Rematch with Koopa the Quick

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Rematch with Koopa the Quick
Tiny-Huge Island Star 3
Location Tiny-Huge Island
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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“I've been feeling down about losing the last race. This is my home course--how about a rematch?”
Koopa the Quick, Super Mario 64

Rematch with Koopa the Quick is the third mission of Tiny-Huge Island in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The mission's objective is to beat Koopa the Quick in a footrace.


To reach Koopa the Quick, the player needs to make it to the base of the mountain near the Shrinker Pipe. If on the Tiny Island, the player needs to take the pipe so they are on the Huge Island. After going down the hill past the hole out of where the iron balls roll, the player is in a field with Koopa the Quick waiting on the opposite end. Talking to him has him ask the player if they are willing to race him again, claiming he has some new "Koopa Mach 1 Sprint" shoes ("Supa Koopa Sprint" sneakers in the DS remake) to help him win this time, obtained at some point after he lost the last race. Like with the last race, Koopa the Quick offers the challenge only to Mario in the DS version.

Accepting his challenge starts the race, and Koopa the Quick begins running toward Windswept Valley. In order to reach the valley and beat Koopa the Quick to it, Mario has to run past the iron ball spawn hole, down the ramp and the ledges, and across the bridge with the wind blowing across it, and finally reach the flagpole in the valley. If Mario beats Koopa the Quick to the flagpole, Koopa rewards the player with the Power Star. Additionally, using any of the Shrinker Pipes restarts the race.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコノコ リターンマッチ
Nokonoko Ritān Macchi
Koopa Troopa Return Match

Chinese 喏库喏库又回来了[2]
Nuòkùnuòkù yòu Huílái le
Koopa Troopa Has Returned

French Koopa-Rapido: La vengeance (SM64)
Revanche contre Koopa-Rapido (SM64 DS)
Koopa the Quick: Revenge
Rematch Against Koopa the Quick
German Trete noch einmal gegen Koopa an! (SM64)
Ein neues Rennen gegen Koopa (SM64 DS)
Compete Against Koopa Again!
A New Race Against Koopa
Italian Rivincita con Koopa il Veloce (Super Mario 64 DS)
La rivincita di Koopa il Veloce[1]
Rematch with Koopa the Quick
Koopa the Quick's rematch
Korean 엉금엉금의복수전
Eonggeum'eonggeum ui Boksujeon
Koopa's Return Match

Spanish Revancha contra Koopa el Rápido
Rematch Against Koopa the Quick


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