Five Itty Bitty Secrets

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Five Itty Bitty Secrets
Tiny-Huge Island Star 4
Location Tiny-Huge Island
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario 64
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Five Itty Bitty Secrets is the fourth mission of Tiny-Huge Island, exclusive to Super Mario 64. The mission's objective is to find five secrets hidden around the Tiny Island. In Super Mario 64 DS, this mission was replaced by Klepto the Condor.


The player needs to be on the Tiny Island. Hidden around the course are little holes the player has to touch in order for a secret number to appear. The locations of the five secrets are:

  • On the opposite end of the small doorway arch near the start of the course.
  • The small hole where the cannon would be on the Huge Island.
  • The entrance to Wiggler's cave.
  • The hole out of which the iron balls come.
  • The small hole under the water at the top of the Tiny Island.

Once all five of the locations have been found, the Power Star appears on the floating island to the north. To get to the island, the player has to use the block bridge created by the Purple Switch near the first Shrinker Pipe.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チビじまの 5シークレット
Chibijima no 5 shīkuretto
5 Secrets of Tiny Island

Chinese 小人国的五个秘密 [1]
Xiǎorénguó de Wǔgè Mìmì
Five Secrets of the Small People Land

French Cinq tout petits secrets
Five Tiny Secrets
German Löse die 5 Itty Bitty-Rätsel!
Solve the 5 Itty Bitty Secrets!
Italian I cinque piccoli segreti[2]
Five little secrets
Korean 섬의 다섯 비밀
Seomeui daseot bimil
The Five Secrets of an Island


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