Shocking Arrow Lifts!

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Shocking Arrow Lifts!
Wet-Dry World Star 1
Location Wet-Dry World
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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Shocking Arrow Lifts! is the first mission of Wet-Dry World in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.


To reach the Power Star, the player has to raise the water level to about halfway using the Crystal Tap on the large stone structure, which is accessible by using the Purple Switch on the bridge near the start of the level. Once the water level is raised, the player needs to swim north to the wooden floating platforms and use them to jump up onto the smaller platform above with the nearby Arrow Lifts. When the player stands on one of the Arrow Lifts, it will begin moving in the direction signified on the lift, then return to its original position. The player needs to use the moving Arrow Lifts to get to the platform on the other side while avoiding the Amp circling the lifts. Once the player is on the other platform, on which there is a Keronpa Ball, jumping at the ! Block will produce the Power Star.

It is also possible to complete this mission in two other ways. With the water below the platforms, the player can long-jump to the platform with the Power Star, skipping the arrow lifts entirely. With the water at its maximum height by hitting the Crystal Tap at the opposite end of the course, the player can jump out of the water below the ! Block to destroy it, though this is not possible in the DS version.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビリビリの まめリフト
Biribiri no Mamerifuto
Biribiri is an onomatopoeia for electric shocks, while 「豆」 mame means "bean" and indicates smallness, and rifuto is from the English "lift".
Chinese 箭头跳板[1]
Jiàntóu Tiàobǎn
Arrow Springboards
French (NOE) Mini plates-formes fléchées! (SM64)
Ascenseurs fléchés (SM64 DS)
Mini Arrow Platforms!
Arrow Lifts
German Folge den blauen Pfeilen! (SM64)
Aufwärts! (SM64 DS)
Follow the Blue Arrows!
Italian Sale o Scende? Go Up or Down?
Korean 찌릿찌릿땅콩리프트
Jjiritjjirit Ttangkong Ripeuteu
Shocky Tiny Lift; 땅콩 ttangkong means "peanut" and indicated smallness.
Spanish (NOE) ¡Mojando plataformas! Soaking Platforms!


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