Quick Race Through Downtown!

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Quick Race Through Downtown!
Wet-Dry World Star 6
Location Wet-Dry World
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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Quick Race Through Downtown! is the sixth mission of Wet-Dry World in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. In Super Mario 64, this mission is the course's final one and requires the Vanish Cap to be unlocked, and in Super Mario 64 DS, this mission requires Luigi and the Power Flower to be unlocked.


There are two ways to get to the downtown area. One way is making the water level rise as high as possible by jumping into the painting at its highest point; by doing this, the water level will be high enough to jump over the tall mesh fence in front of the player's starting position. Another way is to use the cannon on the opposite corner of the course and fire in through the top of the fence. In the DS version of the game, an additional way is available: Playing as Luigi, the player can use his Power Flower ability to phase through the fence. Once behind the fence, the player needs to swim down through the tunnel into the downtown area.

Once in the downtown area, the player needs to swim directly downward and touch the Crystal Tap to lower the water level. With the water drained, the player needs to grab the Vanish Cap/Power Flower from the blue/red block to the left of the plaza. Once they are invisible, the player needs to run back to the alley they were just in and press the Purple Switch, then run to the wire fence in the corner to the right of the plaza. The player can go through some walls while invisible. Once inside the fence, the player has to use the block the Purple Switch created to get onto the structure inside and reach the Power Star. Alternatively, the player can wall-kick off the fence from inside without hitting the Purple Switch to reach the Power Star.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダウンタウンを かけろ
Dauntaun o Kakero
Run through Downtown

Chinese 快速穿过小镇[2]
Kuàisù Chuānguò Xiǎozhèn
Quickly Pass through the Small Town

French Course en ville (SM64)
Course rapide en ville! (SM64 DS)
Race in Town
Quick Race in Town!
German Beachte das Zeitlimit! (SM64)
Ein schnelles Rennen in der Stadt (SM64 DS)
Mind the Time Limit!
A Quick Race in the City
Italian Gara in centro! (Super Mario 64 DS)
Nei sotterranei della città[1]
Race in downtown!
In the town's undergrounds
Korean 다운타운을질주하라!
Dauntaun eul jiljuhara!
Run Through the Downtown!

Spanish En la parte baja de la ciudad
At the Bottom of the City


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