Red Coins on the Half Shell

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Red Coins on the Half Shell
Noki Bay.
Location Noki Bay
Mission # 10
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Red Coins on the Half Shell,[1] also called Down by the Seashore,[2] is the bonus tenth episode of Noki Bay in Super Mario Sunshine. It can be accessed by replaying The Shell's Secret.


Returning to the secret course in said episode will allow Mario to use FLUDD and do a red coin challenge. After the first set of moving platforms is a Red Switch Plate and Ground Pounding it will cause eight red coins to appear throughout the course. The player needs to collect them all within a time limit of one minute and thirty seconds to earn a Shine Sprite, otherwise Mario will lose a life. The locations of the red coins are:

  • On the wall next to the switch. Mario will need to Side Somersault or Spin Jump to reach it.
  • Over one of the sliding platforms.
  • Next to the slope with arrows. Mario will either need to climb the pole and flip off the top of it or Side Somersault and Wall Jump against the side of the slope.
  • On the end of the wall over the slope.
  • Near the wall with the window. Side Somersault to reach it.
  • Over the following set of platforms. Side Somersault to reach it.
  • Just before the first rotating log.
  • After the first rotating log.

Once all of the Red Coins are collected, the Shine Sprite will appear on a platform between the second rotating log and the set of spinning platforms.


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