5 Secrets of the Mountain

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5 Secrets of the Mountain
5 Secrets of the Mountain.png
Location Tall, Tall Mountain
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario 64 DS
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5 Secrets of the Mountain is the sixth mission of Tall, Tall Mountain, exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS. This mission can be cleared via the intended method only with Mario, and the red blocks need to be tangible. It is also possible to complete this with Hoot.


The player has to climb to the top of the mountain once again. At the top, there is a red block containing the Wings, which Mario has to collect to gain the Wing Cap. With the Wing Cap on, Mario has to do a Triple Jump to take off and fly through the center of the five coin rings in the air. Once all five rings have been flown through, the Power Star appears on the mountaintop.

If the player opts to use Hoot, they simply can hold on to him and must timely release their fall to collect the five coins. They must also be careful not to take damage from the drop or fall into the pit below.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おやまの 5シークレット
Oyama no 5 shīkuretto
5 Secrets of the Mountain

Chinese 山上的5个秘密[1]
Shānshàng de 5-gè Mìmì
5 Secrets on the Mountain

French 5 secrets de montagne
5 Mountain Secrets
German 5 Geheimnisse des Berges
5 Secrets of the Mountain
Italian I 5 segreti della montagna
The 5 secrets of the mountain
Korean 산의다섯비밀
San ui daseot bimil
Five Secrets of the Mountain

Spanish 5 secretos de la montaña
5 Secrets of the Mountain


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