Petal Meadows

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Petal Meadows
Greater location Rogueport's surrounding areas
Inhabitants Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Paragoombas, Spiky Goombas
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)

Petal Meadows is a small area which leads to Petalburg and Hooktail Castle in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Players can reach this area by going through a certain Warp Pipe found in Rogueport Sewers. The enemies found here include Goombas (as well as Goomba sub-species) and Koopa Troopas. It's the only place where Horsetails can be retrieved. The full description on the game's map reads, "Meadows that lie far to the east of Rogueport. It's a warm and flowery place."

Petal Meadows is similar to Pleasant Path in Paper Mario.


For enemy formations in Petal Meadows, see here.


Item Icon Location
Close Call Close Call TTYD.png In the red question block in the second screen.
Fire Flower Fire Flower TTYD.png In the question block near the bridge in the third screen.
In the fifth screen to the right of Petalburg, it's in the question block in the middle.
Happy Heart Happy Heart.png On top of a high brick in the second screen. Mario can take the pipe and toss Koops to get it.
Horsetail Horsetail TTYD.png In the second screen, it is dropped by the rightmost Candy Cane when hit 10 times. Replenishable source.
Inn Coupon Inn Coupon TTYD.png On the ground in the fifth screen to the right of Petalburg.
Mushroom Mushroom TTYD.png In the right tree back of the entrance pipe in the first screen.
In the question block in the right of the first screen.
Mystery Mystery TTYD.png In the first bush to the right of the bridge in the third screen.
POW Block POW Block TTYD.png In the first screen to the right of Petalburg, one is in the question block on the ground.
In the third screen to the right of Petalburg, one is in the first bush on the last platform.
Star Piece Star Piece TTYD.gif One is in the left tree back of the entrance pipe in the first screen.
One is in the right of the background area in the third screen. Mario can get it by taking a pipe.
One is in the first clump of grass beyond Petalburg.

Area Tattles[edit]

Mario interacting with the background.
  • Ah, the Petal Meadows. A plateau surrounded by hills far to the east of Rogueport. It's mild and pleasant here all year round. I love it! Doesn't it feel nice? ...Oh, hey, and Mario? If you hit a tree, sometimes something good falls out. I know that came out of left field, but I mean it! If you see a tree, smack it!
  • Ah, the Petal Meadows. The scenery's super-nice, but be careful of all the Goombas. Make sure you've always got enough HP and FP to fight, will ya? Oh, and you can press Z Button to check your stats, too.
  • The river running through here totally makes the air crisp and refreshing. Hey, and by the way, Mario, have you tried checking the grass around here? Sometimes those clumps of grass hide good stuff, so always check them with A Button!
  • This path leads to Shhwonk Fortress. ...Is it just me, or is this area darker? There are enemies around, so if you feel weak, remember to take it easy, OK?
  • This is part of Shhwonk Fortress. We got a couple pedestals here. That's it. It looks pretty decent, but this place is actually insanely old, did you know that? I'd say it was built about... a thousand years ago. Yup. What vibrant ruins!
  • This is the path to Shhwonk Fortress. The air here's a bit stale, don'tcha think? Oh, yeah, and listen, Mario... Remember, you don't have to attack every enemy you see. If you have low HP, you might just wanna avoid them. That's Exploring 101, y'know?
  • This is part of Shhwonk Fortress. We got a couple pedestals here. That's it. Still, to archaeologists, this place is a gold mine. I gotta come back sometime...
  • This is the path to Shhwonk Fortress. The main entrance is just over there. There's a recovery block there, too. If your HP and FP are low, hit it, OK?
  • This is Shhwonk Fortress. Suspicious statue... I'm pretty sure it's a Thwomp bust. Hey, I just remembered something I read about this place in a book! Whenever the villagers were confronted with a monster, they'd hide in this fortress... I guess there's a little bit of history everywhere you look, huh, Mario?
  • We're in Shhwonk Fortress. My shoes are totally soaked through now... Just great. Plus, it's dark, and cramped, and it smells totally bad... This place is not cool, Mario.
  • There sure are a lot of Fuzzies living here in Shhwonk Fortress... I saw one a minute ago, and I thought it was a ghost! I totally hate dark places...
  • We're in Shhwonk Fortress. All this water has made the place a little cold... I wouldn't mind getting out of here for some fresh air soon, you know what I mean?
  • All this moisture makes this place really moldy-smelling. And what's that other stink? Is that what wet Fuzzy smells like? I think I'm gonna totally barf.
  • We're in Shhwonk Fortress. This room is damp and moldy, too. Like every other one. Jeepers creepers... I just wanna see the sun again. Is that so wrong?

Names in other languages[edit]

RogueportPetalburgPetal MeadowsHooktail CastleThe Great TreeBoggly WoodsPirate's GrottoKeelhaul KeyTwilight TownTwilight TrailFahr OutpostCreepy SteepleMoonX-Naut FortressGlitzvillePoshley SanctumRiverside StationPoshley Heights
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドラドラ平原
Doradora Heigen
Dora comes from "dōra" (銅羅, causeway). Heigen means "plain".
Spanish Llanura Estelar Stellar Plain
French Plaines Dragobé Dragobé is a pun on "dragon" and "gobé" (French for "swallowed"), in reference to how Hooktail eats people. Plaines means "plains".
German Feuertal Fire Valley
Italian Piana dell'Iride Iris plain


  • The background music used in Petal Meadows seems to include interludes of the bonus area theme as played in the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros.
  • The background used outside of the Mario Bros.' House in Super Paper Mario would appear to have been modeled after that of Petal Meadows, retaining its dark, swirly areas featured on clouds and light blue lines through the sky.