The Secret of Casino Delfino

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The Secret of Casino Delfino
The Secret of Casino Delfino.png
Location Sirena Beach
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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The Secret of Casino Delfino is the fourth episode of Sirena Beach in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to enter the casino to find and clear a secret course.


Mario spraying the Shine Sprite panels.

This episode takes place in Hotel Delfino's casino. Talking to the bellhop on the first floor of the hotel will allow Mario into the casino. In order to find the entrance to the secret course, Mario has to spray the two large slot machines until they both line up on triple 7s. The slots with a slanted square around it will move individually upon being sprayed, while the slots in the circle will all move at once. The slot machines can also land on Coins or Boos. When both slot machines land on triple 7s, the red curtain in the back of the room will rise, revealing a panel of question marks. Mario has to spray each panel to flip them over, eventually creating an image of a Shine Sprite. Once the image is formed, the panels will raise and a Warp Pipe will be revealed. Entering the Warp Pipe will take Mario to the secret course, and Shadow Mario will take F.L.U.D.D. away upon entering.

The secret course is made up of many moving blocks. On the first platform, there are two cubes moving across that can push Mario off the edge. To get to the second platform, Mario has to use a floating cube to cross the chasm, then avoid getting pushed by or squished between the moving cubes as he makes his way across the second platform. The next moving cube will take Mario to a series of long moving blocks he has to jump between. Afterward is a rolling block like those found in The Secret of Ricco Tower. After crossing that, Mario has to ride a large, rotating cube as it moves across the chasm, which leads to the platform with the Shine Sprite.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カジノ・デルフィーノの ヒミツ
Kajino Derufīno no Himitsu
Secret of Casino Delfino
French (NOE) Le secret du casino The Secret of the Casino
German Das Geheimnis von Casino Delfino The Secret of Casino Delfino
Italian Il mistero del Casinò Delfino The Mystery of Casino Delfino
Spanish (NOE) El secreto del Casino Delfino The Secret of Casino Delfino