Delfino Airstrip Dilemma

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Delfino Airstrip Dilemma
Delfino Airstrip Polluted Piranha SMS.png
Location Delfino Airstrip
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Delfino Airstrip Dilemma is the first episode of the Delfino Airstrip in Super Mario Sunshine, and is subsequently the first episode of the game as well. The objective of the mission is to recover the Shine Sprite in the middle of the airstrip. The mission also serves as a tutorial level for the player, and is the only Shine Sprite in the game that cannot be recollected.


The graffiti encountered at the airstrip.

The plane Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and the Toads were flying in comes to a screeching halt once it arrives at the airstrip. Leaving the plane, the characters find graffiti in the shape of Mario's face. Toadsworth will tell Mario to find some assistance as Peach notices Shadow Mario nearby. Finding F.L.U.D.D. on the opposite end of the airstrip, the player has to defeat the Gatekeeper in the center by spraying it when its mouth is open. Spraying it three times will defeat it, revealing the Shine Sprite and returning the airstrip to normal. Afterwards, Mario will be taken to a trial, with the Piantas blaming Mario for vandalizing their island.