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In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario can discover Hidden Blocks throughout the areas he visits. Like regular ? Blocks, these invisible blocks contain coins, items, and even badges. Mario can locate them by using Ms. Mowz's field ability (by pressing X Button) to search or items on the field or from hidden blocks. Mario can still uncover them himself without her, however, even before she joins his party. He can also learn of the locations of some the hidden blocks by listening to some of Wonky's tales. If Mario reveals a block containing an item or badge, then leaves and returns to the area without collecting the contents, the block will become invisible again until he does so. Some invisible blocks are used as stepping stones to reach new places or other items, such as Shine Sprites. There are 15 hidden blocks in the game. This page lists the location of each hidden block, the contents, and how to get to them.

Hidden Blocks[edit]

Location Item Description Image Image (block revealed)
Rogueport Sewers Pretty Lucky.png
Pretty Lucky Badge
In the area with the Puni hole, on the opposite side from the hole itself, Mario should jump to reveal the Hidden Block. The location of this block is mentioned in Wonky's Tales, "What's Hidden Below".[1] PMTTYDHiddenBlocks1.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks1R.png
Boggly Woods PDown DUp P.png
P-Down, D-Up P Badge
In the area with the tall stump that allows him to go into Airplane Mode, he should go to the tree stumps in the back and jump at the tenth one from the left to reveal the Hidden Block. The location of this block is mentioned in Wonky's Tales, "Secret of Boggly Woods".[2] PMTTYDHiddenBlocks2.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks2R.png
The Great Tree 1 Coin In the area with the narrow passageways with Piders, is a red ? Block. Mario must use Koops to hit the Hidden Block directly underneath the block. PMTTYDHiddenBlocks3.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks3R.png
Glitzville 1 Coin Outside, near the front-right pillar of the Glitz Pit's entrance is a Shine Sprite. There's a Hidden Block underneath it that Mario can reveal by hitting it with his Hammer. PMTTYDHiddenBlocks4.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks4R.png
Twilight Trail Super Shroom TTYD.png
Super Shroom
In the second area from Twilight Town, Mario should find a ? Block, then jump up from it to reveal the Hidden Block. PMTTYDHiddenBlocks5.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks5R.png
Twilight Trail Coin Block In the dark wooded area with the boulder that must be pushed, Mario should jump left of the first hole to reveal the Hidden Block (covered by a tree in the foreground). PMTTYDHiddenBlocks6.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks6R.png
Creepy Steeple 1 Coin At the entrance of the Steeple, Mario should jump at the fourth step from the top to reveal the Hidden Block. The location of this block is mentioned in Wonky's Tales, "Creepy Steeple's Secret".[3] PMTTYDHiddenBlocks7.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks7R.png
Keelhaul Key Coin Block containing 10 coins. In the fourth area is a ? Block on the ground. Jumping above it will reveal the Hidden Block. PMTTYDHiddenBlocks8.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks8R.png
Keelhaul Key Jammin Jelly TTYD.png
Jammin' Jelly
In the same area, is another ? block containing a Thunder Rage at the top of the area. Slightly south of this block is the hidden one. To hit it, Mario must walk to the edge and spin his Hammer to reveal it. Alternatively, he can use Bobbery to reveal it. Another option is for Mario to get to the center yellow block and using the Spring Jump from the Ultra Boots to spring straight up to reveal the Hidden Block. The location of this block is mentioned in Wonky's Tales, "Southern Isle Secret".[4] PMTTYDHiddenBlocks9.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks9R.png
Pirate's Grotto 1 Coin In the area with the second Save Block, at the second step from the top, Mario must use Koops to hit the Hidden Block underneath the Shine Sprite. PMTTYDHiddenBlocks10.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks10R.png
Pirate's Grotto Coin Block In the area just before the corridor with Bill Blasters, there's a Shine Sprite on the right side. There's a Hidden Block underneath it that Mario can reveal by hitting it with his Hammer. PMTTYDHiddenBlocks11.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks11R.png
Riverside Station Thunder Rage TTYD.png
Thunder Rage
Outside, in the area with Poison Pokeys, is a lone ? Block. Jumping up from it will reveal the Hidden Block. PMTTYDHiddenBlocks12.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks12R.png
Fahr Outpost Double Dip P.png
Double Dip P Badge
In the first area with the Warp Pipe to Rogueport Sewers, Mario should jump directly in front of the rightmost tree to reveal the Hidden Block. The location of this block is mentioned in Wonky's Tales, "Cold Place's Secret".[5] PMTTYDHiddenBlocks13.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks13R.png
Palace of Shadow Boos Sheet TTYD.png
Boo's Sheet
In the area with a bridge over water with Fire Bars, in a middle of the room is a couple of Fire Bars spinning around one spot. At that spot, Mario should jump from it to reveal the Hidden Block. PMTTYDHiddenBlocks14.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks14R.png
Palace of Shadow Point Swap TTYD.png
Point Swap
In the mechanical side of the hallways leading to the palace's throne room, one of the rooms has a lone Coin Block. Jumping above this block will reveal the Hidden Block. PMTTYDHiddenBlocks15.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks15R.png

Hidden Block count[edit]

This chart shows the number of Hidden Blocks for each location, with the total amount at the bottom. Locations are listed in the order the player can visit them.

Location Count
Rogueport Sewers 1
Boggly Woods 1
The Great Tree 1
Glitzville 1
Twilight Trail 2
Creepy Steeple 1
Keelhaul Key 2
Pirate's Grotto 2
Riverside Station 1
Fahr Outpost 1
Palace of Shadow 2
Total 15

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