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Artwork of a Durian.

Durians[1] are tan spiky Fruit found in the game Super Mario Sunshine. They are based on an actual fruit of the same name from southeastern Asia.

Because of their thorn-covered exterior, Mario cannot pick up durians. He can, however, kick them like a Soccer Ball, as F.L.U.D.D. explains in the game. In real life, durians are a lot heavier than soccer balls.

Despite the durian's spikes, Yoshi can still eat them, turning his skin and juice purple.

Durians later got another Mario-related Nintendo GameCube appearance in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, which featured a whole world (consisting of two levels, specifically Battle for Storm Hill and Aerie Fortress) called the "Durian Kingdom". At the end of levels in the Durian Kingdom, Donkey Kong would eat an oversized durian.

Durians reappear in Mario Party DS, in the minigame Hexoskeleton. After being hit two times, Dry Bones will start ground-pounding the arena, creating a force that may drop a durian. If Dry Bones ground-pounds one, he will be stunned for a while, before he starts to ground-pound the arena again. If the player win the minigame twice, the player will earn the Boss Trophies collectable.



  • There is a soccer ball object in the test level "test11" which acts similarly to the Durian and comes with a cardboard box to serve as a goal. It was most likely used for testing their functionality, specifically when Mario kicks it into a Pianta's basket.[2][3]


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