Stand Tall on the Four Pillars

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Stand Tall on the Four Pillars
Shifting Sand Land Star 4
Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64 DS
Location Shifting Sand Land
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
Boss(es) Eyerok
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Stand Tall on the Four Pillars is the fourth mission of Shifting Sand Land in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The mission has the player fight the boss of the course: Eyerok.


In order to reach the boss's room, the player has to first reach the top of each of the course's four pillars. The player can easily stand on the two west of and the one in the southeastern corner of the pyramid, though the one in the northeastern corner requires the player to use a Wing Cap or a Shiny Shell to reach it, as it is surrounded by quicksand. Once the player stands on the tops of all four pillars, the top of the pyramid spins and explodes, revealing a secret entrance. Entering this new entrance brings the player to a lift that slides down the center of the pyramid's interior and stops at a hole. The hole leads to a room with a sarcophagus and some stone steps. Standing on the stone steps transforms them into a pair of hands, forming Eyerok.

The eyes on the palms of the Eyerok hands open and close throughout the battle, and the player needs to damage each three times in order to defeat the boss. Only one eye opens at a time, however. Eyerok attempts to either crush the player or shove them off the edge. Sometimes, the Eyerok hands work together and repeatedly pound the ground in an attempt to damage the player. Once one of the Eyerok hands is defeated, the other slides towards the player with its eye open, making it difficult to time a hit on the boss. Once both hands are defeated, the Power Star appears on top of the sarcophagus.

In Super Mario 64 DS, Luigi can backward-somersault to the pillar in the northeastern corner of the pyramid. Also, the hole that leads to Eyerok's chamber is blocked by a Brick, which the player must punch. Luigi can access Eyerok's chamber by backward-somersaulting off the cube Eyerok is within, punching the Brick in the hole, and then falling down into Eyerok's chamber. If Yoshi is fighting Eyerok, he can slide-kick or ground-pound into Eyerok's open eyes or eat a flame from a pillar and then breathe it at him. If Wario is fighting Eyerok, he needs to hit each eye only twice.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 4つのはしらに たつものへ
Yottsu no hashira ni tatsu mono e
To he who stands on the 4 pillars

Chinese 立于四柱之巅[2]
Lì yú Sìzhù zhī Diān
Stand on Top of the Four Pillars

French Les quatre piliers de la foi (SM64)
Bien élevé sur les quatre piliers (SM64 DS)
The Four Pillars of Faith
Well-Elevated on the Four Pillars
German Lande auf allen vier Säulen! (SM64)
Vier Säulen und das Gleichgewicht (SM64 DS)
Land on all Four Pillars!
Four Pillars and Balance
Italian I quattro pilastri (Super Mario 64 DS)
Scala i quattro pilastri[1]
The four pillars
Climb the four pillars
Korean 4개의기둥에올라선자
4 gae ui gidung e ollaseon ja
The Person Standing on the Four Pillars

Spanish Corona los cuatro pilares
Crown the Four Pillars


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