Gooper Blooper Returns

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Gooper Blooper Returns
Gooper Blooper Returns.png
Location Ricco Harbor
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario Sunshine
Boss(es) Gooper Blooper
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“That dang Blooper is back for more!? Well then, I guess it's time to stop working!! Yep yep!”
Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine

Gooper Blooper Returns is the fifth episode of Ricco Harbor in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to defeat Gooper Blooper in a rematch.


For this mission, Gooper Blooper is found on the helipad off the plaza. To reach him, the player can either swim under the platform and use the Rocket Nozzle to grab onto the grates on the underside of the helipad, or talk to the Pianta that throws Mario as he will throw Mario directly to the helipad. The underside of the helipad has a grate Mario can hang onto, as well as coins the player can use to recover damage. Attacking the flipping panels with A Button or a Ground Pound will flip Mario to the other side.

As soon as Mario stands on the helipad, the battle with Gooper Blooper will begin. The method of defeating Gooper Blooper is the same as the last fight, though Gooper Blooper has a new attack: If any tentacles are remaining, Gooper Blooper will spin with his tentacles outward. How the tentacles are aligned depends on how many there are remaining. The player has to jump over the tentacles to avoid them, and getting hit by them will cause Mario damage. Spraying Gooper Blooper's face and pulling his mouth until it snaps back twice will defeat him and reward the player with the Shine Sprite.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボスゲッソーの ふっかつ
Bosu Gessō no Fukkatsu
The Revival of Gooper Blooper

French (NOE) Méga Bloups contre-attaque
Gooper Blooper Counter-Attacks
German Riesen-Bloopers Rückkehr
Gooper Blooper's Return
Italian Il ritorno del Calamarcio
The return of Gooper Blooper
Spanish (NOE) El retorno de Mega Blooper
Gooper Blooper Returns