Yoshi's Ice Sculpture

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Yoshi's Ice Sculpture
SM64DS Snowmans Land Star 3.png
Location Snowman's Land
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario 64 DS
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Yoshi's Ice Sculpture is the third mission of Snowman's Land in Super Mario 64 DS, replacing In the Deep Freeze from the original game. This mission can be completed only with Yoshi.


To the left of Yoshi's starting position are four stacks of Ice, and he has to melt them in order to obtain the Power Star inside. To give Yoshi fire breath, he needs to eat a nearby Fly Guy or campfire, or hit the red block over by the ravine to produce a Power Flower and gain the ability. Before the power-up wears off, Yoshi has to run to the stacks of Ice and melt them down to obtain the Power Star in time.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーの こおりの オブジェ
Yosshī no Kōri no Obuje
Yoshi's Objet (d'Art) of Ice
Chinese 耀西的冰雕[1]
Yàoxī de Bīngdiāo
Yoshi's Ice Sculpture
French Yoshi sculpteur sur glace Yoshi Ice Sculpture
German Yoshis Eisskulptur Yoshi's Ice Sculpture
Italian La Scultura di Ghiaccio di Yoshi Yoshi's Ice Sculpture
Korean 요시의얼음조각
Yosi ui Eorum Jogak
Yoshi's Ice Sculpture
Spanish La obra de hielo del gran Yoshi The Great Yoshi's Ice Work


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