Snowman's Lost His Head

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Snowman's Lost His Head
Cool, Cool Mountain Star 5
Location Cool, Cool Mountain
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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Snowman's Lost His Head is the fifth mission of Cool, Cool Mountain in Super Mario 64 and its remake. This mission can be completed only when it is selected from the menu.


For the player to acquire this Power Star, they should head to the left of where Tuxie is found and see a platform with a snowball on it. When the player approaches it, it tells them that it is looking for a new head. The player must then bring the snowball down a slope so it can get to the Headless Snowman. The player must get in front of the snowball and stand behind the Headless Snowman's platform to direct the snowball toward it. If the player does not lead it, or slides ahead of it and takes a shortcut into the snowman's head, the snowball will aimlessly miss its destination and fall off the course (or even into the cannon). The snowman, having obtained its new head, rewards the player with their next Star.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴロゴロ ゆきダルマ
Gorogoro Yukidaruma
Rolling Snowman
Chinese 帮助雪人寻找脑袋[1]
Bāngzhù Xuěrén Xúnzhǎo Nǎodài
Help the Snowman Find the Head
French Bonhomme de neige sans tête Headless Snowman
German Baue einen Schneemann! (SM64)
Ein Schneemann ganz kopflos (SM64 DS)
Build a Snowman!
A Snowman All Headless
Italian Il Pupazzo ha Perso la Testa The Snowman Has Lost Its Head
Korean 데굴데굴눈사람
Degul degul Nunsaram
Rolling Snowman
Spanish Muñeco de nieve sin cabeza Headless Snowman


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