Bomb Squad

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Bomb Squad
One of Bobbery's bombs, which is based on his appearance.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door move
Bomb Squad
Bomb Squad in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Mastered by Admiral Bobbery
Rank Base Rank
Effect Admiral Bobbery will throw 3 bombs which will explode 2 turns later
Target All targets within each individual bomb's hitbox.
Attack Power 3 damage per bomb
Element Explosion

Bomb Squad is a default move that can be performed by Admiral Bobbery in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door at the cost of 3 FP. This move's Action Command involves a moving cursor that indicates the angle at which the bomb will be thrown, somewhat similar to Shell Shot from the prequel, though the bombs are affected by gravity and will land on the ground. The player needs to press the A Button button at the three times the cursor corresponds to the desired angle. If this is not performed within the time limit, the remaining bombs will be automatically shot in haphazard fashion. The bombs detonate 2 turns after being placed, before Mario's attacking phase.[1] Each bomb deals 3 explosive damage regardless of Bobbery's Rank, although they are affected by defense or elemental weakness. Each bomb has a specific hitbox and can hit multiple enemies or enemy segments (such as both Cortez's gem and bone pile) at once, as well as hit enemies at any elevation. If placed too close, the bombs can even damage Mario or the partner.

As the third bomb is midway to being thrown, the player can press A Button again to perform a Stylish move.

The order of the bombs' explosions is based on their positions on the battlefield. The first priority is given to any bombs to the left of the stage's center, going from the closest to the center to the farthest to the left, and then from the center to the right. Bombs can also cause chain explosions by hitting other bombs when they explode; these bombs will be given highest priority and explode from leftmost to rightmost regardless of proximity to the stage's center.[1] These chain explosions can even detonate bombs that were not meant to detonate on the current turn, resulting in up to 6 explosions in a single turn.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese じげんバクダン
Jigen Bakudan
Time Bomb

French Mèch'longue
Long mech
German Zeitbombe
Time bomb
Italian Triplobomba
Triple bomb
Spanish Bomba Tiempo
Time Bomb


  • What appears to be merchandise based on the bombs used in this attack appears in Francis' private rooms in Super Paper Mario's Fort Francis area.
  • Due to the bombs resembling attacks completely independent from Bobbery, using them against the Shadow Queen shortly before she goes to her second phase can actually accelerate the phase entirely (which simply requires her to be attacked three times).


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