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Goombella countering a Spania with the Superguard in Rogueport Sewers
Goombella countering a Spania with the Superguard in Rogueport Sewers
A Superguard is capable of killing an attacking enemy.

The Superguard is an alternate version of guarding used in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. If done correctly, Mario or his partner will spin around and words will pop out next to them saying "GREAT" in orange; whereas normal guarding will have Mario or his partner just retain a ducked position, and the words say "NICE" in blue. Executing a superguard will also nullify all damage and negative status that would have otherwise been inflicted by the attack. Furthermore it will deal one point of damage to physical attackers (except for those with unpiercable defense such as Iron Clefts), and cancel out multi-hit physical attacks. However superguarding will prevent dealing Electrified or Payback damage to the attacking enemy. Superguarding will also reflect segments thrown by Pokeys and Poison Pokeys, in which case these segments will deal back damage to the Pokey equal to their attack power. However, no other projectiles work this way.


Although superguards are more effective than guards, they are significantly harder to execute, having to input B Button 3 frames (3/60th of a second) before contact, rather than a guard's 8 frames (8/60th of a second)[1] The input window will also decrease by 1 frame for every Unsimplifier equipped, however it takes two Simplifiers to increase the superguard's guard window to 4 frames. Equiping a single simplifier will have no effect on superguard timing.

Unsuperguardable attacks[edit]

Some attacks in the game are also impossible to superguard, The following attacks are impossible to guard or superguard in the PAL and US release of the game.

  • All items used by enemies
  • Hooktail, Gloomtail and Bonetail’s Bite attacks
  • Vivian's Fiery Jinx
  • Marilyn's Thunder (in both encounters)
  • Bulky Bob-omb's & Bob-ulk's Explosions
  • The Shadow Queen's Shade Hands attack (the player can guard however, making it the only attack that can be guarded but not Superguarded)

On top of these, the Japanese release of the game also makes these moves unsuperguardable:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーガード
Sūpā Gādo
Super Guard

French Contre
German Konter
Italian Super difesa
Super defense
Spanish Súper Defensa
Super Defense

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  • The Pixl Barry's ability in Super Paper Mario is very similar to the Superguard; their animations are very similar (spinning in place), and both require good timing (though Barry's doesn't have to be very precise) in order to deal damage to the opponent and protect the player from damage.