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Mario encountering the spike ball Glorpedoes in Noki Bay

Glorpedoes[1], also known as Iga[2], are lumpy balls of goop found in Super Mario Sunshine. They first appear as projectiles launched by Petey Piranha both leading up to the first battle with him and during the second battle with him. In both of these cases, they turn into a large splat of goop, which spawns Swoopin' Stus. They later appear in Noki Bay, where Monty Mole shoots them out of his cannon. Here, they roll swiftly down the cliffs, leaving a trail of goop and spawning Swoopin' Stus in their wake. Eventually, they hit the ground with a large splat, much like the ones Petey shoots, creating a large puddle of goop at the bottom of the cliffs.

Like Piranhabons, Glorpedoes roll right over Mario without stopping if he is in their way. However, spraying them with F.L.U.D.D. causes them to expand until they burst, releasing the sprayed water all around them and occasionally leaving Water Bottles behind. Jumping on top of them creates a very large puddle of goop.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Pollut Ball[3]
Pollute Ball

A Japanese adverb meaning "bristling" or "thorny"
Italian Melmapalla[5]



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