Boo Space

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Boo Space
MP10 SpaceBoo.png
Purpose Triggers a Boo Change event, which is decided by a roulette
First appearance Mario Party 10 (2015)

Boo Spaces are spaces that appear exclusively on the Haunted Trail board in Mario Party 10, where thirteen of these spaces appear. The spaces are round and white with a Boo's mouth on them, similar to Boo's various Emblems. The spaces activate a Boo Change event, where a roulette wheel will decide which player the Boo will haunt. The Boo will steal five Mini Stars from them every turn until the Boo either a wheel spin causes the Boo to haunt another character or is scared off by a Streetlight. Only the three characters who do not currently have the Boo appear on the wheel, so the currently haunted character cannot have a prolonged time with the Boo. Any character can activate the event, whether they are currently haunted or not.