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Star Switch
Star Switch
First appearance Super Mario 64 DS (2004)
Effect Temporarily spawns a Power Star inside a nearby Star Sphere

A Star Switch is a type of Purple Switch appearing only in Super Mario 64 DS. Star Switches resemble yellow stars and have an exclamation mark imprinted on each. Any playable character can activate a Star Switch by stepping on it. In doing so, a Power Star temporarily appears in a nearby Star Sphere, so the player is given limited time to collect it, or else they will have to press the Star Switch again. The time limit varies per Star Switch, with some having a longer duration than others. Star Switches appear in ten of the fifteen main courses, where they are necessary for one of the seven missions, each having "Switch Star" somewhere in its name, respectively. Five more Star Switches can be found in the other secret levels, so there is a total of fifteen Switch Stars. Most of these missions require Wario to complete because the Star Switch, or the actual Power Star itself, is usually obstructed by something too powerful for Yoshi, Mario, and Luigi to break.


Image Course Star Location
Star Switch Whomp's Fortress
Switch Star of the Fortress
In an alcove below the Moving Bars. The switch is hidden under a Brick accessible to anyone but Yoshi.
Star Switch Jolly Roger Bay
Switch Star of the Bay
Behind a rock in the underwater cave with the falling stone pillars, near where the third Star is located, accessible only to Vanish Luigi. This Switch Star has the shortest timer.
Star Switch Cool, Cool Mountain
Switch Star of Cool, Cool Mountain
On a floating isle near the chairlift that connects the snowman head area with the penguin pond area.
The location of the Star Switch in Big Boo's Haunt in Super Mario 64 DS Big Boo's Haunt
Switch Star in the Basement
In the shallow water outside the merry-go-round in the basement. The switch is located under a Black Brick that only Wario can break.
Star Switch Hazy Maze Cave
Underground Switch Star
Under a Black Brick in a corner of the Elevator Area.
The Star Switch of Shifting Sand Land in Super Mario 64 DS Shifting Sand Land
Tox Box Switch Star
On the course roamed by Tox Boxes above a field of quicksand. The switch is located under a Black Brick.
Star Switch Dire, Dire Docks
Koopa Surfin' Switch Star
Near the access point of the level, on a small shoreline. The switch is located under one of the three Black Bricks.
Star Switch Tiny-Huge Island
Switch Star on the Island
In the cave underneath the area where Wiggler is fought.
Star Switch Tick Tock Clock
The Pendulum Switch Star
On the platform patrolled by a Heave-Ho and two Goombas, near the two large pendulums.
Star Switch Rainbow Ride
Switch Star of the Manor
On the far end of a wooden platform, outside the Cloud House, where the second Star is.
Star Switch Goomboss Battle On a long platform next to the huge caged shaft, accessible only by Mario's Wall Kick.
Star Switch The Secret Under the Moat On a remote area opposite the large slope at the beginning, accessible by either Mario's floating ability or wall-kicking. This Switch Star has the longest timer.
Star Switch Bowser in the Dark World Behind the Warp Pipe that leads to the boss battle with Bowser.
Star Switch Bowser in the Fire Sea On top of the obstacle course with the rising and sinking grid platforms near the end of the level.
Star Switch Bowser in the Sky On the far end of the platform underneath the first set of Ferris wheel platforms.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Interrupteur d'étoile
Star switch
Italian Interruttore Stella
Star Switch