Secret of the Village Underside

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Secret of the Village Underside
Secret of the Village Underside.png
Location Pianta Village
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Secret of the Village Underside, also referred to as The Village Underside,[1][2][3] is the fifth episode of Pianta Village in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to complete a secret course accessed under the village. After completing the episode once, the player can return to this episode to collect the Secret Shine Red Coin Chucksters.


In order to access the secret course, the player needs to hatch the Yoshi found at the entrance of the village. Near the spa, there is a tree that grows every fruit in the game aside from peppers. By taking the fruit Yoshi craves to him, the player can ride him onto the mushroom platforms underneath the village. At the end of the mushroom platforms is an Orange Juice Generator that can be destroyed by spraying it with Yoshi's juice, revealing the entrance to the secret course. As usual, Shadow Mario will appear to take FLUDD away during the player's first visit.

The Secret of the Village Underside is made up of several platforms, with special Piantas known as "chucksters" acting as the primary means of traveling between them. Talking to a chuckster will have them throw Mario behind them a set distance, either horizontally or vertically. The player can adjust the angle of the throw by talking to a chuckster from a certain position. The first chuckster the player meets serves as an example, and the second chuckster can help the player reach a 1-Up Mushroom. The third chuckster will throw Mario across the gap on to the next platform. The next two chucksters move back and forth and have different strengths; the bigger one is stronger and the little one is weaker. The next chuckster will throw Mario upward to the above platform with many Strollin' Stus spawning on it. Behind the platform is a tightrope that leads to a platform with a flaming Pianta the player can only interact with on their return visits; extinguishing the fire will have the Pianta reward Mario with a 1-Up Mushroom. Talking to this particular Pianta afterward reveals that he is not a chuckster; instead stating that he is just an average passerby. The chuckster on the platform with the Strollin' Stus will throw Mario to the next platform with a chuckster circling the center ledge. Speaking to that chuckster from the proper angle will have him throw Mario to a platform with either a 1-Up Mushroom or the Shine Sprite.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese むらの うらの ヒミツ
Mura no Ura no Himitsu
Secret of the Village's Underside

French (NOE) Le secret du monde du dessous
The Secret of the Underworld
German Das Geheimnis der anderen Seite
The Secret of the Other Side
Italian Il mistero del mondo inferiore
The Mystery of the Underworld
Spanish (NOE) El secreto del mundo inferior
The Secret of the Underworld


  • When talking to the villagers, they can be heard discussing and practicing for the upcoming Fluff Festival. This festival later occurs in Episode 8.


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