Dragoneel Treasure

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Dragoneel Treasure
MP10 SpaceDragoneelTreasure.png
Purpose Allows the player to choose a treasure chest with something helpful or harmful inside
First appearance Mario Party 10 (2015)

Dragoneel Treasures are spaces that first appear in Mario Party 10, only on the board Whimsical Waters. If the player passes one, they will have a chance to win up to 20 Mini Stars (Jackpot!), 10 Mini Stars (Winner!), 5 Mini Stars (Winner!), or a Slow Dice Block. Getting nearer to the end of the board, the possibility of winning the Jackpot increases. In Bowser Party, Dragoneel Treasures always have five chests, with one for Jackpot (+2 hearts for whole team), one for Winner (+1 heart for whole team), one for a Slow Dice Block and two that have Fish Bones which takes away half of the captain's hearts.

At the loop just before the Homestretch, the functionality of Dragoneel Treasures is carried on to Dragoneel Spaces.