Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins

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Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins
Snowman's Land Star 5
Location Snowman's Land
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario 64
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Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins is the fifth mission of Snowman's Land in Super Mario 64. The mission involves using the Shiny Shell to collect the Red Coins. In Super Mario 64 DS, this mission is replaced by Snowman's Silver Star and Red Coins in the House.


Like in the other Red Coin missions, there are eight Red Coins scattered around the course. None of the Red Coins are in the igloo. Two of the Red Coins are easily obtainable and are sitting in the snowfields. To get the other six, the player needs to jump over the ledge at the freezing pond, much like in the last mission. Unlike in the last mission, the player needs to hit the yellow block on the right this time, which produces a Shiny Shell. The player must ride this shell along the stretch of snow nearby to collect four of the Red Coins, then jump down and collect the other two under the platform with the Chill Bully. Once all eight Red Coins are collected, the Power Star appears at the Star Marker at the start of the course.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コウラにのってあかコイン
Kōra ni Notte Aka Koin
Ride the Shell and [Get] Red Coins

Chinese 雪地滑板与红色硬币
Xuěde Huábǎn Yǔ Hóngsè Yìngbì
Snowy Skateboard for Red Coins

French Carapace pour pièces rouges
Shell for Red Coins
German Finde die 8 roten Münzen!
Find the 8 Red Coins!
Italian Snowboard sul guscio per le monete rosse[1]
Snowboard on the shell to get the red coins