Super Bowser Dice Block

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Super Bowser Dice Block

First Appearance

Mario Party 10 (2015)

Effect on Player

Acts like a regular dice block, but if the Bowser mark is rolled, Bowser will instantly catch up.

The Super Bowser Dice Block appears in Mario Party 10 in Bowser Party at Chaos Castle. When Team Mario reaches the homestretch, Bowser will bust the door open and fuse the four Bowser Dice Blocks into a alternate state of them, becoming the Super Bowser Dice Block. With this dice block, Bowser can use it as a regular dice but with a Bowser mark on the die replacing the one square. If it lands on the Bowser mark, Bowser instantly catches up to Team Mario. Instead of going after all of Team Mario, Bowser rolls after each member's turn.