Bianco Square

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This article is about the location in Super Mario Sunshine. For the Mario Kart race course, see Delfino Square.
Mario hovering over Bianco Square using the Hover Nozzle.
“This is the place, all right...Bianco Square! The guidebook says there's a statue of the Grand Pianta... So, where'd it go?”
Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine
Mario fighting a Gatekeeper in Bianco Square.

Bianco Square[1] is an area of Delfino Plaza that is home to the Grand Pianta Statue in Super Mario Sunshine. Its name likely originates from the fact that the Rainbow M entrance to Bianco Hills is located on the front of the Grand Pianta Statue, which is found directly in the center of the square. It is one of the main areas of Delfino Plaza and is also one of the most open areas in the plaza. As the game progresses, all three of F.L.U.D.D.'s nozzles (the Hover Nozzle, the Rocket Nozzle, and the Turbo Nozzle) appear here, positioned directly behind the Grand Pianta Statue. When starting the game after quitting previously, Mario usually appears in Bianco Square. In addition, Bianco Square also provides direct access to several major levels, including Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, and Sirena Beach, as well as providing access to Yoshi (once unlocked) and a few hidden Shine Sprites.

It is also the first area that Mario is ordered to clean the goop off of (Delfino Airstrip having already been cleaned prior). When Mario first enters the square, he is confronted with a large mass of goop shaped like an octopus, called a Generator. In the center of it lies a Gatekeeper. After he successfully sprays and defeats the Gatekeeper, the goop disappears, and the Grand Pianta Statue reappears, triggering the first major event of the game. Shadow Mario jumps down from atop the Grand Pianta Statue, and proceeds to kidnap Princess Peach. Mario successfully stops him, and Shadow Mario runs back to Bianco Square, where he paints the Color Portal to Bianco Hills on the front of the Grand Pianta Statue's base.


Shadow Mario jumping around in Bianco Square in the Isle Delfino welcome video.
  • Bianco Square can be seen in the opening cutscene of Super Mario Sunshine. It is where the Piantas are seen dancing in front of the Grand Pianta Statue, and also where Shadow Mario is seen jumping around in the background in his first appearance of the game.
  • Along with Corona Mountain and the rest of Delfino Plaza, Bianco Square can be seen from anywhere on Isle Delfino, except Noki Bay.


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