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Artwork of two Water Bottles in Super Mario Sunshine.
Two Water Bottles sit side by side.

Water Bottles[1] are objects used to fill up FLUDD with water in Super Mario Sunshine. They are very useful when FLUDD's water tank is empty or close to being empty and there are no bodies of water available for Mario to refill it. Water Bottles are found only on Isle Delfino, and they are occasionally dropped by enemies after they have been defeated. They disappear almost immediately after they are dropped, however, so the player must be extremely quick when attempting to collect them. Water Bottles come in two sizes. Small ones refill half of FLUDD's tank, while big ones refill FLUDD's tank completely. Small Water Bottles are hexagonal and have a Noki label with a blue background, and big Water Bottles are rectangular and have a Pianta label with "MONTE DRINK" written on it with a green background.


Super Mario Sunshine[edit]

  • Instruction booklet: "These bottles full up FLUDD's tank. Small bottles fill the tank halfway and large bottles fill it all the way."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Bottle Short[2]
Bottle Large[3]
Petto Botoru
Short Bottle

Large Bottle

PET Bottle
French Bouteille plastique[5] Plastic bottle
German PET-Flasche PET Bottle
Italian Bottiglia d'acqua Water bottle


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