Switch Star on the Island

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Switch Star on the Island
Switch Star on the Island.PNG
Location Tiny-Huge Island
Mission # 7
Game Super Mario 64 DS
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Switch Star on the Island is the seventh and final mission of Tiny-Huge Island, exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS. The mission's objective is to collect the Switch Star in Wiggler's cave.


Map of the cave in Tiny-Huge Island
Map of the cave

The player must be able to get inside the cave, likewise as they did in Wiggler's Red Coins. There are several methods to get inside the cave. One method requires the cannon to be open. If it is not open, talking to the Bob-omb Buddy where the cannon would be located on the Tiny Island will open it. On the Huge Island, the player needs to use the cannon to blast to a tree on the cliffside. Once up there, the player has to cross a narrow bridge, which is slightly larger in the DS version, to reach the opening into the cave.

Alternative ways to get inside the cave are jumping high and long enough from a higher location to land on the bridge leading into the cave, using Luigi's Backward Somersault, and riding a Koopa Shell up the hill to reach the top of the cliffside.

In the cave on the large platform to the left of the entrance is the Star Switch, with the Star Sphere on the opposite end of the cave on top of one of the pillars. Once the switch is pressed, the Power Star appears in the Star Sphere. In order to reach it in time, Mario has to run to the pillars and use his Wall Kick between them. The player can also jump and climb on the wire net to reach the Star Sphere if they are fast enough.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese しまのなかの スイッチスター
Shima no Naka no Suicchi Sutā
Switch Star Inside of the Island
Chinese 岛上的开关星星[1]
Dǎoshàng de Kāiguān Xīngxīng
Switch Star on the Island
French L'étoile de l'île The Star of the Island
German Ein Stern auf der Insel A Star on the Island
Italian Interruttore sull'Isola Switch on the Island
Korean 섬안의스위치스타
Seom an ui seuwichi seuta
Switch Star in the Island
Spanish Interruptor en la isla Switch on the Island


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