Kung Fu Koopa

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Kung Fu Koopa's Orb shop.
Kung Fu Koopa's shop.
Kung Fu Koopa's trophy.
“A Pagoda Peak original! This one-of-a kind figure re-creates the Koopa Master's apprentice!”
Kung Fu Koopa Figurine Description, Duty-Free Shop

Kung Fu Koopas are Koopa apprentices of Koopa Master in Mario Party 7. The Kung Fu Koopas live in Pagoda Peak, running the Orb Huts. The player could buy a trophy of a Kung Fu Koopa for five hundred Cruise Mileage Points in the Duty-Free Shop.

The Kung Fu Koopa's trophy description states that they "train day and night."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カンフーノコノコ
Kanfū Nokonoko
Kung Fu Koopa Troopa

Italian Koopa Kung Fu