa Gelato Gelato Beach. Gelato from Italy's regional variant of ice cream.
French Gelato-les-Flots Gelato-the-Waves; possibly a pun on the actual French city Palavas-les-Flots.
German Playa del Sol Playa del Sol; Spanish for Sun Beach
Italian Lido Raggiante Radiant Beach


Gelato Beach as shown in the Super Mario Sunshine intro.
  • Gelato Beach, Pianta Village, and Delfino Plaza are the only places that contain a hidden picture of a Shine Sprite that releases a secret Shine Sprite when sprayed with water.
  • In Episode 8, the player will sustain damage if they touch the juicer on top of the Surf Cabana. Nevertheless, when collecting this episode's Shine Sprite, Mario stands on the juicer blades.
  • One of the photos in the Super Mario Sunshine end credits shows Mario, Toad and Yellow Toad swimming through the coral reef from episode 6.
  • In the E3 2002 trailer Gelato Beach was shown to covered in Electric Goop that acted like Common Goop but it was removed for unknown reasons.


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