8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces

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8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces
8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces.png
Location Lethal Lava Land
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces is the third mission of Lethal Lava Land in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The mission involves collecting the course's eight Red Coins.


The image of Bowser used for the sliding puzzle (N64 version)

All eight of the course's Red Coins are located on the Bowser puzzle platforms. From the start of the level, the player has to take the two left paths and continue onward until they reach the puzzle. The puzzle platforms are constantly sliding around, forming and unforming the image of Bowser on the puzzle. The player has to collect the eight Red Coins on these moving platforms. Upon the player doing so, the Power Star will appear at the nearby Star Marker.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 15パズルの 8まいコイン
15 pazuru no 8 mai koin
8 Coins of 15 Puzzle
Spanish El puzle de las 8 monedas The 8-coin puzzle
French Puzzle de 8 pièces rouges Puzzle of 8 red coins
German Finde Die 8 Roten Münzen! Find the 8 Red Coins!
Italian Puzzle a 15 pezzi per 8 monete 15-piece puzzle for 8 coins
Korean 15개의퍼즐8개의코인
15(Yeoldaseot) gae ui peojeul ui 8 gae ui koin
8 Coins of 15 Puzzle
Chinese 15块拼图中的8枚红色硬币[1]
15-kuài Pīntú zhōng de 8-méi Hóngsè Yìngbì
8 Red Coins in the 15 Puzzle Pieces


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