Gelato Beach

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Gelato Beach
SMS Gelato Beach Overview.png
Greater location Isle Delfino
Inhabitants Cataquacks, Cheep-Cheeps, Piantas, Nokis
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Isle Delfino is often referred to as a slice of paradise on earth. And Gelato Beach? Why, it's its most sun-kissed shore! All of the local Piantas and Nokis just love to have festivals here!”
Noki, Super Mario Sunshine
Mario and Princess Peach relaxing on Gelato Beach.

Gelato Beach is a pink sand beach resort location on Isle Delfino in Super Mario Sunshine and is located on the stomach part of the dolphin shaped island, east of Sirena Beach. Its name is most likely derived from gelato, an Italian word for ice cream. It is the largest and sunniest beach on Isle Delfino and also the resting place of the legendary Sand Bird egg, which is located inside the Shine Tower; a large stone building in the center of the beach. Large mirrors have been installed around the tower that reflect sunlight at the egg to keep it warm until it hatches. According to a local Pianta, this has been going on for a century. Gelato Beach and Pinna Park are the only levels that are not covered in goop.

In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, the Blooper Bay course seems to be based on this area.


An aerial view of the beach.

Gelato Beach is a large beach with a number of huts and trees. Cataquacks roam the sandy areas, with the type of Cataquack changing based on the episode the player is playing on. Many Dune Buds are placed around the beach, and spraying them will make the area below them pop out in a sand sculpture-like shape.

The player starts on a small island just off the coast of the beach. Behind that island is another island with tall palm trees and a swing attached to one of them, which will help the player reach a Blue Coin. A Turbo Nozzle can also be found here if it is unlocked. Directly ahead of where the player starts is a hut with several pieces of fruit in it. To the left of the hut are a group of trees with one of the tower's mirrors in the center. From the center of the beach and facing the tower, there is a sandy area followed by long path to a central plaza area ahead, a fruit cabana to the left, and a peninsula to the back. Beyond the plaza is a long, broken path with many tightropes above it. Behind the fruit cabana is a coral reef where Episode 6 takes place. Also during Episode 6, Yoshi can be found on the peninsula.


Image Episode Name Summary
SandCastleSecretSMS.png Episode 1:
Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret
This episode's objective is to go through a secret course revealed by spraying a Dune Bud.
Mirror Madness Tilt Slam Bam SMS.png Episode 2:
Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!
This episode's objective is to defeat the Plungelos on the mirrors.
Wiggler Ahoy Full Steam Ahead.png Episode 3:
Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!
This episode's objective is to defeat Wiggler.
The Sand Bird is Born.png Episode 4:
The Sand Bird is Born
This episode's objective is to ride the Sand Bird and collect the Red Coins.
PiantissimoSandSprint.png Episode 5:
Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint
This episode's objective is to race against Il Piantissimo.
Redcoinscoralreef.png Episode 6:
Red Coins in the Coral Reef
This episode's objective is to collect the eight Red Coins in the coral reef.
ShadowMarioAfter Him.png Episode 7:
It's Shadow Mario! After Him!
This episode's objective is to defeat Shadow Mario as he runs around Gelato Beach.
The Watermelon Festival.png Episode 8:
The Watermelon Festival
This episode's objective is to push a large watermelon to the fruit cabana.
Red Coins in the Sand Castle.png Episode 9:
Red Coins in the Sand Castle
This episode's objective is to collect the Red Coins in the Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret.
Sandy Shine Sprite.png Episode 10:
Sandy Shine Sprite
This episode's objective is to find the Shine Sprite in a hidden staircase within a Dune Bud.


Blue Coin locations[edit]

