Red Electrokoopa

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Red Electrokoopa
A Red Electrokoopa from Super Mario Sunshine.
Artwork from Super Mario Sunshine
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Variant of Climbing Koopa
Notable members
“Those Electro-Koopas are up to no good! Could you flush them out from back there? Thanks!”
Noki, Super Mario Sunshine
A Red Electrokoopa discharges electricity
A Red Electrokoopa climbing a metal screen

Red Electrokoopas[1] are a variant of Climbing Koopa that appears in Super Mario Sunshine. Red Electrokoopas are one of two kinds of Electro-Koopas, along with the blue type. Both are quadrupeds and have electrical shells. Red Electrokoopas appear in Pinna Park during Episode 3 (Red Coins of the Pirate Ships) and Episode 5 (The Runaway Ferris Wheel) and in Pianta Village in Episode 3 (The Goopy Inferno), where they climb on metal screens. The Electro-Koopa King (which is colored green) causes the problem in The Runaway Ferris Wheel. To defeat Red Electrokoopas, Mario must kick, punch, or ground-pound them from the other side of the metal screen or below them. When this happens, they fly off. They shock Mario if he touches them, although they damage him by the shock and not by knocking him off the metal screen, unlike a Klamber. Also unlike Klambers, Red Electrokoopas merely crawl back and forth, instead of following Mario. As they climb, a squeaking noise can be heard; it is unknown if they produce the noise or if it is merely the grating they are walking upon creaking.

In Pinna Park during Episode 3, Red Electrokoopas can be found climbing green metal screens high in the air, and they must be defeated to get some Red Coins. In Episode 5, they are found climbing several metal screens at the back of the park, guarding the Electro-Koopa King. In Episode 3 of Pianta Village, they are found at the underside of the village, climbing metal screens alongside Klambers.

Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Super Mario Sunshine aminoko[2] Aminoko Abbreviation of Kana-ami Nokonoko

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デンキノコノコ<赤>[3] / デンキノコノコ(赤)[4]
Denki Nokonoko (Aka)
Electric Koopa Troopa (red)

French Koopa électrique (rouge)[5]
Electric Koopa (red)
German Elektro-Koopa (rot)
Electric Koopa (red)
Italian Elettrokoopa Rosso[6]
Elettro Koopa rosso[7]
Red Electrokoopa
Red Electrokoopa


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