Scale the Mountain

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Not to be confused with Scaling the Mountainside.
Scale the Mountain
Tall, Tall Mountain Fwoosh
Super Mario 64
SM64DS Tall Tall Mountain Star 1.png
Super Mario 64 DS
Location Tall, Tall Mountain
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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Scale the Mountain is the first mission of Tall, Tall Mountain in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The mission's objective is to reach the top of the mountain.


The player starts at the base of the mountain next to a small pond. In front of them is a trio of Goombas. Past them is a ramp that leads to two gaps the player has to long-jump across; failing to cross the first one has the player land on the ground below, but failing the second results in a lost life. Beyond the gaps are several Mushroom Platforms. Past those is a series of platforms that lead farther up the mountain with Red Coins and Monty Moles on them. The player can either take the platforms or continue down a path with Bob-ombs and a Chuckya, followed by a bridge. Afterward, there is a Ukkiki (who attempts to steal the player's cap) and a Fly Guy, followed by a rolling log the player has to cross in order to get across the gap.

After the log is a large slope with several iron balls rolling down it. Alternatively, there is a different path with Bob-ombs (that the aforementioned platforms lead to) the player can use to go around the slope with the boulders. At the end of both paths is a large gap the player has to long-jump across, followed by a Fwoosh that attempts to blow the player off the mountain, causing them to lose their cap. Past the Fwoosh is a grassy area with Goombas, though the grass makes it difficult for the player to jump. After the grass field is a narrow bridge over a waterfall, and across it is the peak of the mountain, where the Power Star is found.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たかいたかい やまのうえ
Takai takai yama no ue
Top of Tall, Tall Mountain

Chinese 攀登高高的山脉[1]
Pāndēng Gāogāo de Shānmài
Climb the High Mountain Ranges

French Escaladez la montagne (original)
Escalade la montagne (DS remake)
Climb the Mountain
Climb the Mountain
German Erklimme den Berg! (original)
Ein großer Berg... (DS remake)
Climb the Mountain!
A Big Mountain...
Italian Una montagna da scalare
A mountain to climb
Korean 높고높은산꼭대기
Nopgo nopeun san kkokdaegi
Summit of Tall, Tall Mountain

Spanish Escala la montaña
Climb the Mountain


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