5 Silver Stars!

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5 Silver Stars!
Yoshi Silver Bob-omb.png
Location Bob-omb Battlefield
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario 64 DS
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5 Silver Stars! is the third mission of the Bob-omb Battlefield in Super Mario 64 DS. Its objective is to collect five Silver Stars located around the area. This mission replaces Shoot to the Island in the Sky from Super Mario 64.


The general locations of the Silver Stars are marked on the map. One is found at the top of a tree near the stage's entrance, one is held by a Goomba near a set of four stumps, one is being held by the Goomba wearing Mario's cap, one is in the middle of a patch of flowers near the base of the mountain, and one is attached to the end of the chain on the Chain-Chomp, who is roaming freely around the area. After the player collects all five Silver Stars, the Power Star appears in the Star Sphere near the cannon at the course's starting point. If the player loses a Silver Star, the Power Star will disappear until they reclaim said Silver Star.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 5つぼし!シルバースター
Itsutsu Boshi! Shirubā Sutā
Five Stars! Silver Stars
Chinese 5颗银色星星![1]
5 kē Yínsè Xīngxīng!
Five Silver Stars!
French 5 étoiles d'argent 5 Silver Stars
German 5 Silbersterne! 5 Silver Stars!
Italian 5 Stelle Argento! 5 Silver Stars!
Korean 5개의 실버스타!
5-gae ui silbeoseuta!
Five Silver Stars!
Spanish ¡Las 5 estrellas de plata! The 5 Silver Stars!


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