Big Blooper

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This article is about the large Blooper in Super Paper Mario. For the large Blooper in Mario Party: Star Rush, see Mega Blooper. For the large Blooper in Paper Mario, see Super Blooper (boss).
“Bloobloobloobloop! (Hey, land freaks! How'd you like a tentacle sandwich?!)”
Big Blooper, Super Paper Mario
Super Paper Mario Enemy
Big Blooper
Location(s) Tile Pool (3-2)
Max HP ?? (3 hits)
Attack 2
Defense 0
Score 0
Card Type Uncommon
Card Location(s) Card Shop; Map 20
Card Description
It's a giant, ten-tentacled squid! That's right...ten. How'd it get so big? Must be something in the water.
That's Big Blooper, a titanic squid that lurks under the waves of the Tile Pool... Max HP is ??. Attack is 2. This many-tentacled sea beast clobbers its prey... But that red tentacle is its weak spot... Try attacking it...
List of Catch Cards
183           184           185

Big Blooper is a boss who fights the protagonists in Super Paper Mario, during Chapter 3-2 (in The Tile Pool). Its theme is an arrangement of the underwater music from Super Mario Bros. 3.

This gigantic Blooper blocks the way through The Tile Pool and prevents Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser, from moving on to Fort Francis. There are a few options for offense against it. The player may jump on the tentacles when they are sticking up out of the water. The player may also use Thudley to ground-pound the tentacles or use Bowser's fire breath to singe them. The fiery-breath may be the safer choice, as the player will lose Heart Points if they miss when ground pounding, but it takes longer. Slamming or burning the blue tentacles makes the more-sensitive red tentacles bob upward with more frequency.

Defeating Big Blooper does not earn the player any points, and the giant squid is not killed by the encounter. If the player enters the area where the Blooper's tentacles come out of the floor and ceiling, Big Blooper can be tattled using Tippi or Tiptron.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイオーゲッソー
Daiō Gessō
Great King Blooper
French Méga Bloups Gooper Blooper
German Mega-Blooper Mega Blooper
Italian GigaCalamako GigaBlooper