The Red Coins of the Lake

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The Red Coins of the Lake
Red Coins of the Lake.png
Location Bianco Hills
Mission # 8
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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“I was thinking that peace would finally return to the village... But with you still around, I have my doubts...”
Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine

The Red Coins of the Lake is the eighth episode of Bianco Hills in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to collect the eight red coins on the course's lake.


The player must make use of ropes to collect all of the red coins around the lake. The player can use the rope to spin and swing to the other platforms; the player can do this by dropping down so they are hanging onto the rope with B Button, holding R Button to spray water to get Mario to swing around the rope, and then pressing A Button to launch Mario a distance dependent on how fast he was swinging. On one of the platforms on the opposite end of the lake is a box containing the Rocket Nozzle, and collecting is required to complete this episode. Additionally, when walking on the higher ropes, Wind Spirits will appear and try to knock Mario off and Wire Traps will be sliding across many of the ropes. Once all eight of the red coins are collected, the Shine Sprite will appear in an alcove in the Big Windmill. The locations of the red coins are:

  • Above the water in a collection of regular coins. The player can use a lily pad or a Skeeter to reach it.
  • Above one of the ropes that leads to The Hillside Cave Secret area.
  • Above the rope at the end of the path through the gate from the village. The player has to use this rope to launch themselves to the platform with the Rocket Nozzle.
  • The remaining five red coins are all above the various ropes. The player has to jump on the ropes and/or use the Rocket Nozzle to reach those that are too high for Mario to reach normally.

If in this episode Mario talks to the tourist Pianta, in the well of Windmill Village (Where a blue coin was), who gives him the Blue Coin after cleaning him, he tells him, "I headed over here to check things out, but nothing’s happening. Now, I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to get home…"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みずうみの あかコイン
Mizūmi no Aka Koin
Red Coins of the Lake
French (NOE) Les pièces rouges du lac The Red Coins of the Lake
German Der See und seine roten Münzen The Lake and its Red Coins
Italian Un lago di monete rosse A lake of red coins
Spanish (NOE) Las Monedas Rojas del lago The Red Coins of the Lake