King Boo Down Below

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King Boo Down Below
King Boo Down Below.png
Location Sirena Beach
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario Sunshine
Boss(es) King Boo
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“I must admit that, unfortunately, the casino's closed today. You see, there are creepy sounds coming from the basement...”
Hotel manager, Super Mario Sunshine

King Boo Down Below is the fifth episode of Sirena Beach in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to defeat King Boo.


The purple panel Mario has to Ground Pound.

This episode takes place in the casino, so the player needs to talk to the bellhop on the first floor of Hotel Delfino to be let in. One of the Piantas in the casino states that the purple panel on the giant roulette wheel is abnormal, and Ground Pounding the unusual panel lowers the center wheel, taking Mario to the arena where King Boo is fought.

The arena is made up of three roulette rings, each with one purple panel on them. The inner and outer ring spin in the same direction with the middle ring spinning in the other direction. The player can stop the spinning by Ground Pounding the purple panel on a ring. King Boo appears in the center of the rings and he has a slot machine underneath him that determines his attack. Spraying King Boo with FLUDD makes him spin the slots, which can land on either him spitting out fruit, enemies, coins, or bubbles. Among the fruit King Boo spits out are peppers and throwing them back at him causes his tongue to catch fire. During this period, the player needs to throw another piece of fruit at King Boo to damage him. After taking damage, King Boo recovers his slot machine and any stopped roulette rings start moving again. The player needs to repeat this process two more times in order to defeat King Boo.

The enemies King Boo spits out are Bloopers, Blue Electrokoopas, blue Cataquacks, Bob-ombs, upside-down Cheep-Cheeps, Poinks, Strollin' Stus, and Smolderin' Stus. If the player bursts the bubbles that come out, they can refill FLUDD's tank.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カジノの ちかの ボステレサ
Kajino no Chika no Bosu Teresa
Boss Boo of the Casino's Underground
French (NOE) Le Roi Boo, impair et gagne King Boo, Odd and Win
German König Buu Huu-Keller King Boo's Cellar
Italian Sotto sotto c'è... Re Boo Underneath There is... King Boo
Spanish (NOE) ¡El Rey Boo te espera abajo! King Boo Awaits Below for You!