# Image Episode(s) Location
1 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 1.png All Obtained by spraying a hidden brown marking on the beach near the Sand Cabana.
2 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 2.png All Obtained by spraying a hidden brown marking on the beach around halfway between the Sand Cabana and the peninsula.
3 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 3.png All Obtained by spraying a hidden brown marking on the beach near the Surf Cabana.
4 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 4.png Episodes 2-8 Obtained by spraying a hidden brown marking on the peninsula.
5 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 5.png Episodes 1, 2, and 4 Obtained by spraying and jumping on the single red Cataquack on the beach.
6 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 6.png All Obtained by spraying the corresponding Triangle Graffiti on walls on opposite sides of the beach.
7 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 7.png All Same as Coin 6.
8 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 8.png All On the center of the ceiling in the Sand Cabana.
9 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 9.png All In the pathway of the water-powered swing on the island off the shore of the beach.
10 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 10.png All On the big palm tree supporting the swing on the island.
11 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 11.png All (Except Episode 5) Underwater, far off the shore of the island.
12 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 13.png All (Except Episode 5) Underwater, between the island and the coral reef.
13 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 12.png All (Except Episode 5) Following a school of fish near Coin 12.
14 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 14.png All (Except Episode 5) Following a school of fish near the coral reef.
15 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 15.png All Underneath the pier behind the Surf Cabana.
16 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 16.png All Obtained by spraying graffiti on a small cliff area next to the Sand Cabana.
17 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 17.png All Between two walls up a hill on the Surf Cabana side of the beach. It can be reached by falling from the tightropes area.
18 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 18-21.png Episode 4 On top of a cloud in the Sand Bird's secret area.
19 Episode 4 Same as Coin 18, but a little higher up.
20 Episode 4 Same as Coin 19, but a little higher up.
21 Episode 4 Same as Coin 20, but near the top.
22 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 22.png Episode 6 (Yoshi Required) Hidden under a Dune Bud covered in an Orange Juice Generator next to the Sand Cabana. Use Yoshi to spray this goop and spray the Dune Bud itself to reveal the Blue Coin.
23 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 23-24.png All Spray the blue bird that perches on the tightrope in the cliff area above the beach.
24 All Same as Coin 23.
25 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 25.png All (Rocket Nozzle Required) Floating high above a hut next to the Shine Tower.
26 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 26.png All On top of a pole connected to a tightrope in the cliff area next to the beach, on the Sand Cabana side.
27 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 27.png All Floating above the highest tightrope on the Surf Cabana side of the beach.
28 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 28.png All Obtained by dropping any fruit into the juicer on the roof of the Surf Cabana.
29 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 29.png Episode 6 (Yoshi Required) Use Yoshi to spray the beehive under the hut next to the Shine Tower and eat all of the bees.
30 SMS GelatoBeach BlueCoin 30.png Episodes 5-8 Obtained by defeating the single blue Cataquack sleeping on the tree next to the Shine Tower.

Fruit locations[edit]



  • Sand Cabana


  • Sand Cabana


  • In a grassy patch on the beach, under a tree.


  • Found by spraying it out of a coconut tree.

Nozzle locations[edit]

Hover Nozzle[edit]

  • Directly to the right of the Sand Cabana.

Rocket Nozzle[edit]

  • On a tiny gorge on the easternmost side of the beach.
  • On a small cliff southeast of the Shine Tower. It is available beginning in Episode 5.

Turbo Nozzle[edit]

  • On the small island southeast of the rest of the beach.
  • On a cliff west of the Shine Tower. It is available beginning in Episode 4.


Gelato Beach shares the same musical theme with Ricco Harbor, Delfino Plaza and Bianco Hills. Just like the music in Ricco Harbor and Bianco Hills, Gelato Beach's theme is an arrangement of the A-major Delfino Plaza theme in the key of C major. However, Gelato Beach's music is arranged in the style of Trinidadian calypso, with prominent saxophone and steel drum instrumentation. It was composed by Koji Kondo.

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Official description[edit]

Isle Delfino Guide Book information for Gelato Beach.

The isle's largest beach sprawls under perfect blue skies. Have a swim, enjoy a famous smoothie, and bask in the glow of the Shine Tower.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マンマビーチ
Manma Bīchi
Mamma Beach
Spanish Playa Gelato Gelato Beach. Gelato from Italy's regional variant of ice cream.
French Gelato-les-Flots Gelato-the-Waves; possibly a pun on the actual French city Palavas-les-Flots.
German Playa del Sol Playa del Sol; Spanish for Sun Beach
Italian Lido Raggiante Radiant Beach


Gelato Beach as shown in the Super Mario Sunshine intro.
  • Gelato Beach, Pianta Village, and Delfino Plaza are the only places that contain a hidden picture of a Shine Sprite that releases a secret Shine Sprite when sprayed with water.
  • One of the photos in the Super Mario Sunshine end credits shows Mario, Toad and Yellow Toad swimming through the coral reef from episode 6.
  • In the E3 2002 trailer, Gelato Beach was shown to be covered in electric goop that acted like common goop, but it was removed for unknown reasons.