Big Daddy of Blooper-surfing

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“Show me some super Blooper-surfing and win yourself a prize!”
Big Daddy of Blooper-surfing, Super Mario Sunshine
The Big Daddy of Blooper-surfing

The Big Daddy of Blooper-surfing[1][2] or Big Daddy for short[3] (also known as Big Daddy Blooper-surfer[4], Blooper-surfing Big Daddy[5], or simply Bloopy[5]) is a tan-colored Pianta who owns the Blooper Racers found in Super Mario Sunshine. He is only seen in Ricco Harbor, and only appears in two episodes. He is very friendly and he allows Mario to ride his colored Bloopers for free, although he "waives all liability for accidents," crashing a Blooper will instantly make Mario lose a life. Big Daddy owns three different colors of Bloopers in the game – pink, green, and yellow.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Oktimax
Italian Il Surfista dei Calamari The Squid Surfer


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