Delfino Emergency Broadcast System

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An example of an alert from D.E.B.S. as seen in Super Mario Sunshine.
A Delfino Emergency Broadcast System alert in progress
“Master Mario! Have you seen the message updates? They're from the Delfino Emergency Broadcast System. They'll tell you what's happening on the island!”
Toadsworth, Super Mario Sunshine

The Delfino Emergency Broadcast System, acronymized as D.E.B.S., is Isle Delfino's instant news and warning system. It provides the island's inhabitants with notifications about various happenings around the island, including current events and recent disasters. While it usually provides the player with helpful hints, these hints are often very subtle; for instance, the goop covering the Grand Pianta Statue at the beginning of Super Mario Sunshine is hinted at with an alert saying that "...several people have gone missing near the Grand Pianta statue...," referring to the fact that many of the Piantas and Nokis in Bianco Square have been buried under the goop.

In Super Mario Sunshine, the Delfino Emergency Broadcast System appears exclusively in Delfino Plaza as scrolling white text on a translucent black background on the bottom of the screen, following a four-note chime. It also appears in Mario Power Tennis during the minigame Tic-Tac-Glow as one of the game's generic advice messages, labeled "D.E.B.S." (in a different font from the one used in Super Mario Sunshine). In both appearances, it works similarly to a news ticket.

D.E.B.S. ALERT messages in Super Mario Sunshine[edit]

  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...Shine scientists report that the Shine Sprites of Isle Delfino's legendary Shine Gate have disappeared. The appearance of graffiti on the island is being cited as a possible clue, but officials are reluctant to draw any conclusions..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...It seems several people have gone missing near the Grand Pianta statue in Bianco Square..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom has apparently been kidnapped. The suspected kidnapper was last seen escaping through the eastern fruit market..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...Isle Delfino Police are investigating a possible connection between recent graffiti incidents and the loss of contact with Bianco Hills and Ricco Harbor..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...This just in. The boathouse west of town has disappeared. Isle Delfino Police are overwhelmed by the recent epidemic of strange events and note that the investigation of this mystery may take some time..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...According to new information, the lighthouse on the eastern coast has disappeared. Investigations are now underway..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...The fruit freighter, formerly unable to leave port, has now temporarily resumed service..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom has apparently been kidnapped...AGAIN. The suspect was last seen escaping to the west, with the princess in tow..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...According to witnesses, a mysterious "turtle" has appeared in the area near the western cannon. Police suspect a link with the recent kidnapping and are investigating thoroughly..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...Repairs to the typhoon-damaged cannon on the western shore have been completed. An investigation of Pinna Island is scheduled to begin soon..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...A mysterious band of light has appeared in the area of the city's central dock. Local residents have been spotted gazing curiously up into the sky..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...The mysterious mustachioed man has been seen running about town holding an egg-like object. The mustache-man is also the primary suspect in the recent kidnapping of Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...The mysterious mustachioed man has been seen running around town holding some type of machine. The mustache-man is also the primary suspect in the recent kidnapping of Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...It's been reported that a lone Yoshi egg has been spotted on a local rooftop. This news is unconfirmed..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...Mysterious boxes have been spotted near the fountain by Delfino Plaza's Grand Pianta Statue..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...Delfino Plaza has recently experienced a waterfall-like deluge of rain in all areas. Residents are advised to seek shelter on rooftops to avoid the rising flood waters..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...The fence guarding the cave behind the Shine Gate has apparently been washed away by the recent flooding. Police caution residents to stay away from the cave entrance, as the area may be dangerous..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...The flood caused by recent record-breaking rains has receded, and the water level is back to normal. The Shine Gate has also opened..."
  • "...D.E.B.S. ALERT...Shine scientists report that the Shine Sprites, which had all but vanished in recent days, are rapidly returning to their traditional gathering spot, the Shine Gate. In related news, the haze which has covered Isle Delfino is thinning, and the sunlight is recovering its former strength. Clear skies are forecast, with a zero-percent chance of rain..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドルピックニュース
Dorupikku Nyūsu
Dolphic News

French Bulletin d'information d'urgence de Delfino (B.I.U.D.)
Delfino emergency news report
Italian Delfinia News
Delfino News
Spanish (NOE) (S.U.N)