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Mario riding an Orange Yoshi as it spits orange Juice in Delfino Plaza

Juice[1] is a substance that Yoshis spit out of their mouths in Super Mario Sunshine. The juice serves essentially the same function as the water that F.L.U.D.D. sprays, though the juice can also wash away Forcefields and turn certain enemies into Yoshi Platforms, while water cannot. Juice can only be used by Mario while he is riding a Yoshi. While a Yoshi is being ridden, the meter in the lower right corner of the screen changes from a tank showing how much water F.L.U.D.D. has left to a stomach-shaped icon showing how much juice the Yoshi has left. The amount of available juice is gradually depleted as the Yoshi is ridden; if it fully runs out, the Yoshi disappears. The juice can easily be fully replenished at any time by having the Yoshi consume any type of fruit. The color of Juice varies depending on the color of the Yoshi that Mario is riding, which is affected by the type of fruit that the Yoshi has last eaten.


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