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“Ummm... Yeah, I guess this isn't my father, after all.”
Koops, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Kolorado's father, who appears as a non-living Dull Bones in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, was the father of Kolorado from Paper Mario. Although Kolorado's father is now a Dull Bones, he was once a Koopa Troopa.

Kolorado's father is seen in one of the early rooms of Hooktail Castle in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, where Koops mistakes the bones for those of his seemingly late father Koopley. Thinking that the rumor that Koopley is dead is finally confirmed to be true, Koops breaks down in tears, but then he notices a letter within the skeletal remains. Koops asks Mario whether if he should read the letter or not. If Mario indulges Koops to read it, Koops will read the following:

"I came to this castle to destroy Hooktail, but I am stuck and can go no further. So in this letter, I shall note Hooktail's weaknesses for those who follow. The dread Hooktail cannot tolerate creatures that begin with 'cr' and end with 'icket'. Hidden somewhere in this castle is an item related to Hooktail's weakness. If one is to have any hope of defeating Hooktail, one must first find that item. One last thing: if faced with ultimate doom, the fiend will use any trick to save itself. If you hope to defeat it, do not give in to your kinder nature and fall for its tricks. Alas, I do not have the strength to continue writing... Already, mist veils my eyes... My last words to my son, Kolorado: I love you, and I'm proud of who you've become."

As the last words are read, Koops realizes that these are not his father's bones after all, and Mario and his team continue onward. His bones remain intact and the letter can be read again at any point in the game. Kolorado's father plays no further part in the game.

If the player chooses not to read the letter, they simply move on and neither gain the insight about Hooktail's weaknesses and tactics nor the knowledge over the true identity of the bones. However, the player can read it again at anytime, where Mario reads it instead of Koops.



  • "...Koops's dad? No, I don't think so..."