Lighthouse Roof

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Lighthouse Roof
SMS DP Shine 09.png
Location Delfino Plaza
Mission # 8
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Lighthouse Roof,[1] also called The Shine on the Lighthouse,[2] Lighthouse Lift-off,[3] and The Lighthouse Landing,[4] is a mission in Delfino Plaza in Super Mario Sunshine. The mission requires the use of the Rocket Nozzle so that Mario can go to the lighthouse of Delfino Plaza and launch upward to the top, then rocket jump again and Ground Pound the stone slab at the very top of the lighthouse from high enough so that flames begin to appear around. Destroying the stone slab reveals a Shine Sprite, which is placed high above the lighthouse, and doing another rocket jump is necessary for obtaining it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Atterando sul faro[5]
Landing on the lighthouse


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