Eye to Eye in the Secret Room

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Eye to Eye in the Secret Room
SM64 Big Mr. I.png
Location Big Boo's Haunt
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
Boss(es) Big Mr. I
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Eye to Eye in the Secret Room is the sixth mission of Big Boo's Haunt in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. In Super Mario 64, it is the final mission of the course, and in the DS version, this mission can be completed only with Luigi. The mission's objective is to defeat the Big Mr. I in a secret room on the third floor.


The player has to enter the far right room of the second floor and make their way to the door on the opposite side of the room, avoiding the Bookends and the tilting platform. Behind the door is a blue ! Block in the N64 version or a red ? Block in the DS version. The player has to grab the power-up from inside, jump up to the door above in the previous room, and enter the secret room behind the Boo portrait, all before the power-up wears off. Once inside the room, the player has to defeat the Big Mr. I by running around it until it shrinks and disappears. Once it does, the Power Star will appear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かくしべやの おおめだま
Kakushi beya no Ōmedama
Big Eyeball in the Hidden Room
Spanish ¡Ojo en la habitación secreta! Eye (ojo is also a form to say "watch out" in Spanish) in the secret room!
French Un œil sur les salles secrètes An eye on the secret rooms
German Finde das Auge im Geheimraum! (64)
Auge in Auge im Geheimzimmer (DS)
Find the eye in the secret room! (64)
Eye to eye in the secret room (DS)
Italian Occhi aperti nella stanza segreta! Eyes open in the secret room!
Korean 비밀방의거대눈깔이
Bimil bang ui Geodae Nunkkari
Big Eyeball of the Secret Room
Chinese 密室里的大眼睛[1]
Mìshì lǐ de Dàyǎnjīng
Big Eye in the Secret Room


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