Mayor Dour

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Mayor Dour

Mayor Dour is the mayor of Twilight Town in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The word "dour" is a synonym for "gloomy", which is an appropriate description of Mayor Dour and his town. In keeping with the ragdoll-esque appearance of the Twilight Towners, patches of fluff and loose threads can be seen on his head.

He helps Mario during his visit to Twilight Town by explaining the pig problem. Mario needs his permission to pass the gate into the Twilight Trail to Creepy Steeple. Ironically, Mayor Dour turns into a pig right before Mario can visit him to ask him about it, but the guard blocking the Twilight Trail turns into a pig as well, and the hero can thus continue on his way.


  • That's the Twilight Town mayor. He doesn't seem too reliable, though. I guess he's been through a lot, though, so maybe I oughta cut him some slack.
  • Even the mayor got turned into a pig! At this rate, they'll all be pigs soon. And then... maybe even us... NO WAY!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Tenebrosio From "tenebroso" (dark/gloomy) and possibly the Spanish male name "Ambrosio"
French Doyen Elder (Mayor Dour was not given an actual name in the French version: Goombella only refers to him as the Elder of Twilight Town)