Lighthouse Roof

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Lighthouse Roof
SMS DP Shine 09.png
Location Delfino Plaza
Mission # 9
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Lighthouse Roof[1] is a mission in Delfino Plaza in Super Mario Sunshine.

As it would, the mission involves the lighthouse, located far northeast of the plaza, along the shore. After five Shine Sprites have been collected elsewhere, the lighthouse is covered with a Gatekeeper. After it is defeated, the lighthouse rises up, now with a glowing signature on it serving as the entrance to Gelato Beach.

After Mario has unlocked and equipped the Rocket Nozzle, he must approach the base of the lighthouse and launch upward to the top. Here, he must rocket jump again and Ground Pound the stone slab at the very top of the lighthouse from a great height. Only if Mario's ground pound is high enough that flames begin to appear around him will the slab be destroyed to reveal a Shine Sprite, which is placed at a good height above the lighthouse. Mario may easily collect it by performing another rocket jump while on top of the lighthouse.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Atterando sul faro[2] Landing on the lighthouse


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